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  1. wolfbirder

    Swarovski sales delays

    Hi Since April I have ordered an ATS65HD from a reputed dealer in the UK. 2 months on I still have no delivery date. I know this is not a new model but they do produce these. What is going on at Swarovski? Feel like cancelling the order and getting an alternative. The fault is not with the...
  2. wolfbirder

    Hardcore Madeira Madness - 15 - 20 June 2022

    Well, with remaining annual leave to take within a certain time limit (or lose it), I searched around Ryan Air to see where I get to mid-June at a low cost, and Madeira came up, with flights from Manchester on 15th June, returning mid-day on 20th June, all for around £150. Travelling...
  3. wolfbirder

    Madeira request for information

    I have managed to get cheap lights and a hotel for 5 nights from 15th June (next Wednesday) but have lucked-out on booking trips, which are all full. Madeirawinds have no free spaces on their ribs nor any available on the trip to the mountain at Pico do Arieiro, for Zino's. The regular...
  4. wolfbirder

    Orange feather found in field near Wolverhampton, England yesterday

    This bright orange feather is so bright, I thought it must be off a child's toy-hat or something, but it is so intricate and downy part of me thinks this is from a bird, but I just cannot fathom what it might be from? Its about 4 inches in length. Any ideas?
  5. wolfbirder

    Poor Kowa service

    Has anyone else experienced a poor level of service? Since my email to them on 6th April about damage to my Kowa 883, I have still not had anything concrete from the, just 2 emails asking what Country I am from (which I replied to twice) but then nothing else. It really annoys me, we are not...
  6. wolfbirder

    Is this a Barbary Dove? Or normal Collared Dove?

    In Tenerife in March, I saw this bird which looked different to standard Collared Doves, but I am not sure what a Barbary Dove really looks like. Meant to be pale-whitish almost. Most of the ones I have seen are like the attached (excuse poor photo) - a sort of creamy-brown all over including...
  7. wolfbirder

    Canary Islands Conundrums - Fuerteventura and Tenerife 25-31 March 2022

    I have just returned from an enjoyable trip to the Canaries, flying out from Birmingham with Ryan Air for £14.99 (ok it came to £49 after hold baggage etc) at 0635 on 25th to Fuerteventura, and then returned at 10.55am from Tenerife South on 31st, again courtesy of Ryan Air and again £14.99 (£49...
  8. wolfbirder

    How do birders want species-definition to be determined? Via Morphology, assortative breeding, or DNA analysis?

    Increasingly we seem to be depending on the results of DNA-analysis looking for x % divergence to determine whether a species is truly different. Don't get me wrong, DNA analysis is crucial, and it often helps determining species-separation of indistinct 1st-winter birds like shrikes. So there...
  9. wolfbirder

    A great day in East Yorkshire

    I try to do a day-trip out once a month, even in the depth of winter. From my midlands base I can literally go in any direction in 3 hours.............North Norfolk, the south-west, coastal Wales, 'up north' including the East Yorkshire coast. I had been thinking of doing a south-western trip...
  10. wolfbirder

    Birds you have seen but want to see in summer plumage

    I have seen White-billed Diver in breeding plumage, but not Grey Phalarope nor Red-Flanked Bluetail. So lots of 1stW or winter plumage birds only. Those 2 are top of my list. Any others?
  11. wolfbirder

    Seeing the Great Bustards on Salisbury Plain

    I gather these can often be seen from roads in the area. Anyone able to give details as I don’t really want to go on a tour to see them, if at all possible. Thx in advance.
  12. wolfbirder

    Broken Swarovski EL 10 x 42 strap - advice sought?

    I purchased a new pair of these super binoculars in July 2020 but yesterday whilst sea-watching the strap mechanism failed (oh for old-style straps rather than press-stud gimmicks!!). It just dropped out on one side but I cannot see any damage, and it goes back in easily enough but then just...
  13. wolfbirder

    Emerald Damselflies - meant to be common

    I have been watching dragonflies and damselflies at a variety of locations all summer and done ok so far, but just cannot find Emerald Damselflies. Looked at loads of Blue-tailed Damselflies but found none, and even thought for a moment that female Banded Demoiselles were Emeralds (of course...
  14. wolfbirder

    Banded Damselflies - the prettiest damselfly but are they blue or green?

    I am lucky to be able to find plenty of these stunning damselflies along my local canal, but some days they look iridescent green, some days a deep, inky-blue colour. About a week ago, just as the sun had come up and warmed up, at 8am, I found around 15 males and they were all bright iridescent...
  15. wolfbirder

    Is this just a Common Hawker?

    Or can I see a T-shape on back that suggest might be Southern or Migrant?
  16. wolfbirder

    Is this green dragonfly just a Southern Hawker, and is it eating prey or being preyed upon?

    Seen today at Whixall Moss, Shropshire. It was very pale green, and seemed stuck in one position. Either it was engrossed in feeding on a strange-looking brown octogen-shaped beetle to which it seemed attached to, or it was sucking the life out of the dragonfly. Neither were moving but the...
  17. wolfbirder

    Is this Crossbill big-billed enough to be classed as Parrot Crossbill?

    I know only a sonogram proves definitive i/d, but do people think this is definitely a Parrot Crossbill due to it lying at the extreme end of bill size? I have worked on this photo from an earlier thread and edited it as best as possible. Taken at Boat of Garten, Abernethy Forest, Scotland end...
  18. wolfbirder

    A return to Scotland to try to see Scottish Crossbills

    I spent a superb four nights in Speyside at the end of April, based at Grantown On Spey, ultimately seeing nearly all my targets including 3 Capers, 16 Black Grouse, 3 White-billed Divers, American White-winged Scoter, 7 Parrot Crossbills, and 3 'putative' Scottish Crossbills. I say 'putative'...
  19. wolfbirder

    Crossbill today Boat of Garten Wood, Speyside

    Please excuse the poor quality of photos, managed by holding my cracked mobile phone over the scope, but I played N20 Scottish Crossbill excitement-type calls this morning at the cross-tracks at Boat of Garten Woods, and photographed 3 birds. This male seems to have a large bill but there are...
  20. wolfbirder

    Is 2021 a good pine-cone year on Speyside or a poor one?

    Not sure how you can find out?
  21. wolfbirder

    Capercaille-Black Grouse hybrid killing behaviour at lekk

  22. wolfbirder

    Capers in the Scottish Highlands 26 April - 1 May 2021

    With lockdown ending in Scotland and non-essential travel allowed, and even encouraged again, I decided that I could get away for several nights, and so I booked 5 nights at the 'Craiglynne Hotel' in Grantown On Spey via Booking.com on a 'room only' basis, that came to a very reasonable £174. In...
  23. wolfbirder

    Common, Scottish, and Parrott Crossbills - separation by excitement call?

    Wondered what people's thoughts were, NOT about the question of whether they should be separate species, but whether the attached document is reliable? It is from the Scottish Ornithological Society, but it may be a few years old. In the document you can listen to 5 so-called excitement calls...
  24. wolfbirder

    My new local patch

    Living in Wolverhampton doesn't offer a great deal, being in the middle of the Country, though Belvide Reservoir and Cannock Chase are a 15 minutes drive away. But I have found a wonderful little local spot over some woods just a few minutes drive away along some back lane which I had never...
  25. wolfbirder

    How to remove a stuck Kowa 883 eyepiece?

    Any tips? I have purchased an 1.6 extender, but having come to untwist the eyepiece from the scope, it is stuck solid and just won't come off. I am reluctant to twist it as it feels like it would eventually snap through sheer force.