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  1. jmorlan

    Quiz Bird - Pacifica, California, USA

    Photo taken yesterday. 26 June 2022.
  2. jmorlan

    04 June 2022. Pacifica, California, USA. Bird Song quiz.

    Anybody want to guess?
  3. jmorlan

    California - 12 April 2022

    Anyone want to try this one?
  4. jmorlan

    01 May 2022 - California, USA

    Any guesses on this one?
  5. jmorlan

    California, USA - 12 April 2022

    Another diving bird. Any guesses?
  6. jmorlan

    California, USA. 12 April 2022

    Any guesses?
  7. jmorlan

    23 March 2022 - California?

    Any guesses?
  8. jmorlan

    Common or Barrow's Goldeneye? California, USA.

    8 March 2022. Foster City, California, USA
  9. jmorlan

    Mystery wader

    Took this photo today in California. Anybody know what it is? Added a second image for comparison with other species. This should help. It's the bird in the middle facing forward with its head down partly concealed by a small wader.
  10. jmorlan

    Quiz Bird

    Photo taken yesterday in our yard, Pacifica, California, USA.
  11. jmorlan

    Unknown from Chalk Bluff, Texas.

    17 April 2021 Chalk Bluff River Resort and Park, Uvalde, Texas, USA. Unfortunately this is the only usable photo.
  12. jmorlan

    Quiz bird

    Uvalde County, Texas, USA. 17 April 2021. Any guesses?
  13. jmorlan

    Wonder what's down in here?

    9 January 2021. San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA.
  14. jmorlan

    Eurasian Wigeon possible hybrid? California.

    12 January 2021. Millbrae, California, USA. I thought this was a Eurasian Wigeon but looking carefully at the photos reveals some tell-tale spotting on the face and a mix of gray and brown flanks. Is that enough to call this a hybrid? Thanks.
  15. jmorlan

    Mystery seabird - California, USA.

    On 02 January 2021 I was photographing Brandt's Cormorants from Pigeon Point, San Mateo County, California USA for a Christmas Bird Survey. I need help identifying the bird on the right. The Brandt's Cormorant on the left is for size comparison. There are no other useful images. Any insights...
  16. jmorlan

    Possible Wigeon hybrid?

    06 December 2020. Albany, California, USA. We found this wigeon while searching through many American Wigeons and thought it might be a Eurasian. But when it awoke and showed its face, the crown seemed much too pale and the reddish face not very compelling. Could this be an American X...
  17. jmorlan

    Greater or Lesser Scaup - California, USA

    There has been a dispute about the identity of this scaup. 16 November 2020. Nob Hill Pond, Redwood Shores, Redwood City, CA. Is there a consensus? The female is a Lesser Scaup, but what about the male? Thanks.
  18. jmorlan

    Pacifica, California, USA

    20 October 2020. Enjoy!
  19. jmorlan

    Unknown from California.

    Seen today, 04 September 2020 at Pacifica, California, USA. Bird was goldfinch sized. This is the only useful photo.
  20. jmorlan

    California mystery song.

    12 June 2020. San Gregorio Creek Bridge, Stage Road, San Gregorio, California USa. I've basically no clue. Any help would be much appreciated.
  21. jmorlan

    Possible Northern Parula - Song recording

    Recorded this as a possible Northern Parula 20 May 2020, in San Pedro Valley Park, Pacifica, California. Not sure of the ID. Parula is a rarity in California although it occurs annually with most records in Spring.
  22. jmorlan

    Flycatcher - South Carolina

    A question as arisen concerning the ID of this flycatcher in the BirdForum gallery. It was photographed in South Carolina in early August. https://www.birdforum.net/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=575718 Currently listed as Eastern Wood-Pewee, it has been suggested it is actually an Empidonax...
  23. jmorlan

    Possible Kentucky Warbler in California - song recording.

    Attached are three song clips I got this morning along San Pedro Creek in Pacifica. I was unable to see the bird, but the song sounds like it might be a Kentucky Warbler which is a rarity here. Can anybody with experience confirm?
  24. jmorlan

    Are these Velvet Scoters?

    A question has arisen regarding the ID of these ducks in the gallery: https://www.birdforum.net/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=256963 https://www.birdforum.net/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=256964 https://www.birdforum.net/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=256965 Are they really Velvet Scoters?