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    Kentish or White-faced Plovers? Singapore Dec 2021

    Need help with the ID of these Plovers. Are these Kentish or White-faced Plovers? I'm thinking photos 1, 4 and 5 are White-faced Plovers due to the extensive white lores and brow. The bird in photo 5 seemed paler than the other birds and there seemed to be more mottling on the feathers. Hope I...
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    Common/Eurasian Kestrel? Incheon, South Korea 2015

    Apologies for the poor photos. Hope my post processing of photo 1 has teased out enough details from a seriously backlit picture for an ID. Managed a shot of the bird while it was flying away (photo 2). Could this be a Common/Eurasian Kestrel? Help much appreciated!
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    Amur or Japanese Paradise Flycatcher? Oct 2020, Singapore

    Need help with the ID of the Paradise Flycatcher in photos 2 & 3. I'm quite sure the bird in photo 1 is an Amur (black throat contrasting with grey chest) and I'm attaching it here for comparison purposes. I'm assuming photos 2 & 3 are the same bird but I cannot be 100% certain as these two...
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    Two Birds of Fraser's Hill, Pahang Malaysia, Jan 2020

    These two birds were photographed in the vicinity of the Hemmant and Bishop trails. Photo 1 - Buff-breasted Babbler? Photos 2 & 3 - Both photos are of the same bird. I thought I had photographed a female Large Niltava at the time I took the shots but after processing the photos, they do not...
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    Grey-chinned Minivets & Mugimaki Flycatcher? Fraser's Hill, Pahang Malaysia, Jan 2020

    Grey-chinned Minivets & Mugimaki Flycatcher? Fraser's Hill, Pahang Malaysia, Jan 2020 Are photos 1-4 all Grey-chinned Minivets? Photos 1 & 2 should be the same individual though I'm not 100% sure. Photos 3 & 4 show a pair that were seen at another location. Photo 5 is a female Mugimaki Flycatcher?
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    Which Flowerpecker & Warblers? Fraser's Hill, Pahang Malaysia

    Which Flowerpecker & Warblers? Fraser's Hill, Pahang Malaysia, Jan 2020 All these birds were seen in the vicinity of Jeriau Waterfall. 1. Was hoping to see the Fire-breasted Flowerpecker but this looks more like the Orange-bellied Flowerpecker although I've not seen one with such a white...
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    Which Starling? Mizumoto Park Tokyo, Nov 2019

    I'm thinking this is some sort of starling but I could be completely off. Is this a Chestnut-cheeked Starling or maybe a Daurian Starling? It definitely does not look like the 'default' White-cheeked Starling. Sorry for the poor photo quality. This is the only half decent shot I have. Help...
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    All Slaty-backed Gulls? Kasai Rinkai Park Tokyo, Nov 2019

    Are all these just Slaty-backed Gulls? The juvenile (photo 2) has pink legs so that should point to a Slaty-backed Gull? However, it seems to show a pale panel on the inner primaries like the Vega Gull mentioned in the Gull Research Organisation website (3rd photo down from left hand panel) -...
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    Gulls & Teal, Lake Teganuma, Chiba Japan, Nov 2019

    Photo 1 - I believe this is an Eurasian Teal. However, it has a bluish/purplish speculum instead of the usual green. Is this due to age? Photos 2 to 4 - Are these Slaty-backed Gulls? Or could they be Vega Gulls? Photos 3 & 4 show the same individual. Help much appreciated!
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    Buntings & Finch, Lake Teganuma, Chiba Japan

    Need help with ID of these birds. All are different individuals. Photos taken in November 2019. Photos 1, 4 & 5 - Are all these Black-faced Buntings? Photo 2 - Meadow Bunting? Photo 3 - Long-tailed Rosefinch? Help much appreciated!
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    Ducks, Shimizu Moat, Tokyo Japan, Nov 2019

    Please help with the ID of the following ducks seen in Shimuzu Moat close to the Imperial Palace in Tokyo. Photo 1 - Is this an American Wigeon or Eurasian Wigeon? There is quite a lot of green around the eyes. Photos 2 & 3. Same individual. Is this a Common Pochard? Help much appreciated!
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    Slaty-backed Gull?, Tama River, Kawasaki, Japan

    Are both these birds Slaty-backed Gulls? These gulls are huge (in comparison to the Little Egret in photo 2). The juvenile looks larger than the adult. Help appreciated!
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    Amur or Blyth's Paradise Flycatcher? Singapore, Sept 2019

