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    Feisol CT3372 and Cley Spy Mulepack

    I've acquired a Cley Spey Mulepack and the instructions state the top strap needs to go around the centre column.....However my Feisol does not have a centre column does this mean I will have to try and obtain one to use the Mulepack ? or are there any workarounds please. I use the tripod with a...
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    Alternative to Paramo Velez Smock

    I'm considering getting a smock as opposed to a jacket to use for wildlife photography. Unfortunately the piggy bank won't run to a Paramo so any other suggestions for suitable and cheaper jackets please e.g. Hoggs of Fife, Struther. Ideally needs to be waterproof, wind proof and not feel like...
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    Is the Canon R6 a bird photographer's camera ?

    I thought I'd post this to compliment the R5 thread as I'm interested if anyone has gone for the R6 or has everyone bitten the bullet and paid the extra for the R5
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    UK Photographers to Follow

    I'm already aware of the stunning work by Bence Mate and Markus Varesvuo but looking for recommendations of UK bird photographers who are worth following
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    Twitching and suppression

    Before I start I'm not a twitcher and not a great birder for that matter either 😁 I regularly see reference to suppression of rare bird sightings where it is claimed there is insufficient rationale for doing this. There usually follows a torrent of vitriol from those who have missed out. What I...
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    Generic / Universal Seed Tray UK

    I've had a quick internet search and was wondering if anyone could please point me in the direction of a generic / universal seed tray to fit under my hanging seed feeder to catch some of the spilt seed. My initial results seem to come back to trays which fit specific brands of feeder and...
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    4k Monitor for photo editing yes or no

    I'm looking to upgrade to a 27" monitor for photo editing - I don't do video. Looking for recommendations please on whether to go for a 4k version or not. My online research has left me confused with some saying it makes it difficult to assess sharpness with 4k whilst others claiming anything...
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    80mm scope vs 60/65mm alpha

    As I can't run to a full size alpha scope. I was pondering if a larger objective non alpha might offer better vfm than a smaller alpha. All thoughts appreciated Sent from my SM-T800 using Tapatalk
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    Nikon EDG 85 compared to ??? and best eyepiece

    I'm considering this as a second hand purchase for a full size scope. I have to admit my knowledge of scopes is limited and wondered how this stands up optically against a similar age alpha scope e.g Swarovski ATS. If the feeling is positive what choice of eyepieces should I be looking at...
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    Blythburgh Estuary

    I may be able to get away and do some birding this week. Are there any recommended walks please for the estuary Sent from my SM-T800 using Tapatalk
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    ATS65 vs ATS 80

    I'm still at that difficult stage of trying to set a budget to upgrade my old Kowa TS-602. I can't run to a new higher end scope but wondered what the primary difference is between these two scopes are. Given I'm looking at pre-owned, getting a side by side comparison may be difficult so any...
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    Nikon Spotting Scopes UK Birding Retailers

    Just wondered why none of the recognised "birding" retailers e.g Cley Spy, In Focus etc don't appear to stock Nikon scopes ? Sent from my SM-T800 using Tapatalk
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    Best vfm full size scope UK s/h

    I'm considering upgrading my ageing Kowa 60mm spotting scope. Ideally would like an angled scope with a larger diameter to cope with lower light birding. I'm happy to look s/h and wondered what the best vfm model is for my budget of £600 or if I even need to spend that much. Any advice...
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    Windproof Fleece

    My only previous experience of these is they have the breathability of a bin liner and any exertion results in you becoming soaked from inside the jacket. Just wondering if technology has moved on in recent times. I know I can always use a windproof outer but it's less of a faff to be able to...
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    Swarovski el 8.5x42 WB UK Pre Owned Price

    Having more or less made up my mind to upgrade to a pair of these. I was wondering what sort of price I would be looking to pay a UK retailer for a used pair and the type of saving I could realistically make on new. Sent from my SM-T800 using Tapatalk
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    Paramo Pajaro 2018 v Halcon v RSPB Avocet

    Considering both of these as a new birding / photography jacket and looking for some real world input on the differences please. Essentially is the Halcon worth the extra ? Or should I consider the Avocet as an alternative? Sent from my SM-T800 using Tapatalk
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    Waveney Mound View Point

    As per the title. Can anyone confirm where this is please together with advice for parking and any other tips. Oops title should read Waveney Forest Viewing Mound TIA Sent from my SM-T800 using Tapatalk
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    Budget Boots

    Looking for some recommendations on waterproof fabric boots at the budget end of the market. My main boots are a pair of leather Brasher Hillmaster but I'm looking for something lighter for general pottering about, dog walking going down the pub etc I know I'll need to try some on but...
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    Paramo insulated vs ???

    I know there are other Paramo users on here so seeking some input. I already have a faithful Cascada jacket but I do find it bulky, although an excellent performer in wet weather. I'm looking I think for another jacket for photography where I will be standing around in cold / blowy but...
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    Zeiss Victory 8x42 SF £1499 @ Uttings

    Seem like a good price currently. I have no experience or affiliation to the retailer but may help in price matching at your preferred shop http://www.uttings.co.uk/p118041-zeiss-victory-sf-8x42-binoculars-52-42-21/#.WX3LtojyuUk Sent from my SM-T800 using Tapatalk
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    Best VFM in used Scopes

    I'm considering upgrading my Kowa TS602 with a 20x WA for something with a bigger objective and can cope with a more powerful eyepiece. Given the current price of new I'm giving serious consideration to the s/h market so with a budget of £500 ish any suggestions would be very much appreciated...
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    Craghoppers on offer at Debenhams

    Thought I'd post in case this helps anyone but went into the Ipswich Debenhams yesterday and they had some big reductions on Craghoppers gear e.g microfleece tops 60% off
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    Paramo Sale at Minsmere

    In case this helps anyone Minsmere are clearing out their Paramo with good reductions. I picked up some Pajaro trousers for £70.
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    Does budget drive choice or the other way round

    If I can explain. I'm currently using Hawke Frontier 8x43 ED which I'm pretty pleased with but feel the time is right to upgrade. So do I look at some other mid range binoculars now budget approx £500 to step up if so suggestions appreciated or do I carry on saving for a high end pair. All...
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    Deerhunter Ram Trousers alternatives

    I'm looking for a second pair of lined and waterproof trousers. I already have a pair of the Deerhunter Ram, which have served me well but was shocked by how much they've increased in price. Any cheaper alternatives please or do I just need to bite the bullet and check the back of the sofa for...