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  1. lostinjapan

    Stonechat - White-tailed or Siberian?

    It's not often I'm stumped for an ID, but female/immature Stonechats are tricky. This little sweetie dropped in today on the ship off the coast of Myanmar. I believe it is either a juvenile White-tailed Stonechat or 2nd cal yr Siberian Stonechat. Any opinions gratefully received from...
  2. lostinjapan

    Orchids - Dune and Marsh Helleborine

    Hi all I know it isn't a birdy question, but was wondering if anyone knew any areas where Dune or Marsh Helloborine are easy to see, without causing damage and disturbance to them in the Saltfleetby/Threddlethorpe area. I tried to find them at the area of the NNR near Rimac, but without...
  3. lostinjapan

    Just Bewick's Swans? - Boyton, Suffolk

    Out and about in the nice weather this afternoon & 2 Swans caught my eye among 60+ Mutes. From a distance they seemed short-necked, quite stubby billed, but oddly the bills seemed all dark on both, just dirty perhaps I thought. As I got closer though the bills seemed to be genuinely all dark...
  4. lostinjapan

    Orca -Request for photos for Icelandic ID project

    There is currently a project working on Orca in Icelandic waters. They are interested in finding out where their Orca go in the spring/summer months, as they largely disappear from Icelandic waters. They have around 100 animals catalogued and have just made their first positive ID of a female...
  5. lostinjapan

    Melospiza melodia or passerculus sandwichensis- Gulf of Meico - Nov 2013

    This sparrow briefly hitched a ride 150 miles south of New Orleans a few days back. Opinion was divided between myself and my colleague. He favoured Song Sparrow, while I though Savannah Sparrow. Any suggestions on what species. Sorry but quality isn't that good as it was overcast and...
  6. lostinjapan

    Lesser-black-backed Gull-Gulf of Mexico, Alabama

    Took a few shots of this adult winter gull on the way in to Mobile Alabama, just inside Mobile Bay. It appeared to be a lot lighter grey on the mantle than I'm used to with LBBG on the other side of the Atlantic. It seems to have the structure and head-streaking and build of LBBG, but more of...
  7. lostinjapan

    What kind of pee-wee? - Gulf of Mexico

    Well I know i not Pee-wee Hermon, but not sure if it is Eastern or Western or even if they are distingusiahble onplumage alone. 150 miles slap bang into the Gulf of Mexico, this bird pitched up. Seemed quite grey and dusky, and it seems to lack much colouron the lower mandible, but it didn't...
  8. lostinjapan

    'Tundrus' Peregrine falcon - Gulf of Mexico

    We have had at least 2 if not more Peregrines visiting us irregularly 150 miles from the coast out here in the Gulf. They appear to show characteristics of 'tundrius' race birds, at least what I assume is a 1st winter male does. Also bonus points for identifying the prey item it is carrying...
  9. lostinjapan

    Mystery warbler - Gulf of Mexico

    This photo was taken in nid-August in the central gulf of mexico. I didn't see this particular bird, a colleague photographed it. I'm a bit stumped and just wondered if anybody might have any thoughts? Cheers Sean
  10. lostinjapan

    Prairie Warbler? - Gulf of Mexico - Aug 2013

    This poor wee bedraggled thing was recently photographed by a colleague on board a vessel in the Gulf of Mexico. I just wanted to confirm that I had the ID correct. I believe it is a 1st fall Prairie Warbler. The ID cinched by the split white eye-ring, partial moustachial, apparent streaking...
  11. lostinjapan

    Romania - Spring 2013

    Hi all I'm taking part in some marine mammal mitigation work in The Black Sea from April to June and am hoping to have a few days free for birding on the Black Sea coast and also in the mountains and perhaps the Danube Delta. I'll largely be in The Black Sea, but will be sailing from and...
  12. lostinjapan

    Greylag Goose - orange collar

    I found a Greylag Goose with an orange neck collar - I think the letters read FHI or FH1- yesterday at Boyton Marsh, Suffolk. I'm wondering if anyone can help me find out if it is an Orkney bird or from another study on feral Greylags carried out a number of years back. Many thanks Sean
  13. lostinjapan

