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    Yellow Rumped Warbler? (Northern California)

    Please let me know if this is a yellow rumped warbler or audobon warbler? Thanks! Image taken today (12/30/21) in my backyard.
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    Northern California House Finch plus Western Tanager?

    I believe the bird on the left is a female house finch and the bird in the middle a male. But I need help identifying the yellow bird to the right -- is it a Western Tanager? Photo was taken 12/24/21.
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    Newcomer to backyard in Northern California...help ID.

    Any ideas what this guy might be? He stopped at my bird bath for a little bit before continuing on. Not a great photo but best I could do.
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    Song Sparrow in Northern California backyard?

    I get a lot of house sparrows in my garden...but this little guy looks quite a bit different from the usual crowd. Song Sparrow?
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    Help with ID of yellow and sparrow-like bird (Northern California, USA)

    Both of these birds appeared in my back yard for the first time today. I'm having trouble identifying them even though it seems like it should be easy!
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    Please help me ID this hawk in Northern California, USA

    He has been stalking my yard today...watching my feeders. Glorious looking bird but making me nervous for the others.
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    Western Tanager in Northern California, USA?

    I'm 99% sure this is the first Western Tanager I've seen visiting my backyard but posting here for confirmation. He took a nice little bath and then a female came along and joined him afterwards.
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    Any issues with shelled peanuts?

    I recently tossed some shelled peanuts (roasted / unsalted) onto my platform feeder and the local Scrub-Jays seem to love taking them. Are there any issues with shelled peanuts I should be aware of? I looked into it and there seems to be some disputes over roasted vs. raw etc.
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    Bushtits in Northern California?

    I saw a number of these little guys bouncing from tree to tree hanging under branches and moving around in a group. I think they are Bushtits. What do you all think? Extremely difficult to get good pictures of these guys!
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    House sparrows dominate my yard...(Northern California)

    Hi everyone -- I've been birding for just a few months and have setup various feeders and a nice birdbath. So far my most common visitors are Mourning Doves, Scrub-Jays, and House Sparrows. It seems like more and more sparrows are showing up and I'm starting to worry that they are keeping other...
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    Northern Mockingbird? Northern California, USA.

    Saw this guy in a wetlands area of Northern California close to Sacramento. Wondering if it's a Northern Mockingbird. Had great white stripes in middle of wings when he took off. Quite a sight.
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    What kind of hawk? (Backyard in Northern California)

    From looking over my books I suspect this is a Sharp-Shinned Hawk. Or perhaps a Cooper's Hawk? It looked to be around the same size as a crow...maybe smaller but hard to say without direct comparison. Landed in my backyard and helped itself to some water. The other birds were making a LOT of...
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    Is this a Purple Finch? (Northern California)

    Spotted in a wetlands area in Northern California this month (July). I am thinking it could be a Purple Finch?
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    Hello from California

    Hello -- I've been a bit of a lurker on the forum but decided to join so that I can get some help in ID'ing birds. Complete newbie. Only started watching birds during the pandemic. Northern California is the location.