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  1. Jeff Woad

    Aberrant swift or something rarer?

    All part of the learning experience Ev4, well done for asking. Always take a holistic view of ID and don't focus too much on just one feature- there are some ridiculous threads on here depicting poor images of birds in unusual lighting where one lone barely discernable feature is being used to...
  2. Jeff Woad

    Sandwell valley birders

    Excellent, always great to hear of someone just loving watching birds. JW
  3. Jeff Woad

    Swallow - Invermere, B.C. Canada - May 14/22

    You guess correct - agree with Ken on chest feathering, but I'd say the 'fork' is an illusion created by the primaries of the left wing tip. JW
  4. Jeff Woad

    Sanpiper id - BC Canada

    Plus the behaviour, wading in the water... JW
  5. Jeff Woad

    Epping Forest today….Confused Chiffchaff?

    Just sound like Chiffchaff notes in irregular order. Thought they did this quite frequently?
  6. Jeff Woad

    Ivory-billed Woodpecker: takeoffs with deep and rapid flaps + wing noises

    Oh I see - they didn’t quite look the same to me (e.g. the cut side-branch top right looking more upright), but I guess it's easy for such features to be misrepresented in a photo due to subtle differences in angle and lighting...or the tree changing with age (presumably it blew down soon after...
  7. Jeff Woad

    Ivory-billed Woodpecker: takeoffs with deep and rapid flaps + wing noises

    I'm a little confused by the composite above. Is it the case that you have found a tree that looks the same shape and proportion as the one in the video still, then attached a Pileated specimen in order to try and draw a comparison?
  8. Jeff Woad

    Possible Spotted Sandpiper? Madeira Island, this morning

    Agreed: limited white wing bar another pro Spotted feature. The wing-tips almost reaching tail tip is spot on!
  9. Jeff Woad

    Identity of bird in painting

    Orange-winged Parrot? JW
  10. Jeff Woad

    Woodchat or Masked shrike. Montenegro

    The app is a digital version of the well respected Collins ID guide. This bird also shows the stocky, shorter-tailed structure of Woodchat rather than the slimmer, longer-tailed profile of Masked.
  11. Jeff Woad

    Berwick-upon-Tweed, this week - diver?

    Turnstone indeed. The adult immediately left of it shows just how well camouflaged they are in tideline weed. JW
  12. Jeff Woad

    Waders -- Cottbus, Germany

    Agree with Green Sands on structure, tone, posture, legs and even the fact that they are wading in the water rather than pottering around the edge.... JW
  13. Jeff Woad

    Wood or Willow Warbler?....shot on 7th August adjacent Epping Forest.

    There's a nice Wood W shot currently in the 'garden / yard list 2021' thread. Note how rich the yellow is and how much it contrasts with the thick dark green eyestripe and (not pale) lore, combined with the well define dark green crown edge.
  14. Jeff Woad

    Cant identify bird

    I think he means Tropical Mockingbird... JW
  15. Jeff Woad

    Cant identify bird

    Try looking up Masked Water Tyrant JW
  16. Jeff Woad

    Ids Please near Arundel, West Sussex yesterday

    The end of the bill is visible in the greenery: Curlew for me.
  17. Jeff Woad

    What bird makes this sound?

    Juvenile Tawny Owl isn't it?
  18. Jeff Woad

    Mystery Bird

    Interesting one. When I first opened the pic my mind went straight to fem Bay-breasted, and I did not for one moment register the slightest hint of blue... that's not to suggest I'm some kind of expert, far from it, I'm just familiar with the species ....and there's no denying that when one...
  19. Jeff Woad

    Dark grey finch East Lothian

    Undoubtedly. Great shout from Ken above.
  20. Jeff Woad

    Last Week NEast London, Epping Forest

    I guess what this does demonstrate is that terrible images like these are of virtually no use for establishing a firm ID, and trying to do so is futile...
  21. Jeff Woad

    Little Swift? N.East London

    Fair enough Ken, we all share a love of this great, life enriching hobby, and can choose to enjoy it how we see fit. Take care.
  22. Jeff Woad

    Little Swift? N.East London

    Well your mind appears to be made up now Ken so the thread is redundant. If you truly believe that Britain's 26th record of Little Swift has occurred above your garden on the basis of this photo, then so be it. Best wishes and good luck to you.
  23. Jeff Woad

    Little Swift? N.East London

    I'm not a photographer, so may be getting the significance of this wrong, but the jpeg numbers are consecutive, ending 376 and 377. Could you have got confused about which image is which after leaving it a few hours?
  24. Jeff Woad

    Little Swift? N.East London

    Hi Ken, I'd suggest that the wings are tilted downwards towards the camera so they appear unusual and not representative of their true shape. Quite common in bird photos. Why not get back out with the camera and take a load more Swift pics- I imagine it wouldn't be too long before you captured...
  25. Jeff Woad

    Occurrence of pale phase Common Buzzards?

    Hi Ken, Agree the pale variants are attractive birds that catch the eye. But note they are referred to as just that, variants, which I take to mean variation within the general Buzzard population. I guess you are wondering if the pale birds you are seeing locally originate from the area stated...