    Queensland/New South Wales visit - March 2013

    Hi all I am planning a 3-week trip to Oz in the first 3 weeks of Oz. It'll be largely non-birding the first 2 weeks, but I may have some free time in Sydney(Blue Mountains) and Queensland (Nambour) and would be grateful for any suggestions for close places to visit to see a good variety of...
  14. lostinjapan

    Birding companions - Dubai March 2013

    Hi all Just wondered if any local birders in Dubai might be willing to let me tag along with them in 3rd week of March. I'll be passing through for a few days & will be restricted to public transport, unless I've passed my test by then. Please PM me if you can help me out & I'd be happy to...
  15. lostinjapan

    Harrier sp - Suffolk Mid-May 2012

    Hi all Some pretty ropey photos of a 2nd calendar bird taken at Shingle Street in May 2012. I was fairly sure what it was based on filed views, but just canvassing for opinions or hints on clinching ID..though probably not possible based on angle and quality of photos. Thanks for looking Sean
  16. lostinjapan

    Pelagics off W Sahara - has anyone ever tried it?

    Hi all Just a quick enquiry, I'm heading down to the W Sahara in March and was wondering if anyone had tried organizing a 'pelagic' from Dahkla with any success. I have contact details for the Crouzets in Agadir, but wondered if anyone had tried from other places further south. Cheers Sean
  17. lostinjapan

    Mammals in N Africa - links, trip reports or siteguides?

    Hi folks I'm planning a trip to Morocco/W Sahara for 2 weeks in Mid-March. Just wonder if anyone has attempted to locate any of the small or indeed larger mammals in the region with any success. I'd be interested in any information on possible sites to look for the likes of Porcupine, Honey...
  18. lostinjapan

    Peregrine Falcon(s)? - R Deben, Suffolk

    Hi all I already posted these images on the Suffolk thread and had one person comment, but would be interested in further comments here. I took these images on Tuesday of what initially I thought was one bird, but it now appears (at least to me) to be two birds. The first two images were...
  19. lostinjapan

    Gull in North Sea - October 2011

    Hi all Just interested in any opinions on the gull on the right-hand side of the photos that I photographed in the North Sea last month. Sorry the quality isn't great, but they were taken on the spur of the momment and they were taken early morning. It has me a little stumped. Cheers Sean
  20. lostinjapan

    Tern sp - Santander Sept 2011

    Had an hour in the harbour and was clicking away in poor light and showers. This tern seemed rather pale and to lack the dark trailing edge I'd usually associate with Common Tern. I was wondering if Roseate is a possible fit, or if it is simply (and more likely) a Common in heavy moult? It...
  21. lostinjapan

    Skua sp - Southern Biscay Sept 18 2011

    I have attached a few shots of a larger skua taken from a large freight ferry, abut 1 hour north of Santander. Sorry for the quality, but at 400m + from a bridge high up in rather rolling seas. Any thoughts on ID? I need some unbiased input!! Sean
  22. lostinjapan

    Interesting hirundine - Bawdsey Suffolk

    Hi all Was going through the photos I took this morning and realised I'd not scrutinised all the hirundines as well as I thought. I'm blaming it on the bought of flu I've had for the last few days. The bird in the bottom right corner appears to have a pale buff-edged rump with hints of faint...
  23. lostinjapan

    Lesser-black backed gull - which race? - Suffolk Sept 9 2011

    The following shots were taken this morning of a very dark-backed Lesser-black-backed, which showed some characteristics of 'fuscus' with the long droopy primaries and only a small area of white on the P10. However, as the bird was in moult and 'fuscus' is very rare, I guess a dark...
  24. lostinjapan

    Just a flavissima Yellow Wagtail? Sutton, Suffolk May 2011

    Hi all This female-type wagtail was accompanying an obvious male Flavissima, but this seemed to show a mix of flava/flavissima features, or perhaps it is just a very scruffy female flavissima. Any thoughts? Sean
  25. lostinjapan

    Yellow-legged Gull? -Essex May 2011

    I'm fairly sure that this was a 2nd summer (3rd cycle) Yellow-legged Gull that dropped in briefly to bathe and rest at my old stomping ground of Ardleigh Reservoir in Essex. Any thoughts welcome. Cheers Sean