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  1. LabradorDuck

    Where to bird near Omaha in Sept

    I second Fontenelle Forest as a place that's worth checking out any time of year. A few caveats: there is an entry fee, IIRC it doesn't open until 8am, and it's a large place, so it's most rewarding if you can devote some time to it. Are there any species you're looking for in particular...
  2. LabradorDuck

    Plover, Puerto Rico

    I was especially looking at the bill size (visible only on the left bird in the second pic, unfortunately). The birds also struck me as too light-colored for Semipalmated, with dull-colored legs and large heads.
  3. LabradorDuck

    Plover, Puerto Rico

    Puerto Rico in late March. Wilson's Plover?
  4. LabradorDuck

    AOU 2017 Checklist proposals

    It would be nice if the status of Lesser could be resolved at the same time. If it gets lumped too, we could skip coming up with a new name for Common+Hoary (unless there already is one?) and go straight to just "Redpoll."
  5. LabradorDuck

    Tampa, FL - This week - Couple of ID question

    I'm getting more of a Boat-tailed vibe from the grackle. In Florida they aren't limited to the coast, and I find Common Grackle juveniles to be more dark gray than brown.
  6. LabradorDuck

    Three more from Wyoming and trying again with one sparrow

    1-2. Not real sure on the sparrow, but I do suspect it's a juvenile. 3. I would agree with Warbling Vireo 4. My first impression was Red-naped Sapsucker, but I don't think I can rule out Hairy or even Three-toed from that view. I *think* Downy would have more white on the wings (unless...
  7. LabradorDuck

    Partially melanistic Amer. Robin? (midwest US)

    Definitely a Robin, but I think you mean "leucistic." Melanism is unusually dark coloration. I don't know about distinguishing between potential causes, so I can't help you there. Neat looking, though, and if it shows up again you can know it's the same individual. I've had a couple of birds...
  8. LabradorDuck

    Moss Landing, California

    Thanks! I actually considered that possibility (looking at the photos, not in the field), but my searches mainly pulled up the immature plumage they get in the fall. Some more precise Googling found images that look much closer to this individual (though I think Google still interprets...
  9. LabradorDuck

    ID Possible? From Memory Sketch of Ducks

    I still don't find any other good options for ducks with bills on the reddish side. I have seen an upright posture in weird park Mallards before, and female Mallards have a more orange bill than Mottled Ducks, so that's a possibility even though I wouldn't describe their bills as reddish. If...
  10. LabradorDuck

    Moss Landing, California

    Taken in the coastal dunes near Moss Landing, California in August. My first thought was Red-winged Blackbird, but it didn't seem like what I'm used to seeing, though that could be a regional thing. Nothing else I could find really matched it. Looking at the photos, I notice some yellow around...
  11. LabradorDuck

    ID Possible? From Memory Sketch of Ducks

    Highlighting this passage. If the image was derived from a photo of a BBWD, I guess we can't read too much into aspects of it apart from those you describe. From others' posts, it sounds like the red bill alone is fairly diagnostic, with the structure agreeing. I also assumed BBWD was larger...
  12. LabradorDuck

    Squirrel eating a Cardinal????

    I once saw a Franklin's Ground Squirrel dragging a (presumably roadkill) blackbird off the road. That species is noted to be more carnivorous than most ground squirrels, though.
  13. LabradorDuck

    California Squirrel ID

    Seen at Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park, near Santa Cruz. I was hoping for Western Gray Squirrel, but I think these are all Eastern Gray Squirrel. Both species are present in the park (Easterns are introduced, of course).
  14. LabradorDuck

    Lesser prairie chicken listed as threatened

    Yep, as of now it's off the list. I'm kind of surprised Kansas hasn't announced a hunting season yet (before this ruling, they passed a law banning federal prairie chicken conservation actions within their state). I haven't waded into the court documents, but it seems like the judge ordered its...
  15. LabradorDuck

    AOU-NACC Proposals 2016

    I read through the comments, but didn't see any justification for postponing the decision on the Redpoll lump. Is there some in-progress research they are waiting on, or did they just need more time to think about it?
  16. LabradorDuck

    Two Days, SF Bay Area, This Week (Maybe)

    I will likely be flying into the Oakland airport this summer, but I'm on a tight schedule and won't have much time to spend near the Bay itself. EBird seems to indicate that this site has potential for Ridgway's Rail, and it's pretty much next door to the airport. Is it the kind of place where...
  17. LabradorDuck

    Greater Sage-grouse

    September 30th is the deadline for the US Fish and Wildlife Service to decide whether the Greater Sage-grouse requires protection under the Endangered Species Act. Various powerful interests are strongly opposed to such protection. Congress has been throwing a fit, with so many anti-grouse...
  18. LabradorDuck

    Flycatcher- Rocky Mountain NP, Colorado

    I was leaning Dusky as well. Thanks for the help.
  19. LabradorDuck

    Flycatcher- Rocky Mountain NP, Colorado

    Found this empid along Cub Lake trail, where both Dusky and Hammond's are said to be possible. It did call, but the call it gave was a type that is similar between the two species, and I don't have enough experience with them to clinch the ID. The third pic is probably the same individual, but...
  20. LabradorDuck

    Cross breeding in birds

    There are a few species which may have originated as hybrids of two others. I believe I have heard that for one of the jaegers. I'm not sure if the Yellow-rumped Warbler complex has been completely sorted out, but the last study I saw had the "Audubon's" form of the western US as the result of...
  21. LabradorDuck

    Zapata Rail rediscovered

    I seem to remember reading somewhere (possibly another thread on birdforum) that a call long believed to be this species turned out to have been a different rail. This discovery invalidated a large number of the recent records and contributed to pessimism about the rail's extancy (until this...
  22. LabradorDuck

    Nebraska 2015

    Swans still present today (3/26). Also, I spotted a few Tree Sparrows along Kilgore Rd just west of the Minden I-80 exit (this stretch gets a lot of use by gravel trucks, so be cautious).
  23. LabradorDuck

    Nebraska 2015

    Today I saw a Tree Sparrow with some Juncos near the east end of Shoemaker Island Road (Alda exit on I-80).
  24. LabradorDuck

    Nebraska 2015

    Yesterday afternoon (3/23) I saw a group of three Trumpeter Swans at Blue Hole WMA. FYI- this site is marked completely wrong on Google Maps. It is between I-80 and the Platte, directly west of the Elm Creek exit. No clue if they'll stick around, but I thought I'd let you know. Also, depending...
  25. LabradorDuck

    Nebraska 2015

    There are still lots of American Tree Sparrows around, but the weather is now warm and winds are from the south... I will try to post here if I'm still seeing them next week. Otherwise, watch brush piles, ditches, and weed patches for movement as you travel around looking for other birds. Also...