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  1. Valéry Schollaert

    "grey" Snowy Egret, Campeche, Mexico

    Hi all, It is possible, from this single shot, to say if this Snowy Egret is just dirty or if the feathers above are really grey for some reasons ? I guess bare parts colours exclude hybridation but a second thought is welcome. Photo from today in a mixed egret colony in Ciudad del Carmen...
  2. Valéry Schollaert

    Terns in Mexico, today

    Hi all, I have spent months in Ciudad del Carmen (Campeche, Mexico) and didn't see any Sterna untill today ! On this photo, you can see two Sterna on the left and I'd like your comment on their identification. I guess Forster's and Common are the two options. Thanks very much. o
  3. Valéry Schollaert

    Large Falcon from France

    Hi all, I've been asked to identify this large falcon taken recently (24th March) in Northern France (Normandy). I've my answer, but not 100% sure because of possible hybrids from falconery. Any comment on this can therefore be very helpful. Thanks !
  4. Valéry Schollaert

    Laughing Gull with ORANGE BILL in Mexico !!

    Hi all, I published here 7 photos of a unusual gull in a group of Laughing Gull : Orange-bille Laughing Gull ? Photos were taken today in Ciudad del Carmen (Campeche), Mexico. Is it a aberrant Laughing Gull or some hybrid ? Many thanks !
  5. Valéry Schollaert

    All white Brown Jay in Mexico !

    Hi all ! Yesterday in San Andrés Tuxtla, Veracruz (México), I've spotted an all white Corvid. I'm pretty sure it is a Brown Jay, fairly confident that it is a juvenile but I wonder is its condition can affect the bare parts colour ? I'm not sure if it is a leucistic or albino and this is my...
  6. Valéry Schollaert

    Prothonotary warbler in Mexico in July ?

    Hi everyone, I've spotted this nice bird yesterday in Felipe Carillo Puerto, Quintana Roo, Mexico, with a group of Spanish birders. Far from its breeding range, far from its favourite swamp forests, we all believe it might be a Prothonotary Warbler, seemingly juvenile. Just a odd record or did...
  7. Valéry Schollaert

    Blue-headed / Cassin's Vireo in Mexico

    This bird was taken in Teotitlán del Valle (Oaxaca), Mexico on 28 December 2020. I guess Cassin's Vireo, but I'd like a confirmation. Slight doubt with Blue-head because fairly bright flanks. Thanks for your help.
  8. Valéry Schollaert

    Bar-tailed / Desert Lark UAE

    Thanks for your advice on this Ammomanes !
  9. Valéry Schollaert

    wagtail in Turkey

    Hi all, This juvie wagtail was on the shore of lake Van (Eastern Turkey) with Yellow, Citrine and White Wagtails. I've never seen such a young Citrine and I have some hope it might be one. Thanks for your opinion, cheers !
  10. Valéry Schollaert

    Phylloscopus Turkey

    Hi everyone, I'd like you have your opinion about the species and, if possible, the subspecies of this warbler taken today at 1200m asl in Uzungöl, North-Eastern Turkey. They were at least 3 identical individuals in the same bush. Thanks !
  11. Valéry Schollaert

    Acrocephalus, Eastern Turkey, August

    Hi all, All photos this month from Van, Turkey. Photo 1 and 2, same bird. Can it be a very worn Moustached Warbler ? Photo 3 : I guess juvie Sedge Warbler Photo 4 : looks to have longer pp and duller rump than fuscus Reed Warbler that are plentyful around at the moment. Can it be a Marsh...
  12. Valéry Schollaert

    (Armenian) Gulls, Van, Turkey

    Hi all, All those photos are from Van, Eastern Turkey, taken this month (August 2020). I believed all are Armenian Gulls. About the two adults, I'm surprised that the typical blackish band on the bill of the species is so attenuated ; iris looks paler than usual. I also wonder about the legs...
  13. Valéry Schollaert

    Isabelline / Turkestan Shrikes, various countries

    Hi all, I'm sorting some old photos, some are even from a time where Turkestan and Isabelline Shrikes were considered as the same species. I'm not sure about their identity and hope to learn from your comments. 1 - March, Qatar 2 - November, Tanzania 3 - March, Qatar 4 - March, UAE 5 - March...
  14. Valéry Schollaert

    Laughing-thrush Vietnam

    Photo posts on my Facebook group, shared here with permission Can you ID this from Ho Chi Minh town and is that a regular species there, a vagrant, escapee, feral... ? Thanks !
  15. Valéry Schollaert

    Young bird in my room (Indonesia)

    Hi all, I'm experiencing a great birding time on Flores where I'm stuck with the crisis since 2 months and half. You can see the place and most endemic bird photos here. In the cottage of the lodge where I'm based, a bird tried to enter in the evening, like if it didn't see the window. No...
  16. Valéry Schollaert

    Golden Plover in Guadeloupe (West Indies)

    Photo from Claire Affagard, shared with permission ; December 2019/January 2020. She has been told this bird is a Pacific Golden Plover (first for the island of Guadeloupe) while American Golden Plover is a common bird there. Reasons given seem weak though, and we'd like a confirmation. Thanks...
  17. Valéry Schollaert

    Which Zosterops is now on coastal Malaysia ?

    I'm lost with the change in white-eye classification. In HBW, I see that the bird I've in Kuala Lumpur are is This is a subsècies of Oriental White-eye. IOC split auriventer as a species, which is ok, and include in the new species some taxa from Everett's White-eye. However, range given...
  18. Valéry Schollaert

    Juvenile Cathartes Vulture in Brazil

    Hi guys, I've this old photo (Janary 2009) that I identified only thanks to the parents around. Well, a lost bird is not impossible and, more important, I'm looking for features to identify juvenile vultures in case I see one alone. I found litterature poor on the subject. All 3 Turkey, Lesser...
  19. Valéry Schollaert

    Warbler in Algeria

    Photo from Mourad Harzallah, shared with permission. October, Northern Algeria. Some disagreement on this Phyllosc. on my FB group... thanks for helping !
  20. Valéry Schollaert

    Honeyeater, Australia

    Hi all, What do you think of this juvie honeyeater taken around Darwin (Northern Territories) in September 2014 ? Thanks.
  21. Valéry Schollaert

    Phyllsoc from Norway.

    Not my photos, shared with permission. This bird taken in June in Norway have a plumage and pale legs matching Willow Warbler, but primary projections looks very short. Any comment about that ? Thanks
  22. Valéry Schollaert

    African Paradise-Flycatcher on lake Victoria (TZ)

    Hi all, I've seen plenty of Terspiphone viridis on Lukuba island (near Musoma), in Tanzania. I can't decide which sub-species is involved, can you help me ? T. v. restricta is said to occur on Lake Victoria, so I suspect it is the one... however, references list it for Uganda and Kenya but not...
  23. Valéry Schollaert

    White-eye on Sumatra (Indodesia)

    Taken on Samosir Islands (Lake Toba). I'm a bit confused between Mountain and Oriental (or split ?) White-eyes. Thanks
  24. Valéry Schollaert

    Harrier in Belgium, juvie Pallid / Monty.

    Hi all, Not my photo, shared with permission. Can I have your opinion please ? Thanks !
  25. Valéry Schollaert

    Shrike in Holland

    It seems this bird is not yet positively identified and my opinion was asked on my Facebook group. I cannot help. I guess it is moulting 2cy, a stage I'm not familiar with. I'd be pleased to read your opinion. Thanks. This is the link to the numerous photos ...