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  1. Paul Longland

    Gt northern diver tenby

    Not sure where to post this so this seemed appropriate. On holiday in tenby South Wales and have seen what seems a 2nd year gt northern diver for the last two mornings high tide off St catherines/South Beach tenby. This may well be nothing unusual as i am not familiar with the area but seemed a...
  2. Paul Longland

    Last Swallow of the year

    Was in Cornwall last week, saw a flock of about a dozen or so at Rame head near plymouth.
  3. Paul Longland

    Red Kite: Petition to Stop Feeding

    ha yes. don't you just love those great big purple splodges at this time of the year after the blackbirds and pigeons have been gorging on elder and blackberries. 8-P It can be annoying (especially if you have just spent two hours cleaning and polishing said car) and certainly does no favours to...
  4. Paul Longland

    Name a Bird You've Seen 2

    Wilsons pharalope
  5. Paul Longland

    Good News!

    interesting. always had these down as a possible colonist akin to Cetti's but despite how common they are across the channel it always seemed that that short stretch of water was a bridge (or lack of) too far for them. Obviously as a resident, non migratory species colonisation is less likely...
  6. Paul Longland

    Does excitement hinder your ability to retain information?

    I think we have all blurted out obviously erroneous IDs at one time or another. OK, yes it can be embarrassing, but a very well respected birder once told me it is better to call it and be wrong than to not say anything at all, especially when there is a good chance that there may well be...
  7. Paul Longland

    Early Swift departure

    Saw four over the local park across the road from the house here in Leicester a couple of days ago but suspect these were passage birds as had not seen the local group over the garden for about a week to ten days prior to that
  8. Paul Longland

    Raptor killings increase

    Another side effect of Covid 19 Saw this today https://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-52667502 and her is me thinking that the lockdown would help breeding birds due to there being less people about to disturb them. I suspect that were it "in season" grouse shooting would be one of the...
  9. Paul Longland

    Garden/Yard List 2020

    Wife sent me this pic today taken from the temporary office at home (spare bedroom} while i was out doing essential employment. Two grey wagtails dropped in one on the kitchen extension and one on the fence. She was so excited as this is one of her favourite birds and a garden tick.
  10. Paul Longland

    Trying to sweep up in Southern Israel 21-26 February 2020

    Great report Nick. An area that i hope to visit in the not too distant future (probably after i retire - if i can still afford it). Some outstanding birds but it does sound like a tricky place to bird by all accounts what with the political tensions in the area, not to mention the dodgy car...
  11. Paul Longland

    A Brief Dip in the Drizzle in Israel - 6th to 10th February 2020

    More like 40 for me.8-P But then again my foreign birding has been somewhat limited. off to Andalusia in a few weeks time so hopefully the list will grow. Sounds like a great trip Paul. That was a lot of birding crammed into just a few short days. Commiserations on the dips but some great...
  12. Paul Longland

    Griswold’s Vacations 2020

    Our October half term here in the east midlands tends to be a week earlier. last year was spent on the lizard (Porthleven based). The Paddyfield Pipit turned up the day after we left for home!typical. However, there were still some good birds around (red eyed vireo, barred warbler, booted...
  13. Paul Longland

    Tenerife & Fuerteventura 26th Jan to 5th Feb 2020

    Great read. loved the blue chaffinch pics. a special looking bird. With respect to the Robins, one the first things I noticed during my first proper birding trip abroad in the Camargue last year, was how differently birds behave from our experience at home. The few Robins we saw there were in...
  14. Paul Longland

    Griswold’s Vacations 2020

    A decent first trip Rich. The wagtail is worth it on its own. a cracking little bird, which I have now visited twice. The heads of the valley road may not be finished yet, but my last outing to Norfolk resulted in two blown tyres and pretty mangles alloys curtesy of a very large, unseen pothole...
  15. Paul Longland

    The Most Rediculos but funny answers non birders have told their kids

    I tried to explain to my OH why stonechats were so called. Because they make a clack clack noise like two stones knocking together I said. She disputed this and said what about the trill at the end. they should be called clack-clack-oops birds she declared. This has stuck ever since and every...
  16. Paul Longland

    When will they come?

    I had a nest box up in my garden for three years and it was never occupied despite a couple of exploratory surveys by blue and coal tits. Eventually last spring I moved it and within days had lots of interest with a pair of Wrens finally moving in. The difference was that I moved it from a...
  17. Paul Longland

    Scotland trip recommendations

    I know. I have had a copy for years. Bloody predictive text and lackadaisical proofing before hitting send again. My sincerest apologies to Gordon (Mr Hamlett)
  18. Paul Longland

    Wearing glasses/spectacles whilst birding

    been wearing varifocals now for years. never had a problem using my bins with the. The knack is to ensure that you do not have the eyecups too far out and that you have the bins level. The only time i have any issues is when looking out at an angle and therefore not centering the bins. One issue...
  19. Paul Longland

    Siskins and Redpolls appealingly absent this Winter?

    Strangely enough have seen more fieldfares around this year than Redwings, which is the complete reverse of what we normally get. As for Siskin and Redpoll, haven't seen either so far this winter
  20. Paul Longland

    Your Most Recent "Life" Bird

    how do you know it was yours? 8-P
  21. Paul Longland

    Scotland trip recommendations

    My vote would also be for Mull if you do not have a lot of time. get yourself a copy of Mr Hammels excellent book
  22. Paul Longland

    Your Most Recent "Life" Bird

    Two in a week. 30 December 2019 Eastern (blue headed) Yellow wagtail, Ringstead, Norfolk 02 January 2020 Desert Wheatear, Eccles, Norfolk
  23. Paul Longland

    Your Top Rarities of the decade gone by?

    Hmm Slightly off piste as not all are what many would call rarities but here goes, and not necessarily in any particular order Purple Swamp Hen - my only "first" Spectacled Warbler Norfolk - singing Male point blank views Great Knot - Norfolk summer plumage Dusky thrush - Derbyshire Blue Rock...
  24. Paul Longland

    Top 5 of 2019

    Hmm hard one. My Uk birding was seriously curtailed last year for various reasons and littered with tales of woeful dips so I am going to pick from my first overseas birding trip to the Camargue. There were so many lifers and fantastic birds but I have managed to whittle it down to the...
  25. Paul Longland

    First bird 2020

    As per usual as I looked out of the kitchen window first thing the usual woodpigeons were sitting in the neighbours tree. I deliberately sat with a fixed gaze on my feeders in the hope that something else might show before I inevitably looked up into the trees. Oh well 5 out of 5 years now the...