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    June 2022 Moths

    My best catch of the year so far this morning, with 76 of 30. Eight NFY: Endotricha flammealis (only had two before, both last year) Box Moth Single-dotted Wave Double-striped Pug Yellow-tail (my earliest by 8 days) Clay Light Arches Small Angle Shades Commonest was Uncertain with 16 followed by...
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    Garden/Yard List 2022

    June 23rd 60 Chiffchaff - a very brief stop in next door's apple tree I was on 69 this time last year. Sitting out at night next to my moth trap has not produced anything in the way of nocturnal calls yet.
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    Bird song ID Nottingham city centre

    The last successful breeding there was in 2003 according to the recent county avifauna.
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    June 2022 Moths

    A moth worth photographing at last - and a complete lifer to boot - in the trap this morning. I saw it fly in about 11.20 last night and was hoping it had not found its way out again. Still a scarce species in northern Leicestershire but records are increasing as the species spreads north, and...
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    Madeira Pelagic Bird (long shot...)

    It would be surprising not to see Bulwer's on a trip like that.
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    June 2022 Moths

    I missed the best night (Thursday) due to being unable to commit to sorting out the catch on Friday morning but was quite satisfied with my catch this morning. Only 41/22 but a garden tick (Beautiful Golden Y) and what seems to me to look fine for a lifer micro Dichroramphana petiverella (but...
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    RSPB’s New Logo

    Every time someone like the RSPB changes their main logo it must cost more than it is worth. They will presumably repaint their vehicles, produce new staff shirts and jackets etc, update notice boards and entry signs, and so on. I seem to remember that a previous rebranding cost well into seven...
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    June 2022 Moths

    I have never had even one so your 26 is impressive. Looking at the maps I could catch one with a bit of luck but no oak woods anywhere near me.
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    June 2022 Moths

    I am still only catching small numbers, even when conditions seem Ok like they were last night. Just 15 of 10, with 3NFY: White-shouldered House Moth, Light Emerald (my earliest record by nine days) and Beautiful Hook-tip (earliest record by four days).
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    June 2022 Moths

    Dusky Brocade, Peppered Moth, Hedya nubiferana and Notocelia roasecolana all NFY this morning, plus Angle-barred (Ash) Pug if I can convince myself that's what it is. My garden year list is only 60 but this is when things normally improve.
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    Madeira request for information

    I did two August trips to Madeira many years ago, before Windbirds was set up. 1986 and 1998. It was also before Zino's and Fea's/Desertas were split - 1986 was back in the days of Soft-plumaged Petrels !! I did see lots of them though, seawatching from a point east of the airport on the way to...
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    Your Most Recent "Life" Bird

    Prompted by a mate asking for help sorting them out I have just realised that the 'Rufous Antpitta' we saw in southern Ecuador three years ago was actually Equatorial Antpitta - a life tick.
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    June 2022 Moths

    33 moths of 19 species here this morning. Nothing at all hinting at migration but eight NFY including Flame Carpet, Riband Wave, Mottled Rustic and Straw Dot. A 'Gold Triangle' was my earliest ever by eight days. Steve
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    [Norway] Marsh sandpipers?

    Greenshanks surely? Marsh Sandpiper is probably rarer in Norway than it is here.
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    The Cuban Birder digital magazine is out!! Issue No.6, May 2022

    Excellent! Congratulations on your first year of this very interesting publication. I visited Cuba in the early days of bird tourism on the island and thoroughly enjoyed my trip, guided by the legend that is Orlando Garrido. I hope to come back someday and see Zapata Wren, Zapata Rail (!!) and...
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    Garden/Yard List 2022

    May 29th 59. Great Spotted Woodpecker - female in next door's apple tree. Must admit at the time I didn't realise it was NFY.
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    May 2022 Moths

    Another nice catch this morning, 38 moths of 20 species; Scorched Wing - my first for five years Brown Silver-line - my earliest record by 11 days Small Clouded Brindle - only my 3rd ever Also Green Pug, Flame Shoulder, Common Carpet and three others all NFY.
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    May 2022 Moths

    My Lufbra garden catch this morning exceeded all my previous 2022 efforts combined! 37 moths of 16 species...... My first Pebble Hook-tip for 13 years, and earliest ever Earliest ever Orange Footman Earliest ever Poplar Hawk - by one day Earliest ever Pale-shouldered Brocade Silver Y But no...
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    Rock Partridge Recommendations Sought

    Depending on your definition of Europe, it is the only breeding species I still need - ignoring parrotbills and so on. But unfortunately the state of my legs probably means I will never get anywhere near one.
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    Garden/Yard List 2022

    May 11th 57. Common Tern - 3 messing around overhead May 12th 58. Swift - 2 appeared at 0916. Still seeing hardly any hirundines, and no passage of anything. Steve
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    Hi Is this an Arctic or Common Tern ?? many thanks

    The person who writes the records on the board in the Ryan's Field hide at the Hayle Estuary always puts Artic for skuas, terns, whatever. I see he is not alone.
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    May 2022 Moths

    Sorting out the micros is a whole new ball game John - best of luck. I have always tried but often give up.
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    Help identify a moth please

    It is a 'micro' so not in the commoner moth books.
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    Help identifying...Kinder Scout, Peak District Derbys

    Female or maybe juv Stonechat, though the latter will be spotty at the moment. Call description is spot on.