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  1. J

    Borneo unusual fly and ant ID

    Can't even guess at the family for the fly – never seen anything remotely like it in the nearctic. The large ant is a puzzle too – check out the six large curved spines on the back and the shiny gold abdomen. Any help appreciated.
  2. J

    Borneo moth IDs

    Have checked a lot of resources online and haven't found anything very close to these that makes me confident I'm getting close to an ID. Even getting to the family level would be helpful. Both were taken in upper montane forest in Sabah in Mount Kinabalu National Park (maybe 1500 meters...
  3. J

    Eight-spotted Forester Moth? (MD, USA)

    There don't seem to be many North Americans on the sub-forum, but I will give this a shot anyway. Twice over the last month I have encountered a strikingly marked, but maddening insect in low vegetation in wooded areas near water. They are maddening because they only alight on the underside of...
  4. J

    Cataract surgery--lens choice experiences?

    Hi all, There have been several past threads on cataract surgery, but none of these focus on the question of the type of artificial lens to choose to replace your natural lens. So with cataract surgery in my future, I wanted to ask for any positive or negative experience with the three main...
  5. J

    Ghana moth

    Any ideas on this colorful day-flying moth photographed in a wet tropical forest in Ghana?
  6. J

    Pantanal Butterfly IDs?

    Photographed in July near the Transpantaneira (i.e. the only road in the Pantanal) in the northern Pantanal in Mato Grosso. They were in the same area. Any help appreciated.
  7. J

    Brazil Lizard ID?

    Photographed in July at Serra da Canastra NP in Minas Gerais at about 3500 ft elevation in arid cerrado habitat. Some features and behavior was somewhat reminiscent of old world chameleons, but it is obviously not one of those.
  8. J

    Birdquest Tour Leader Evaluations

    Was hoping some here might have experience with the following Birdquest tour leaders, and be willing to share their impressions of their leadership styles. (I find the Birdquest website unhelpful in this regard). I’m less interested in birding skills (which I expect are very good or better for...
  9. J

    Oly OMD E-M1 mk II Sets New Standard with Scores on DXO's Sensor Test

    It earned the highest scores yet for a m4/3 camera by a significant margin, and, more significantly, there is now no significant difference between its scores and the scores of APS-C DSLRs, such as the recently released Nikon D500. So it appears m4/3 image quality has closed the gap with that...
  10. J

    Best places for birding AND snorkeling

    Just wondering what places in the world would be a good choice if I were looking to combine a one or two week birding trip with one or two days of snorkeling. Some possibilities that spring to mind are: Northeast Australia (great barrier reef) Madagascar Hawaii (high quality bird species...
  11. J

    Peru's Pristine Tambopata Reserve under Serious Threat from Illegal Miners

    The reserve is one of the most biodiverse places on earth and has had the highest total bird list for any single locality in the world. Was there in October 2015 and the fish were already off limits because of mercury pollution. Looks as though things are getting much worse and fast. If the...
  12. J

    Any Experience with Brazil bird guide Eduardo Patrial?

    I'm considering going on a tour with him, but would like some info about his style, strengths, and any weaknesses as a guide in the group tour context. Feel free to PM me if you prefer. A bio and photo of him here in case you are not sure who I'm talking about...
  13. J

    "Birds of Ghana"--dark plates?

    I recently purchased “Birds of Ghana” by Borrow & Demey (Helm 2010). Seems to be a very good compact guide, but I have noted that some colors on some plates seem to have been printed much too dark. For example, on plate 89 the chestnut cap on the Wire-tailed Swallow is almost black; on plate...
  14. J

    16 Day Ghana Bird Tour, March 2016

    I'm looking for more participants for what should be an excellent 16 day birding tour of Ghana. It is organized by the well known and respected British-Ghanaian company, Ashanti African Tours. The trip is confirmed, and I have one other participant so far. The dates are March 5-20, 2016, and...
  15. J

    Birds of Peru, Schulenberg, et al. Rev. Ed. 2010, Quick Index

    Hopefully, one day all field guides will have a quick index printed on the inside front or back cover. But until that day arrives, we have to create our own! I am attaching one that I created in the hope that it will save others from the hours of tedious work these require. Numbers refer to...
  16. J

    Uganda July 2015--Participants needed

    Uganda is arguably the richest country for birds in Africa, with almost as many species as Kenya though it is less than half the size. I am looking for a few more participants to join myself and a South African birder for a 15 day birding trip to western and central Uganda in early July (13...
  17. J

    Namibia Camping tour with Rockjumper–December

    I'm looking for more people to sign up for this 10-day set birding tour offered by Rockjumper Birding Tours from 9-18 December 2013, so it is not cancelled. I'm already signed up and think it is a great deal if you don't mind camping, or consider it (as I do) a plus. Price is very reasonable...
  18. J

    Questions re: OM-D E-M5 focus and digital teleconverter

    I'm considering the above Olympus for bird photography with the lumix 100-300. (Thinking it might be an upgrade over my Panasonic G3). I had a few questions. 1. For bird photography one typically wants autofocus mode set to require focus in a small central area of the viewfinder. On another...
  19. J

    "Crowdsourcing, for the Birds"--NY Times article on eBird

    http://www.nytimes.com/2013/08/20/science/earth/crowdsourcing-for-the-birds.html?partner=rss&emc=rss&_r=0 Excerpt: And eBird’s daily view of bird movements has yielded a vast increase in data — and a revelation for scientists. The most informative product is what scientists call a heat map...
  20. J

    New Panasonic Micro Four-Thirds Camera: the DMC-GX7

    Panasonic is billing this as their answer to the Olympus OM-D EM-5; it has a new sensor for which Panasonic claims better low light performance than the Olympus. Also has an EVF with higher resolution than other Panasonics, and a physical switch on the camera body to change between manual and...
  21. J

    Colorful Cricket & Red Dragonfly--Bulgaria

    Wondering what these guys are and if they are rare. Have never seen such a colorful cricket. Photographed at the end of May near the Black Sea coast in the Burgas region. Jim
  22. J

    Adapter for Nikon P330 & Kowa 883 recommendations?

    I'm looking for something that I can carry in my pocket and pop on for occasional shots. I do not want something that "permanently" attaches to the scope. The cheap plumbing fixture mentioned in post 7 of this thread seemed the ideal solution, and I bought one...
  23. J

    Books on natural history of Bulgaria or the Balkans?

    Hi, Will be going on a birding trip to Bulgaria in a few months. Was wondering if there are any books focusing on the natural history of the country or region that would be a good read beforehand. (I am NOT looking for bird finding information by the way; I am already familiar with all the...
  24. J

    Ochraceous Pewee

    A first photo for this species was recently added to Opus, but it is from below and the bird is small and it is hard to see the structure. While not perfect photos, I think these might be a good supplement or substitute. Both taken in Costa Rica on March 14, 2012 at Paraiso de Quetzales, which...
  25. J

    Costa Rica ID

    I believe this photograph, which is not mine, has been misidentified as a female Slaty Antwren: http://ibc.lynxeds.com/photo/slaty-antwren-myrmotherula-schisticolor/female-perched-twig I believe it's actually a bird in an entirely different family. Just want to get confirmation before I try...