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    Bird Feed

    In addition the last bag that had those seeds mentioned I purchased every bag they had I believe the # was 7. But that might be a bit too much for some but at this time the slowest of the year I put out about 8 lbs of just seed daily and thats gone by 1PM.
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    Bird feeders

    The American Gold Finch will feed from any type that they actually can access the offering. I have a wide variety and their favorite as most wild birds is the common platform. I do make my own...note: critical to any feeder choice is the canopy and the placement of that feeder in relation to the...
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    Grackle feeding adolescent on ground

    Grackles also like peanuts in the shell and several other offerings, so assuming you know the other popular seeds. That's the answer...and although not all but I've had them on the Grey Striped Sunflower.
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    Bird Feed

    Condition is important...brand name is not important but condition is. The best is a covering that has a deep black shiny with a bit of a velvet look but in real life you just don't see them often enough. Most bags will allow the purchaser to see before purchase. There are usually clear areas...
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    please help id winter Texas coast

    Crown and or beak says Swallow or Swift...best place to start.
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    Bridge camera with rapid autofocus and stabilization

    Maybe a re-think on that nkbj...RE the Nikon P1000 all saved at 1920 mpi but that isn't compatible here as the result differs somewhat from my files.
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    Best Birding Bridge Camera

    Way too short on zoom for this camera although quality is there.
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    Best Birding Bridge Camera

    My first bridge was a Nikon P1000 and just added the Cannon SX 70 HS. My birding site is roughly 10 thousand sq ft which means there is way to much area to cover with just 1 or 2 cameras. Lately its' been 4 cameras at one time. I use elevated observation benches with camera hard mounts, all...
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    Camera discussions

    I'll discuss...recently purchased a first time Bridge Super Zoom. A heavy camera so a hard setup is a must. This Nikon P1000 works well. I do quite a bit of video and pull all of my stills from the edits. I typically have as many as 3-4 cameras running at the same time and will be adding more of...
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    Discount camera websites and resale sites?

    But B&H in NYC can be trusted but the prices don't justify the effort.
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    Discount camera websites and resale sites?

    Buying used cameras much like electronics is akin to sticking your feet into an ice cold footbath hoping it would be warm.
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    Backyard feeder. ID please.

    It's all about posture...
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    Protein feeder for hummingbirds and kinglets?

    Don't know what your site consists of but if you have tillable turf then create a patch/tilled and composted, and incorporate Red Wiggler worms into it. I've had success with that.
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    Protein feeder for hummingbirds and kinglets?

    1. The Black Oil Sunflower, as the darker black is preferable and 2. The Safflower seed. Now for the vast majority of birds the order would be reversed. Again you'll find black oil seeds oft times come in a lighter shade of black so whatever the cost when you can find the darker that's the...
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    2 mockingbirds monopolizing feeders

    Mostly this question has no answer other than the 3 most obvious 1. They left because they were in transit or 2. The offering, and this includes the placement and not just the actual type including some external cat or otherwise threat, was not as good as one at another location. And 3. They...
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    Climate Change Changing Bird Migration Patterns?

    Something different....what we're engaged with at this moment seems too profound in that a decades old debate is still ongoing, maybe the goal posts move some with time but the premise remains, so I have related questions on or about why this seems to leave me with a uneasy sense. This maybe a...
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    Noise reduction / PCA (principle component analysis)

    The obvious Cornell Labs or contact Jim Stevenson at Galveston Ornithological Society...he checks his emails daily.
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    Climate Change Changing Bird Migration Patterns?

    To all whom have been around and spent a considerable amount of time seeking truths on various issues eventually adhere to the, "The truth is always found somewhere in the middle", theory. So moderate and don't just read those materials that make you feel good because they align with your...
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    Climate Change Changing Bird Migration Patterns?

    Here...For the hair on fire crowd from our very own EPA archived and still available but squirreled away. Couldn't find as a direct search had to do a work around.
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    advice for feeders - margate

    To be as concise as possible, this response should address several threads that I've responded to under this sub-forum. 1. One image shown is of my design, I get no pleasure from regurgitating the work of others but realize some folks are not that self-reliant. This is a platform style...
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    Climate Change Changing Bird Migration Patterns?

    Temperature changes have been happening on this planet far longer than most realize and any one who believes in the doom and gloom stuff should re-invest in their sources. What is changing mostly with weather patterns now more than any one thing are changes in the poles both north and south...
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    Need advice on what to do about a new feeder that's not drawing any birds.

    Stay away from the sexy feeders. A general rule of thumb is to build simple platform feeders from a variety of materials that sit atop of metal poles that are driven into the ground. If you can't or are incapable of doing so find a handyman that can help. This tip applies to all feeders...place...
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    How do I get rid of crows?

    I have a hawk issue and have 4 Crows that show every day, usually late but when they are there the hawks do not appear. I like the crows they're birds too.
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    Too much bleach

    Simply no no bleach...a 9% vinegar is the way to go. The smell from the vinegar will linger so wait a day before putting seed or other etc.
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    Pigeon Problem!

    I use the scorched earth method...Start with several days of no feed and keep extending the days until the nuisance birds leave for good. Those that are your favorites will for the most part return. My nuisance bird is the Red Winged Blackbird, male & female. they come in such large numbers they...