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    Larus sp. from Bulgaria

    Hello! What do you thing about this gull with very little black on the primaries, yellowish legs and odd p6 pattern on right wing, long tongue on p10? Maybe not pure one or odd michahellis? 12.02.2022, Burgas, Bulgaria
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    Ring-billed gull - Bulgaria

    Hello! I posted this gull before and received mainly suggestions for delawarensis, but also some for canus. Recently I looked it up again and saw some signs that could exclude canus and werent mentioned before or I didn`t know about. Some of the characteristics pointing towards RBG were stronger...
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    Larus canus canus/ heinei - Bulgaria

    Hello! What is your oppinion on that canus ssp. I have some doubts for heinei because of its clean white body and head with little striations, also pink bill, but the underwings are worrying me, especialy the inner primaries and the absence of distinct dark trailing edge. Maybe individual from...
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    Gulls - Bulgaria

    Hello! I have some doubts about these two gulls. The first picture is from Feb 2019, I know some YLGs can have reduced black on p5, only on the outher web, but still not 100% sure about this bird. On the second picture, the gull is from Jan 2022, with striated head, pale iris, large white mirror...
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    L. cachinans/ argentatus - Bulgaria

    Hello! Could it be possible, from this picture, to say if this gull is caspian (thayer pattern) or argentatus? 02 Feb 2019, Bulgaria
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    Gull - Bulgaria

    Hello! Could this gull be something else than michahellis? I was smaller than other YLGs around it, with short legs and bright yellow iris. 14.12.2021, Bulgaria
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    Bulgaria - Gull

    Hello! I need help with the ID of this gull. Any opinions will be appreciated. 02.2.2019, South Bulgaria
  8. Y

    Gull from 2015, Bulgaria

    This gull was photographed in S Bulgaria, 12.2015. Is there a chance for argentatus? The bill looks fine. It has very diffused greyish-brown fethres, but I don't know how common is some first CY HGs to have so clean underparts.
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    Gulls from 2019, Bulgaria

    Hello! I need some help with the ID of these gulls. The first three look very dark for me so I'm wondering if they could be fuscus. The last three picks probably YLGs, but still, not 100% sure. The last bird looks with very slender bill, so is it possible to be LBBG? From S Bulgaria, 02.02.2019
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    Gulls from Bulgaria

    Hello! Can you help with the indentification of these two gulls? Most likely L. michahellis. 05.10.2021, NE Bulgaria
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    Gull - Bulgaria

    Hello! Is this gull YLG or CG? It has proportionally long legs, small round eye, extensive black tail-bar and almost unpatterned white underwings, with no mirrors on the primaries. Still the head looks too stiated for cachinans and the bill too massive. From bulgarian northern Black sea coast...
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    Eagles from Bulgaria for ID

    Hello! I observed these two eagles on 13th of October, 2021 near Burgas, Bulgaria. They seems to be more massive than the other Lesser-spotted eagles that I saw. At first I was thinking for Ad. A. nipalensis, but I'm not quite sure, because of the length of p7.
  13. Y

    Eagle ID - Bulgaria

    Hello! What is your opinion on the ID of this bird? Seen near Burgas, Bulgaria on 13th of October, 2021
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    Gull ID - Bulgaria

    Hello! Can you help me with the identification of this gull? 20.12.2019, Central Bulgaria
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    Sparow - Bulgaria

    The bird was observed in Central Bulgaria, 06.2013. Could it be Italian or it is house sparow?
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    Shorebird ID-Bulgaria

    The picture was taken on 08.04.2021 near Burgas, East Bulgaria. From the photo it looks like dubius to me but I'm not 100% shure. Any ideas?
  17. Y

    Motacilla flava subspecies, Bulgaria

    Observed in Central Bulgaria, 08.2013. Any idea of the exact subspecies?
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    Shorebirds ID - Bulgaria

    I took this pictures in Central Bulgaria at 6th of December, 2020 and I am not sure about the species. The picture quality is very low, but I hope for some suggestions. Thanks in advance!
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    Harrier ID - Bulgaria

    Seen on 20th of August, 2020 in Central Bulgaria. Is it Pallid or Montagu's Harrier?
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    Passeriformes for indentification

    These 3 birds are from today, 07.02.2021, seen in East Bulgaris. Any suggestions?
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    Aythya fuligula or marila? - Bulgaria

    The 3 birds are from 02.02.2021, Central Bulgaria. I think that they are tufted ducks, but I will be gratefull for second oppinion.
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    Phylloscopus ID

    This Phylloscopus was observed in central Bulgaria on 03.1.2021. Any sugestions about the species?
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    Spotted eagle ID (Burgas, Bulgaria.)

    Hello! This eagle was observed on September 23 near Burgas, Bulgaria. Is it OK for C. clanga? Thanks!