    Is this an Amur or Blyth's Paradise Flycatcher? I'm not sure if the first photo shows a blackish throat from the grey breast or because the throat is in shadow making in look black thus pointing to an Amur. Both photos are of the same bird. Help much appreciated!
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    Birds of Yatsu Higata Tidal Flats, Chiba, Japan. Sept 2019

    Please help with ID of these birds seen at Yatsu Higata : 1. Black-necked Grebe? 2. Is the bird on the right a Northern Shoveler? If so, what bird is that on the left as it was always with the larger billed duck. 3. Not sure what ducks these are. Eurasian Teals? 4 & 5) Not sure what these...
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    Which Wader? Funabashi Sanbanze Seaside Park, Tokyo. Sept 2019

    Please help with ID of these waders : 1 & 2) I believe these are the same birds. Some kind of Stint or Sandpiper? 3) The colour and plumage looks similar to the birds in photos 1 & 2 but the bill looks much thinner and sharper. 4) Bar-tailed Godwit with the slightly upturned bill. Help much...
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    Birds of Kasai Rinkai Park, Tokyo, Japan. Sept 2019

    Please help with ID of birds in Kasai Rinkai Park, Tokyo. 1. Ring-necked Ducks? 2. Could these also be Ring-necked Ducks? Sorry for the poor photo quality as they were quite far out. 3-5. These three photos are of the same bird as it flew past me. I have no experience with gulls but this...
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    Help with Birds of Tokyo, Japan. Sept 2019

    Need help with ID of birds seen around Tokyo, Japan this past week. 1 & 4) Japanese Woodpecker? Photo 1 taken at Mt. Takao and photo 4 at Tama Cemetery. 2) Large-billed Crow? Although the forehead is not vertical/steep, the bill looks huge. Taken at Tama river. 3) Carrion Crow? The bill looks...
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    Javan or Chinese Pond Herons, Singapore, April 2019

    Was looking for the Javan Pond Heron in this area where it has been seen in the past seasons and just a few days ago. Saw a few Pond Herons that were transitioning to breeding plumage. Not sure if they can be identified positively. Sorry for the mediocre photo quality. Photo 1 - The bird in the...
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    Grey or Yellow Wagtails? Singapore Feb 2019

    Are these Yellow Wagtails? They were found in the same location in a canal in a habitat supposedly more suited to the Grey Wagtails. However, their tails seemed too short for Grey Wagtails? Photos 1 & 2 are of the same bird. The bird in photo 3 was taken in October last year. Appreciate help...
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    Terns & Gulls, Bang Pu Recreation Centre, Samut Prakan Thailand Nov 2018

    Are photos 1 & 2 Whiskered Terns? Slender-billed and Brown-headed Gull hybrids have been reported at this site. I'm not sure if the bird on the left in photo 3 would be a hybrid candidate? It's bill seemed longer when compared to the Brown-headed Gull on the right. I only have this photo. Help...
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    Which Warblers? Rot Fai Park Bangkok, Nov 2018

    Photos 1 & 2 show the same individual. Photos 3 to 5 are of another individual. Could this be a Yellow-browed Warbler? Unfortunately I couldn't get clear views of these birds plus I'm hopeless when it comes to Warblers. Help with ID much appreciated.
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    Asian Brown Flycatcher again? Singapore Oct 2018

    I dread posting one of these again. Just makes it look like I can never recognize what an Asian Brown Flycatcher looks like. All photos are of the same bird. Sorry for the poor quality of the photos. This bird looks browner than most ABFs I've seen and it doesn't seem to have the classic white...
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    Which Buzzard? Singapore, Oct 2018

    We were raptor watching today and saw this bird quite high up. There's been some discussion of what this might be among the group. Could this be a Steppe Buzzard, Himalayan Buzzard or Common Buzzard? Help with ID much appreciated.
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    Just another Asian Brown Flycatcher? Singapore, Sept 2018

    Unfortunately, these are the only two shots I have of what I believe is the same individual (there were a few other Asian Brown Flycatchers around). This bird does not seem to have the pale lores of an ABF. The streaks or wash on the chest is washed out due to the strong sunshine. Is this just...
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    Still More Terns, Singapore, Sept 2018

    Photographed some terns (about 18 in all) perched a long way from the watch tower I was on. These are all very tightly cropped photos and some are even at 160x digital zoom from a compact camera. Photos 1 & 2 are of the same bird. Is this is a White-winged Tern? "Headphones" on the side of the...