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  1. mcmerlin

    USA birds ID please

    Hi, I went travelling at the end of last year and the last leg of my trip took me to the USA. I was there from mid November to mid December. I managed to identify most of the birds I saw and photographed, however there were a fair few that i failed to identify. I'm new to posting images on here...
  2. mcmerlin

    How to post thumbnail pictures in a thread?

    Hi, I'd like to post some pictures for people to help me with the ID. But when I try to attach my photo's from my SD card to a post, it says they're too big, and that I need to make them smaller manually. If anybody could please tell me how to do this, I would be grateful. Thanks
  3. mcmerlin

    What can i see in North-eastern USA in autumn?

    Hi, I am planning on visiting The North-east USA this autumn, probably around mid-october to early november, or something like that, and was wondering what i might stand a good chance of seeing in terms of birds and other wildlife. I will definetly be visiting New york, and have been looking at...
  4. mcmerlin

    Good bird guide for North America

    Hi, I'm planning on going to North america for 2 or 3 weeks soon with a friend. It will not be a specifically birding trip- we want to visit New york and do some touristy stuff, see the sights etc. however, we will also be doing a fair bit of wildlife watching, and aim to visit a national park...
  5. mcmerlin

    Czech birds- help???

    Hey, I am going to the Czech republic for a week at easter (31st march-7th april), to do a weeks work experience with my friend on a farm. The farm is in East Bohemia, 100 miles east of Prague, and it is surrounded by arable fields, small meadows, tree-lined roads and substantial areas of...
  6. mcmerlin

    BABY BIRD FOUND- any help would be appreciated

    before you read this, please dont just think 'oh god this is another person whose found a baby bird, and he hasnt read the thread about finding baby birds'. i've read the thread, and i take what it says very seriously. Right, heres the story. we found a baby bird tonight in the middle of the...
  7. mcmerlin

    birdwatching spring fair middleton hall

    hey, was just wondering if anyones going to the birding spring fair at middleton hall in staffordshire, this weekend. im going. it looks like its gonna be pretty good, and there'll be guided walks around the RSPB's new middleton lakes reserve. the fair is hosted by the west midlands bird club...
  8. mcmerlin

    Some basic tips required for easy to see birds

    Im not a beginner, ive been birding for around 3 or 4 years now, and have in that time rapidly notched up a large life list, which doesnt include many very rare birds, just common, uncommon, and locally rare ones, as im very much a patch birder, not atall a twitcher. however there are a few...
  9. mcmerlin

    Urgent help needed for cattle egret in ceredigion

    Apparently there is a cattle egret in ceredigion again- can anyone tell me where it is? see, im going home tomorrow for easter, and so tomorow its my last chance to see this rare bird. i understand that last time, one was seen , in january, it was at a place called llandre- is that the llandre...
  10. mcmerlin

    Ceredigion Birding

    Hey all, theres absolutely jack squat on here about birding in this beautiful and wild welsh county. well im a student at aberystwyth and i do a fair bit of birding, and often see interesting birds even when im not birding. So from now on i shall be posting interesting stuff i see, and birding...
  11. mcmerlin

    Ultimate Birdwatching Master

    Who would you say is the ultimate birdwatching master and why?
  12. mcmerlin

    Birdwatchers Of The Aberystwyth Area

    I find it hard to comprehend that there seem to be very few birders in aberystwyth, and the surrounding area- there doesnt even see to be any kind of bird club for this area(please let me know if anyone knows otherwise). so far i have had to find most of the birds ive seen here by myself(which...
  13. mcmerlin

    anyone bird near newport?

    if anyone watches birds near newport in shropshire, it'd be interesting to share information with you.
  14. mcmerlin

    ANYONE BIRD NEAR NEWPORT(which is in shropshire, but on the staffs border)

    anyone go birding in staffordshire, neaar th shropshire town of newport, or in the general area to the west of stafford? aqualate mere is my staffs patch but i go other places too. anyone know any good places for waders. or any good sites for hawfinch? i know ingestre estate and chillington...
  15. mcmerlin

    Hey, anyone bird around the telford and stafford area? or the aberystwyth area?

    Yo, i'm from a small town called Newport, in Shropshire- its kinda inbetween Telford and Stafford. my favourite haunt is aqualate mere national nature reserve, but i also walk many footpaths in the area to find new birds. does anyone else bird in this area? or for that matter anywhere near...