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  1. lostinjapan

    North Sea Thread

    Nice to read about someone posting their observations in the N Sea. I regularly work on vessels in the N Sea, having done a lot of survey in the Central North Sea. I've been lucky enough to have a few goodies this year from boats I've been on, though some was in the Norwegian Sector, but...
  2. lostinjapan

    Stonechat - White-tailed or Siberian?

    It's not often I'm stumped for an ID, but female/immature Stonechats are tricky. This little sweetie dropped in today on the ship off the coast of Myanmar. I believe it is either a juvenile White-tailed Stonechat or 2nd cal yr Siberian Stonechat. Any opinions gratefully received from...
  3. lostinjapan

    Norfolk birding

    Brent Geese and Pallid Harrier After a bumper breeding season last year for Brent Geese, it would seem that this year was very poor. On the Deben we have had no confirmed juveniles among the birds i've counted on WEBS counts, although numbers aren't at their peak. By the way does anyone know...
  4. lostinjapan

    Norfolk birding

    Thanks to you both..Nigel and Graeme. Hopefully we'll get a chance to see the shrike(s) tomorrow. Good birding Sean
  5. lostinjapan

    Norfolk birding

    Is that at Beeston bump Graeme? Will be in the cemetery tomorrow to look for migrants so might bump into you -:)
  6. lostinjapan

    Norfolk birding

    I'm thinking of taking some Japanese birders visiting to the UK to see the Isabelline Shrike tomorrow at Mundesley, but wondered where the bird had been seen, as it is a big area and we won't have much time to look with visits to a few other places in the area. Many thanks for any help anyone...
  7. lostinjapan

    Norfolk birding

    I imagine the walk referred to might be in St Nicholas churchyard at the end closest to town. This at least was where I saw one there back in 2011 and it stayed within the ivy growing up the wall in the far corner behind a house, next to the A12.
  8. lostinjapan

    Wild in Aberdeen - City and Shire

    Thanks Andrew. I thought as much. Nice to see so many birds moulting. The merganser was a surprise. A lot of waders along the harbour wall - Turnstone, Redshank, Oystercatcher and Curlew on the shoreline, as well as a Guillemot and a few eider just before the harbour entrance and then quite a...
  9. lostinjapan

    Wild in Aberdeen - City and Shire

    I saw what were presumably 15 Goosander on the river dee opposite Aberdeen Docks, as well as a single RB Merganser towards the rivermouth when berthing at Commercial Quay yhis evening. I'm assuming both are regular on the river this time of year? Sean
  10. lostinjapan

    Orchids - Dune and Marsh Helleborine

    Hi all I know it isn't a birdy question, but was wondering if anyone knew any areas where Dune or Marsh Helloborine are easy to see, without causing damage and disturbance to them in the Saltfleetby/Threddlethorpe area. I tried to find them at the area of the NNR near Rimac, but without...
  11. lostinjapan

    Flock of passerines for ID - Romania

    Linnet was the other species I considered, especially when looking at the bottom right bird. Sean
  12. lostinjapan

    In the service station Tebay today

    These are a farmyard variety of ducks. Perhaps part Aylesbury, Indian Runner & Mallard.
  13. lostinjapan

    Flock of passerines for ID - Romania

    They kind of have a Penduline Tit feel to them. The small conical bills, long forked tail, black on primaries & undertail coverts, buffish flanks & 1 or 2 appear to have powder blue-grey head & black face mask.
  14. lostinjapan

    Bird Ringing in Essex

    From a quick look there are only two trainers in Essex right now. One on the border at E Bergholt & the other near Bishop Stortford. When I first looked into ringing 6 years ago, there was only one. s I found many more ringers when I moved to Suffolk and was lucky enough to be taken on board...
  15. lostinjapan

    Some hybrid geese and remains; UK Cornwall December

    Were the feathers plucked or chewed off? Looks like a large bird..Bernard Matthews-type perhaps? Delightful Greylag x Canada hybrid, almost certainly wild. Sean
  16. lostinjapan

    Extra Birds from Japan

    I'd agree with Neil, that black tail band & general shape of the bird suggest MHE. However, based on that photo I wouldn't want to say for sure. It doesn't really shout Rough-legged Buzzard, but I guess if the colours are distorted the possibility of a WT Eagle couldn't be ruled out. MHE are...
  17. lostinjapan

    Dead pilot whales Skye

    I can't say for sure whether submarines could be responsible for strandings or not, but would agree that civilian vessels use them in equal measure. t really depends on the type of sonar and the frequency it is emitting in terms of what effect it may have on cetaceans or pinnipeds. Some...
  18. lostinjapan

    Just Bewick's Swans? - Boyton, Suffolk

    That's interesting Birdspotter. Don't suppose he got any pics he could share?
  19. lostinjapan

    Suffolk Birding

    Trumpeter Swans Trumpeter Swans I found at Boyton yesterday..shame they are unlikely to be wild, still nice to see. There was lots of raptor activity with SE Owl, Barn Owl, Hen Harrier all showed well along with Marsh Harrier, Buzzard, Kestrel and Peregrine today.
  20. lostinjapan

    Just Bewick's Swans? - Boyton, Suffolk

    They were present again this morning, initially on the river and heard to call in flight when they flew back to fields I found them in yesterday. They called again when some Mute Swan's flew over, with the call quite distinctive & different from Mute, Whopper or Bewick's. It was difficult to...
  21. lostinjapan

    Benacre Broad, Suffolk

    The path was blocked, but people often ignore the signs & walk along the top anyway it seems. I've accessed from Kessingland or by going to Covehithe Broad & walking north along the beach under the cliffs. Care should be taken though if using the beach as Gi says as the tide can come right...
  22. lostinjapan

    Just Bewick's Swans? - Boyton, Suffolk

    Only 2 accepted records of Whistling Swan in the UK.
  23. lostinjapan

    Just Bewick's Swans? - Boyton, Suffolk

    Most definitely not Mute Swan. I can only post 1 photo at a time from my mobile. Here is another pic of the two birds together. Sorry if the first photo caused confusion with the young Mute Swan in it.
  24. lostinjapan

    Just Bewick's Swans? - Boyton, Suffolk

    Out and about in the nice weather this afternoon & 2 Swans caught my eye among 60+ Mutes. From a distance they seemed short-necked, quite stubby billed, but oddly the bills seemed all dark on both, just dirty perhaps I thought. As I got closer though the bills seemed to be genuinely all dark...