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    Audio ID West Midlands

    Hello. We have been trying to work out what bird is making this high pitched noise for a while now. Cannot see it, but it is always somewhere in our willow/silver birch trees. I've just got relatively clear audio so attaching the wav file and also a screen shot of what the noise looks like on...
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    Shropshire Hills bird of prey

    Hello. Please could someone give a hand ID'ing this bird of prey. It was pretty high up. There were lots of Buzzards about, but this looked different. My camera spent an annoying amount of time hunting for focus so I only got a couple of frames before it wheeled out if view. I got a look through...
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    West Midlands treecreeper or something else?

    This bird has been playing games with me all week. It's in the garden somewhere. The call or song on my birdnet recording is quite high pitched, about 10khz, sounds not unlike a grasshopper or cricket. I was near some silver birch trees today, moving a mason bee house, when I must have disturbed...
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    Marsh Tit call? West Midlands UK

    Hello, I made a recording on birdnet. It is a call I have heard before but not frequently. I was in deciduous forest, West Midlands, Welsh borders. Birdnet suggested Marsh Tit, but said uncertain. Seems possible. The call is at the beginning, interrupted by a Blackbird. Then again right at the...
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    West Midlands ID request please

    Hello all. Couple of ID requests if I may. The bird on the ground - Buzzard? It is about half a kilometre away so apologies for the quality. Kept dropping from a tree and sitting in the field for five minutes before flying back to the tree, then repeat. And is the skein some kind of gull? We...
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    bird of prey West Midlands

    Hello We just heard what sounded a bit like a Gull call, but repeated over and over in quick succession. Went outside to have a look and saw two birds very high up, one seemed to be mobbing the other. Managed to get one of them at full zoom (see attached). It looks like a bird of prey to my...
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    Bird of prey West Midlands

    Hello. The attached bird came over the house quite low and seemed maybe about the size of a wood pigeon. By the time I got my camera to focus, it had circled quite a bit higher. Didn't look like the dozens of Buzzards that have been in the sky this morning but I'm no expert. Thought Buzzard had...
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    West Midlands, UK

    Good afternoon I was up on the hills (bracken and gorse moorland) this morning in dense fog and heard a pretty distinctive call but wasn't sure what it was. A group of perhaps 80 birds circled quite high above and I was able to get the attached photos. I tried to record sound (they were...
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    West Midlands, UK, some kind of goose

    Hello. Just seen a number of ducks and geese including some obvious hybrids and escapees. There was a really odd looking one that I realise now was a Chinese Goose. But any idea what the goose on the attached photo is? (Not the white one). The white around the bill suggests white fronted, but is...
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    West Midlands, UK, 3 birds

    Good morning. Please can someone help me identify these birds. Should be three photos attached. One looked like a Chaffinch. The group I thought meadow pipit? But they were in trees and on the ground, so I wasn't sure. And the one hiding in the berries stumped me. Seemed very white underneath...
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    Bird call audio West Wales Coast

    Hello, I wonder whether anyone can help me in identifying what I assume is a bird - this is where you tell me its a squirrel(!), that I heard making a call I did not recognise. It repeated itself every minute or so and I heard it over a period of several hours. It seemed to be coming from high...
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    ID help, West Wales Coast

    Hello, please can someone help me ID the birds sat with the Ringed Plovers in the attached photo? Are they Dunlin? They were sat in the dunes at the mouth of the Ynyslas estuary. Many thanks!
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    Bird call ID request Midlands UK

    Hello, please can someone tell me what the attached sound recording is? Some kind of owl? Hear it most evenings at the moment. Well 10:30pm, at dusk. Fairly rural location. Many thanks!
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    UK Midlands, audio ID request please.

    Hello Just been out for a wander this morning and heard a song/call I didn't recognise. It's probably something obvious but I could do with some help please. I have attached a WAV file, there are a few birds in there but it's the one that calls about three times at the beginning and right at the...
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    Chiffchaff or Willow Warbler? Shropshire

    Sorry the photos are not great, but wonder if anyone could help me id this bird. Taken in mixed woodland the other day, in Shropshire. The nature reserve said you are likely to see Chiffchaff and Willow Warbler. I suspect it is one or the other. The bird was quite high in the canopy, but did...
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    UK shropshire bird of prey

    Hello, last weekend I was out walking in woods on the Welsh border when I heard a loud call overhead. I large bird of prey passed over. Half an hour later I saw the bird again, and the same noise. I get buzzards over the garden a few miles away so don't think it was that. And although there are...
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    Anglesey identifications request

    Hello I am not sure whether this is the done thing, but it seemed easier than posting lots of new threads. Basically I am pretty new to birding, and very new to sea birds! The images attached were all taken on Anglesey last week. I think I know some, but others I am not so sure about. a) ...
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    Some kind of finch? Shropshire, UK

    Hello Please can someone tell me what this is? It was hanging about with a group of Gold Finches. Is it a juvenile, or something else? Thank you
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    UK Midlands

    Hello, very new to all this so apologies if it something really obvious. The bird was high in a tree on the edge of some farm land. Semi rural location. I think the colour in the photograph is reasonably accurate. That's was about the same colour I could make out with my eyes too. Any help...