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  1. Rick and Elis

    Wader Conservation World Watch

    The 4th WCWW will take place on the 4th and 5th November 2017 Make a note in your diary to join in the fun. To take part is as simple as A,B,C. A. Go out and see waders/shorebirds wherever you are in the world. B. Send us an email telling us what you have seen and where. C. Look for...
  2. Rick and Elis

    Show support for Geelong’s Moolap salt works in Australia.

    John Newman of the Geelong Field Naturalists Club has written to us asking for some support for a local community conservation project and it is something we can all get involved in, even those of us who live at the other side of the world. The problem may be local in one sense, but as part of...
  3. Rick and Elis

    A final (?) flick of the tail for Wader Conservation World Watch and a word about Joh

    I am reading the final chapters of a book by Isabella Tree about John Gould and rather feel that the idea of bringing people together around the world to one end is somewhat in the spirit of what he achieved. http://www.waderquest.org/2015/12/a-final-flick-of-tail-for-wader.html
  4. Rick and Elis

    The poisoning of the Rio Doce, Brazil.

    We are amazed and rather disappointed that this huge ecological disaster, probably the worst in Brazil's history, has not been given more media coverage outside Brazil except perhaps for articles about the financial cost to the companies involved, how much it will cost to put it right and who...
  5. Rick and Elis

    Wader Conservation November

    Remember: Waders need love too! Here are Wader Quest's three big events for this November. Please support us if you can. Wader Conservation World Watch. Part of Wader Conservation November A celebration of wader conservation and conservationists. 7th & 8th November 2015 This year the UK will...
  6. Rick and Elis

    16th of September is Plover Appreciation Day!

    Plover Appreciation Day is a designed to raise awareness about the problems that these ground nesting birds face, especially at this time of year in the southern hemisphere where the breeding season is about to get under way. As these birds inhabit many places that are popular with humans for...
  7. Rick and Elis

    Critically Endangered waders.

    The list of Critically Endangered waders makes grim reading; Black Stilt, Jerdon's Courser, Sociable Lapwing, Javan Lapwing, St Helena's Plover, Eskimo Curlew, Slender-billed Curlew and Spoon-billed Sandpiper. Of these Jerdon's Courser, Javan Lapwing, Eskimo Curlew and Slender-billed Curlew...
  8. Rick and Elis

    Frustration for the Australian Wader Study Group team tracking migrating Little Curle

    All four satellite transmitters on Little Curlews which were sending out regular signals until mid-May have now stopped transmitting. From elation just a few weeks ago when five birds carrying transmitters set off from north-west Australia we are now extremely disappointed that everything seems...
  9. Rick and Elis

    A day away from the office on the Essex coast.

    We have been meaning to visit the place where I saw my first Ruddy Turnstones, Sanderlings and Grey Plovers for some time, Point Clear in Essex. In the event it was slightly disappointing as the tide was rising and had come too high to have much mud visible but we did come across a couple of...
  10. Rick and Elis

    New world waders in an old world setting.

    The pull of not one, but two Nearctic vagrant waders to see so close to each other on the southern shores of the UK, was too much to resist. We had managed too suppress our desire to go and look at the Greater Yellowlegs for some time, but it remained long enough in the area that when a...
  11. Rick and Elis

    Common Cranes (Grus grus) yesterday at Gallows Bridge Farm BBOWT reserve.

    Our effort for Global Big Day and World Migratory Bird Day results in a rare find but few waders. Our intention for the eBird Global Big Day and World Migratory Bird Day was to search out waders in our local area. We had hoped that a Curlew Sandpiper and a Wood Sandpiper seen earlier in the...
  12. Rick and Elis

    Are you joining in eBird's Global Big Day to celebrate World Migratory Bird Day? We a

    But of course you'd expect us to point out that WMBD is not just about cuckoos, doves, quails swallows, warblers wheatears and the like, although these birds are significant and important, it is also about waders of many kinds. We will be thinking especially about some of them out there on...
  13. Rick and Elis

    A grand day out!

