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    Eristalis tenax ID? (Herefordshire, UK)

    Hi All I found this hoverfly on the Upper Wye. I think it is E. tenax - curved and thicked hind tibia + facial markings. Could someone just confirm or deny? Thanks, Gareth
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    Damselfly ID? (Herefordshire, UK)

    Hi All This damselfly was found by an old estate lake. I am struggling with the washed out colours, I think it is a Common Blue Damselfly Enallagma cyathigerum but I am not sure. Could someone take a look and put me straight? Thanks, Gareth
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    Soldier Beetle ID? (Herefordshire, UK)

    Hi All I found these beetles on some reeds that were in an old estate lake. They are extremely iridescent and I have looked through everything I can find on UK beetles - nada! Could someone please take a look? I think it is a soldier beetle of some sort, but I could easily be wrong. Thanks...
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    Hoverfly ID please? (Herefordshire, UK)

    Hi All Found this hoverfly on vegetation by the side of a lake. I have looked through Ball & Morris and I can't find it. Maybe someone could ID it please? Thanks, Gareth
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    Spider ID please? (Hafren Forest, Powys)

    Hi All Whilst away I took a few snaps , one of which was this small spider. I would guess the body is no more than 5-7mm in length. The habitat is mainly coniferous plantation but there were some large decidous trees nearby. Damp (in summer), limited undergrowth. Reasonably mountainous area...
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    Hoverfly ID? (Cambs. UK)

    Hi All Not sure if it possible to ID this one, I only have one picture :rolleyes: I think it is one of the Syrphus hoverflies. Could someone see if this is identifiable please? Thanks, Gareth
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    Heliophilus hybridus or Heliophilus pendulus? (Cambs. UK)

    Hi All I am getting confused....... The head on shot shows the rear tibia, 2/3 of which is dark = H. hybridus The face looks like H. pendulus The markings on the body look conspicuously H. pendulus. Can some please sort this out for me? Thanks, Gareth
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    Hoverfly ID? (Cambs. UK)

    Hi All I came across this hoverfly on a woodland ride. I think it is Melangyna labiatarum (Matt-backed Melangyna). Could someone please confirm or set me straight? Yours, Gareth
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    Weevil ID please? (Cambs. UK)

    Hi All Really struggling to ID this Weevil. It is pretty large, 1.5cm-ish. Can someone take a look and set me straight? Yours, Gareth
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    Tenthredo temula ID? (Cambs. UK)

    Hi All Last one for a while I promise......... I think this is Tenthredo temula, a wasp mimic sawfly. It's got that chunky feel of a Tenthredo and the only one I could find with similar markings was this one. Could someone please take a look and let me know? Yours, Gareth
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    Cephidae - Sawfly ID? (Cambs. UK)

    Hi All I have looked through a number simlar species and I think this is Cephus pygmeus. It's rear legs have virtually no yellow on them. Could some please take a look at the pictures and let me know? Thanks, Gareth
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    I know you are not bored yet with IDing Beetles! (Cambs. UK)

    Hi All Another new one to me. Edge of woodland glade. I think this is a dark (or dull) form of Stenocorus meridianus. It is the largest long-horn I have ever seen. Could someone check it and let me know? Yours, Gareth
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    Yet another Beetle ID? (Cambs. UK)

    Hi All Another Beetle from my day out in the woods. I think this is a female Stenurella melanura, but I could easily be wrong. To my eyes (at the time) the stripes appeared to be clearly red and not brownish at all. Could some conirm the ID for me please? Yours, Gareth
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    Pseudovadonia livida (Fairy-ring Longhorn) ID? (Cambs. UK)

    Hi All I found a load of beetles that I haven't seen before, this is another. Looks to me like a long-horn with a V across the shoulder of the elytra. The abdomen protrudes below the elytra. The only one I can find like this is Pseudovadonia livida (Fairy-ring Longhorn). Can someone confirm...
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    Beetle ID please? (Cambs. UK)

    Hi All Found these two doing what beetles do this time of year, on the edge of a woodland glade. The only bettle I could find anything like them is Grammoptera ruficornis, but this is a very small beetle, I am surew these were 1cm+. Could someone take a look and let me know? Yours, Gareth
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    Syritta pipiens ID? (Cambs. UK)

    Hi All A small, slim hoverfly. I think I have narrowed it down to Syritta pipiens. Large swollen rear leg thigh, pale/grey markings on abdomen. Could someone please confirm ID or put me straight? Thanks, Gareth
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    Wasp ID please (Cambs. UK)

    Hi All A small Ichy type wasp. But with some really distiguishing characteristics! 1) Red front and mid legs 2) Thorax - predominantly black with some cream markings 3) Abdomen - Red and Black. Pale/Cream under the red part 4) Eyes - Black with cream surrounds 5) Antenae - Black and as long as...
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    Bombus lapidarius ID? (Cambridgeshire, UK)

    Hi All Hopefully I have this one right. Weak yellow collar and small reddish tail = Bombus lapidarius? Could someone confirm the ID please? Many Thanks, Gareth
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    Bombus pratorum ID? (Cambridgeshire, UK)

    Hi All Initially I thought these two were the same individual but it seems that the former has longer hair on the thorax and is is more orangy. The former is very similar to Steven Falk's examples on Bombus pratorum (Early Bumblebee) and would suggest this is a male Bombus pratorum? The...
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    Sicus ferrugineus ID? (Cambridgeshire UK)

    Hi All Although this looks a little like some of the Myopa species I think this is Sicus ferrugines. The chestnut body, black on the front of the thorax and yellow face would seem to indicate this species. Could someone please confirm the ID? Many Thanks, Gareth
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    Eriocampa ovata ID? (Cambridgeshire, UK)

    Hi All I found this sawfly in a hedgerow bordering a field in Cambridgeshire. I managed to find two suitable candidates - Eutomostethus ephippium and Eriocampa ovata. Referneces suggest that the former has red top and sides to the thorax, whereas E. ovata only has the red on top of thorax...
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    Bombus pascuorum (Dark Form) ID?- Cambridgeshire, UK

    Hi All Just want to confirm that the pictures attached are the same as Steven Falk's picture here: Lokks to be the dark for of this species, if someone could ID please? Many Thanks Gareth
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    Interesting insect ID? (Cambs. UK)

    Hi All Found this interesting insect on a sunny (well as good as it gets in the UK) hedgerow, on the edge of a field. After examining the pictures at home I realised it was a wasp (or at least I think it is). Dark red thorax. Black head, antenae and legs. White mark on rear legs. I would have...
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    Meliscaeva auricollis (Cambridgeshire UK)

    Hi All Saw this small hoverfly in the garden and think it is a Melisscaeva auricollis. The yellow scutellum and black almost triangular markings on the abdomen. Could someone confirm the ID or otherwise please? Yours Gareth
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    Athous haemorrhoidalis - Click Beetle ID? (Cambs. UK)

    Hi All I found this small (perhaps 15mm long), stationery beetle on a damp woodland glade, in Cambridgeshire. Conspicuous hairs on the elytra, head dark, near black. Habitat and geography match sources but I am unsure if there are others that are similar. Yours, Gareth