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Feel the intensity, not your equipment. Maximum image quality. Minimum weight. The new ZEISS SFL, up to 30% less weight than comparable competitors.

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    New 7x32 binoculars and 7x42 monocular models from Hawke

    Well that video made me want to go try a pair. I intended to at some point but it may be sooner rather than later πŸ‘
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    Maven C2 7x28

    Hi, As Maven have a reputation for conservative fov specs, I wonder if anyone can give an estimation on how much bigger than spec the fov might be on these. Thanks
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    D.I.Y. Leica "Retrovid" 7x35 focussing improvement.

    I've gone back to using the bins without the mod. The rings started slipping and their smoother surface wasn't as good as the grippiness of the original. And then, the last straw, the rings started slipping off the wheel. Like others here, I'm not prepared to glue them in place.
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    In praise of small scopes

    You're spot on! Small scopes rock. I realised that I can see/ID/enjoy everything I need or want to with my Opticron MM4 without lugging around the extra weight of a bigger scope and tripod. As you say, atmospheric conditions tend to even things out and limit the benefits of a larger objective...
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    Who here uses a monopod for viewing?

    I haven't done that but I'm sure that an adapter can be fitted to the head I use (see post 12)
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    Better birding tool, Leica Retro or MHG

    Hi Canip, What I mean is that a 7x35 and 8x32 are not that far apart. Not compared to the suggested "which one is better, the 8x25 Leica or the 10x42 Zeiss SF?" I think the difference between 7x and 8x is not great, if you have good enough accomodation that the difference in dof isn't too big...
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    Better birding tool, Leica Retro or MHG

    I think it is a reasonable comparison. Both bins have a 5mm exit pupil after all.
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    D.I.Y. Leica "Retrovid" 7x35 focussing improvement.

    Did this to mine too. Great little simple hack πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
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    I need some advice

    I would also choose the MHG 8x42s. But is there a reason you have limited your choice to those few? There are so many others available, brands and models. The best first step in choosing is to decide how much money you are willing to spend. If you tell us that, I'm sure you will get a lot of...
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    What's your favourite bins of all time..... and why?

    It might be a bit of a stretch to say "of all time" because I've only owned them for about 9 months, but I predict that I will be using them for years to come. My favourite is the Leica Trinovid aka Retrovid 7x35. I've used little else since owning them. If there were other top notch 7x35s...
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    Product Review: Opticron SR.GA 8 x 32.

    A long time ago, when I wore contact lenses, I owned a pair of these bins. They are very good, especially for their price. I now where glasses instead of contacts so I sold them due to their short eye relief. I now have Nikon SE 8x32s instead which fit my glasses very well but, from distant...
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    Who here uses a monopod for viewing?

    Hi Yarrelli, I use this manfrotto monopod head. Monopod Head with Quick Release, wide 90Β° scope But I don't always need it. It's often possible to use the scope directly attached to the monopod if you don't need a lot of vertical movement. Terra Nova equipment is good stuff, like you say. A...
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    Who here uses a monopod for viewing?

    I use a Terra Nova Unipodhttps://www.summits.co.uk/product/terra-nova-unipod-trekking-pole/ A walking pole that you can mount a head on or a scope direct. Also good as a tent pole for when I'm tarp camping.
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    New 7x32 binoculars and 7x42 monocular models from Hawke

    The 7x32 looks great for canoeing. Floating strap but only Β£230 in UK should disaster happen
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    Eye pain from viewing through binoculars?

    I agree, go to an eye doc.
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    best bino on budget?

    Will you be wearing glasses when you use the binoculars? I am wondering how much eyerelief you need to see the full view that the binoculars offer.
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    Leica Retrovid 7x35 vs Swarovski 8x32 EL SV

    I think you'll like them. It is quite amazing to a top class 7x35 back on the scene! I've wanted one for a long time.
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    Need your suggestion about birding binocular, I plan to buy a Meopta B1, not B1.1

    For me the main difference between them is their weight and size. The weight difference between the three is greater than any optical difference I suspect. How much are you willing to carry on your neck and shoulders? The 8x32 is small and slim and may not suit big hands. The other two are large...
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    If you could have only ONE binocular ? (no list).

    Retrovid 7x35 for me. Early in this thread I said Meopta 7x42 but small and light is a big deciding factor now. If others produce alternative 7x35s I may change my mind again.
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    Any theories on why I keep choosing a cheaper bin?

    My eyes think that's the other way round. Leica is most realistic.
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    Any theories on why I keep choosing a cheaper bin?

    I suspect that sillyak is on the button in post 3. I love the Porto 3d effect. But could it be that the Vipers are not a good sample and the Raptors are? Maybe not as extreme as a lemon vs a cherry but sample variation could be a factor. Also, it could be a combination of factors rather than...
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    Did changing to a lighter 32mm over 42mm bino really make that much difference?

    Gone from 7x42s at about 800g to 7x35s at 550g. Huge difference on the neck and shoulders. Way lighter. With 550g on a harness and I barely know it's there. Like in backpacking, by the end of the day every 1g feels like 10g. Be a gram weeny πŸ˜„ Travel as light as possible.
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    New Retrovid 7x35

    I've used nothing else since I got them. I didn't buy mine, they were very generously given to me by Jan Van Dalen here on BF, but I would buy another pair tomorrow if I lost these ones.
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    Which of the new models (in the last 3 years) could be β€œlegendary” in the next 10 years?

    I hope the Leica trinovid 7x35 becomes legendary for being the first premium 7x35 in years and the one that introduced a whole raft of 7x35s from all the alpha manufacturers. I live in hope! πŸ˜‚
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    Amazed at the Customer Care from Vortex

    Can't fault their CS myself. Bought a used Razor 65 scope which had a notchy focus wheel and Vortex UK arranged for me to pick up a new one from Cleyspy. Briliant