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    African Crake, Egypt

    The Surfbirds World Birding gallery is showing a Corncrake from Egypt photographed in 2008 by John Wheldon. It looks more like an out of range African Crake to me. Anyone else offer an opinion? Andy
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    Trinovid BAs still a 'sweet spot' among Leica binoculars?

    Held off posting on here cos it appeared to be a thread for astronomers. But here goes... Am completely guilty of loving my BA 8’32s, but I’ll say straight off, the 42s are just too big and heavy for me. Here are a few reasons why I love them, although they are not my main pair now because I...
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    Favourite Book About Birds/Birding?

    I really need to read Kingbird Highway. I’d also like to read about those first hand IB Woodpecker sightings. Otherwise, I have read a few big year travelogues - but not all of them - and it seems to me it’s really easy to write a very dull one. I’ll drop in another plug for Chris G’s Jewel...
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    First time birding Colombia: Recommendations Wanted!

    No, not yet but would love to of course. I’m an antpitta newbie really. I have spent a stupid amount of time focussing on pitta-pittas and I think the modern feeding of all these birds has taken away something magical from the chase, personally. Here’s another thought: it may also have made...
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    First time birding Colombia: Recommendations Wanted!

    Without wishing to divert from the main thread too much, here’s a Facebook post I made in 2019 (without the mentioned video though): Our last 2 weeks took in some of Colombia’s flagship birding sites. Places like Rio Blanco, Montezuma and Santa Marta will have loomed large on many a birder’s...
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    First time birding Colombia: Recommendations Wanted!

    Pablo did us a favour and set up a trip as ground agent only, not his usual mode of operation. There’s no doubt he knows the birds and sites superbly. He worked hard to make it work but the trip suffered a bit because he wasn't actually with us. I know others who’ve done more standard trips with...
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    First time birding Colombia: Recommendations Wanted!

    We did. One worked out of El Dorado lodge. Also a local guide at Tayrona and one at Flamencos. Otherwise, we just had a driver. Multi colour birding set up the trip for us. Sorry I don’t have guide names or contact details but they were all good.
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    First time birding Colombia: Recommendations Wanted!

    I was lucky to spend a month out there in 2019. Two canny mates joined me for two weeks and this is what they did. With hindsight, we'd have spent a little less time at Tayrona because your chances of connecting with Blue-billed Curassow are slim. Otherwise, it was good: Day locations Rio...
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    8x32 roof with least glare

    Hi. I use the EL 10 32s, they are just lovely to use and look through despite the glare - and despite the strap, which is just awful. I’ll switch to either of the others if birding in forest and needing a wider field (Leica 8 32s, UV or BA). Unfortunately, the BA focussing is getting gritty but...
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    8x32 roof with least glare

    My Leica BA 8x32s were miles better than my Leica UV 8x32s, which were miles better than my Swaro EL 10x32s
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    Top Birding Destinations on Earth

    I was thinking of writing about Senegal in comparison with Namibia, but I’ll also add in Morocco for good measure...! Senegal and Namibia are comparable in several ways - lovely selection of sps, plenty of semi and real desert, but one north of the African equator, the other south. Two...
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    Top Birding Destinations on Earth

    Might the question be more useful if it were per trip rather than per country? Having India for example, or Indonesia on the list doesn’t narrow things down much. If you looked at it this way, you might get answers like Sabah, Atlantic Rainforest Brazil or NE India. Unless you typically...
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    Imm skua ID, Sussex

    I reckon the bill is fine for LTS - they sometimes look oddly long in photos - and the deep chest is also good. Just wish I saw more of these things. Andy Inland Somerset
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    Nikon 10x25 Image Stabilized Binocular's available anywhere yet? Anywhere?

    Why would anyone on a birding forum be interested in these bins?
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    Zeiss SF 8x32 vs Swarovski SV 8x32

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    Lynx and Tawny Owls

    We really ought to be talking about Lynx but that’s amazing Andy. And interesting use of the word ‘dismissively’. A few times now when I’ve been watching big cats from a vehicle or a boat, their complete disinterest in their human admirers has been astonishing. It almost feels insulting in a...
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    Lynx and Tawny Owls

    3m, Andy?!?
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    Lynx and Tawny Owls

    Well, just brilliant. My best wildlife experience ever was a Clouded Leopard that calmly walked past me down to 3m on Sumatra’s Mt Kerinci, and James Eaton had a similar ridiculous experience there with a Golden Cat. We swapped notes and if I remember rightly, James had a view that wild cats...
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    Mongolia for snow leopards - heaven and hell trip

    Strongly suspect this is true. Also worth saying that while Ladakh offers less wildlife variety, the trip all in is simply amazing. If you forgot about Snow Leopard and just went for a life experience, it would still be unforgettable.
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    Sabah, Borneo (independant)

    And this is why I fell in love with Asian birding. If you don’t like spoilers, stop reading now: “Determined to try and nail some Pittas, I decided to return to the lower waterfall trails for the last period of daylight where a calling Blue-headed Pitta remained typically invisible, as did a...
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    If you own both 10x and 8x, in what situations do you use each?

    Scops Owl: This was a pretty fair test actually. Both pairs were 32mm, the 8x were top of the range Leica a few years old, the 10x new top of the range Swaros. Me and my mate each tried both, and each saw the same effect. (I think I wrote earlier they were both new Swaros. That was wrong, sorry...
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    If you own both 10x and 8x, in what situations do you use each?

    Hi T. Both 32mm Swaros. The 8s just let that little bit more light in, and that revealed the spots. Was an intriguing comparison. Edit: I guess they didn’t really let more light in, just produced a brighter image...
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    If you own both 10x and 8x, in what situations do you use each?

    I know the Q wasn’t about the difference but here are some real life examples: Roosting Serendib Scops Owl in deep shade. With 8s you could see the spots. With 10s, you couldn’t. Lagden’s Bush-Shrike high in a canopy. We all borrowed a mate’s 10s for better views. Pechora Pipit creeping...
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    Pitta Singapore

    I would say Mangrove. The size of the bill compared to the head length seems 100% right.
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    Peru, Manu Rd boat trips in May

    Myself and Steve Preddy have a Peru trip booked for May and it includes a fairly standard run down the Manu Rd. We have various boats booked including the transfers below, but also some birding excursions on the river between 15th and 22nd. This is to ask if anyone might be out there around...