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  1. chris murphy

    Baader Hyperion Mark IV on Kowa 663m

    There's been a few suggestions that the Baader Hyperion Zoom Mark IV may physically connect securely to the Kowa 663m and reach infinity focus across the full zoom range. Can anyone confirm this for definite, without having to mangle either the eyepiece or the body? I am going to buy the zoom...
  2. chris murphy

    Kowa TSN823m juddery focus knob

    Evening all I have purchased a Kowa TSN823m with a 32x wide eyepiece from a well known online auction site. It looks in reasonable condition but having just test-run it in the field I have issues with the focus knob, it is not smooth when making small adjustments and is a bit 'juddery', making...
  3. chris murphy

    Focus sensitivity on Kowa 663

    Might be a bit of a strange question, but.... Anyone who has / uses a Kowa TSN663 prominar - can you advise on the number of rotations of the focus wheel to go from close focus to infinity? Also whether there are any issues with obtaining sharp focus on the scope? The reason I ask is because...
  4. chris murphy

    25x eyepiece for Nikon ED82

    Evening all I'm looking for a new eyepiece for my ED82A, I currently use the 38x but it is a bit high mag for general use. I'm hoping that a lower mag eyepiece may help with the tight focus and shallow depth of field on the 'scope. Anyways, I may look to purchase or do a swap for the 30x (DS...
  5. chris murphy

    Objective filter on APO Televid 65?

    I am very close to purchasing a Leica APO Televid 65, having done all of the research I noted a lot of suppliers stating that the APO models come with an optically neutral lens to protect the APO optic. However I have also seen some comments that this is on the 82mm only, and not the 65mm. I am...
  6. chris murphy

    Pennsylvania late August

    Hi all I will be visiting the Altoona and Gettysburg areas from 17th to 29th August for a holiday from the UK. This will be my third visit and I'm desperate to catch up on some species which I have missed both times so far. I am hoping that it will not be too late in the season for any of these...
  7. chris murphy

    St. Martin im M├╝hlkreis

    Hi all In a week I will be going on a business trip to St. Martin im M├╝hlkreis near Linz, driving from Vienna. This is a business trip, not a birding trip, I'm wondering if anyone can advise if there are any decent birds in the area that I may chance across with just a pair of binoculars...
  8. chris murphy

    What has winter got in store....?

    Well, it looks like that's it. A cursory glance of Birdguides fails to show even a single 'triple red exclamation'.....it's starting to look distinctly like autumn has had it's final blow of the trumpet and winter is creeping in. Whilst it is a high likelihood that this will result in 6 months...
  9. chris murphy

    Crested Lark near Paris / Fontainebleau?

    Hi folks Anyone know of any areas near Paris (particularly the Fontainebleau area) where I might have a chance of getting Crested Lark? We are off there next week for a few days, and whilst I will be focussing on Woodpeckers, it would be nice to get Crested Lark also. Thanks for any info...
  10. chris murphy

    Fontainebleau info

    Hi all Off to Disneyland in a week or so's time and then get three days in Fontainebleau. Anyone got any up to date info about the best place and most reliable sites to see Black, Middle Spotted and (Grey-Headed?) Woodpeckers? Also any info on what else may be in the area (Bonelli's Warbler...
  11. chris murphy

    New mystery bird quiz

    Evenin' To prove that my god-awful China pics weren't one offs, I have returned from America with more examples of photographic incompetency. Don't be fooled into thinking that time may have improved my abilities, these are just as bad as any I've ever taken. I resisted the temptation to...
  12. chris murphy

    Beidaihe (again)

    Now then Anyone been on the Beidaihe trips this Spring? I'm interested to know what's been seen. Cheers Chris
  13. chris murphy

    Washington DC info required.

    Posted this in the Maryland section of the USA state by state index but have had no joy. Thought I'd repost it here to see if it gets a bigger audience. Hope mods don't mind. Hi all Planning a trip to Washington DC in the first two weeks of July. Have managed to find some info on some State...
  14. chris murphy

    Washington DC info

    Hi all Planning a trip to Washington DC in the first two weeks of July. Have managed to find some info on some State Parks in the area (Rock Creek, Great Falls) but read with interest that the Kenilworth Aquatic gardens is supposed to have breeding Prothonotary Warbler, White Eyed Vireo and...
  15. chris murphy

    Sparrow ID help.

    Hi all Need a confirmation on this Sparrow, taken September '06, Pennsylvania, US. Apologies for the poor pictures. Chris
  16. chris murphy

    British Wallcreeper reports

    Evenin' all I was looking at the thread where people list their hopes for 2007. Understandably, many wish for a UK Wallcreeper (myself included). This got me thinking (dangerous, I know), what became of the two most recent reports of Wallcreeper? One, I believe, was supposed to have...
  17. chris murphy

    Scotia barrens/state college PA.

    Hi everyone Looking to see if anyone regularly birds the State College/Scotia Barrens area of Pennsylvania? I'll be there in september and am looking to spend about two days in the area, probably taking in Millbrook Marsh as well. Anyone got any ideas on where the best place in the barrens is...
  18. chris murphy

    OK, you lot, try IDing these!

    Some photos attached, all of them taken at deliberately cryptic angles and in no way a result of me being an appalling photographer. No clues or phone a friends, some of them are very difficult, one of them probably impossible. Anyone who gets all of them right wins....erm...my undying...
  19. chris murphy

    Beidaihe 2006

    Alright all I was wondering if any members were jammy enough to be on the Wildwings Beidaihe trip this year? I was on it last year and have a morbid curiosity to see what goodies were seen this year whilst all us left in blighty have been hanging ourselves thanks to the total lack of anything...
  20. chris murphy

    Pennsylvania bird info/help

    Hi folks I'm off to the States later this year, probably from 2nd september for about three weeks and I could use some info/contacts. Although it will not be primarily a birding trip (it's my honeymoon), I've been given license to do as much birding as I possibly can. We'll be in New York for...
  21. chris murphy

    Ringing trainer in Cleveland?

    Hi folks Can anybody help me to find a trainer in Cleveland/north-North Yorkshire? I'd like to take up ringing and am having a bit of trouble finding anyone. Cheers Chris.
  22. chris murphy


    Howdy all On the scrounge for more Beidaihe info. Hopefully all the logistical stuff is being taken care of by Wildwings but I'm hoping someone can provide any info on weather conditions around May time. I doubt it'll be shorts-and T-shirt weather but does anyone know how cold it can get at...
  23. chris murphy


    Hi all, Me and a friend are planning to go to Beidahe next May (probably between 13th - 30th). I'm just wondering if anyone knows of any good tour companies who may be doing trips there at this time? Also, just a question if there are any groups planning to do an independent trip at about that...
  24. chris murphy

    Plymouth - Santander ferry

    Hi all, I'm doing the Plymouth- santander ferry this weekend and am wondering if anyone else will be on it? I'm hoping to get Little Shearwater (although there have been worryingly few reports so far). Also I've heard that there can be some good sightings from the ferry in the harbour at...
  25. chris murphy


    Hi all I'm enquiring as to anyone knows about optics prices at the Birdwatching Fair. I'm still in the hunt for a new scope and I don't know whether it is worth buying now or waiting till the bird fair. My only worry is that I'll get to the fair and the prices will have miraculously increased...