    The days running up to publishing the Wader Quest sponsors' newsletter can be, to say the very least, fraught. As a result of all the pent up stress it is always a good idea to have a day off on the day following publication and distribution, to let the pressure out of my veins and remove all...
  14. Rick and Elis

    Great Knot and Bar-tailed Godwit tagging - news from Chris Hassell and the Global Fly

    It has now been joined by six more all winging their way north; six are on the Chinese coast and one, the latest one to leave, is 370km north of Roebuck Bay over the Timor Sea. Three Great Knots flew directly to Zhejiang Province and are in bays 200km apart. This is a flight of 5,200km. They...
  15. Rick and Elis

    Long-billed Curlew tracking project.

    The Intermountain Bird Observatory (IBO) has been studying Long-billed Curlews in Idaho, USA, since 2009. When the project began, our goal was simply to help the Idaho Department of Fish and Game monitor a population of curlews that were nesting in southwestern Idaho near the towns of Emmett and...
  16. Rick and Elis

    Back in the saddle; the car booting season begins!

    We have missed doing the car boot sales over the winter months, at least, we had been missing them up until around 05:00 hrs on Saturday morning when the idea of setting forth, overcoming the temptation to stay in our warm and comfy bed, was not so appealing once the moment had finally arrived...
  17. Rick and Elis

    Shorebird Extravaganza: Waders in Working Wetlands. Louisiana, USA 29th April - 5th M

    These two stalwarts with others have been doing wader surveys, called the Shorebird Blitz in the region for a number of years and this year have turned the concept into a festival called Waders in Working Wetlands: Shorebird Extravaganza. I only wish we could go, it will be a blast I'm sure and...
  18. Rick and Elis

    Little Curlew tracking, a new season begins.

    We have received this exciting message from Clive Minton and Inka Veltheim about the beginning of this year's movement of Little Curlews in Northern Australia which we hope to follow and bring in a series of guest blogs by...
  19. Rick and Elis

    'STOP Shorebirds from dying'. BirdLife Australia appeal and Farewell Shorebirds proje

    Imagine how tired you would feel if you had to make the incredible non-stop flight from Alaska to Australia like Bar-tailed Godwits do. It would be the equivalent of you running a marathon, non-stop for 9 days at 53kph the whole way with no food, water or rest. Some feat! Bar-tailed Godwits...
  20. Rick and Elis

    The last thing a Blue Tit wants to see - but often does!

    A sparrowhawk locking-on to it! This beauty spent some time sitting on our bird bath beneath the feeders today... before moving off to the fence and then away empty taloned. Fantastic prolonged views of this handsome fellow that as a youngster I could only dream of. Mind you having these...
  21. Rick and Elis

    Goldeneye in eclipse!!! And it's only March!

    Not eclipse plumage then obviously. Today we were lucky enough to witness a partial exclipse of the sun here in Newport Pagnell where the sun forever shines. Here is a photo Elis took of the event. As if this wasn't exciting enough upon deciding to check out the lake as there seemed to be a fair...
  22. Rick and Elis

    New ID feature for White-rumped and Baird's Sandpiper?

    Spending many hours looking at photographs, both our own and on the internet, and more recently at skins at the Natural History Museum in Tring, Elis and I noticed that there was a tendency for the feathering at the base of the bill of these two species to be distinctive and thought that perhaps...
  23. Rick and Elis

    Tinicum’s Most Famous Bird, 35 years Later (Homage to Johnny Miller, 1939-2009) - Gue

    When Johnny Miller left his house near Philadelphia in the morning on October 19, 1979 to conduct his weekly shorebird census at “Tinicum,” a birdy patch of freshwater tidal marsh just a stone’s throw from his door, which he knew better than anyone had before (and, likely, since), he had no...
  24. Rick and Elis

    The Moggs Creek miracle; A Hooded Plover story.

    A pair of Hooded Plovers at Moggs Creek were tending their eggs and were very close to their hatching date. Tragically one of them, bearing the leg flag HE, went missing. Its decapitated body was found the day after hatching and the volunteers that were monitoring the beach suspect that it was...
  25. Rick and Elis

    Fulfilling weekend in Cheshire and Wirral.

    Friday afternoon saw Elis and I heading up a heavily congested motorway network taking four hours to complete a three hour journey but we still arrived with plenty of time for our talk to the Cheshire and Wirral Ornithological Society (CAWOS). We were greeted by a packed hall of around 50 people...