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  1. chris murphy

    Ivory-billed Woodpecker: takeoffs with deep and rapid flaps + wing noises

    All of these encounters and not one single clear unambiguous picture. What are the chances?
  2. chris murphy

    Kowa TSN1, TSN3 Baader Hyperion MK IV zoom

    I'd still love to know if anyone has got this eyepiece to fit onto the 663 and get the full focus range? Whilst I love the scope with the 30x wide EP I'm becoming increasingly aware of how average the image is at 60x when using the zoom. If the Baader works then it might stop me from curiously...
  3. chris murphy

    Ivory-billed Woodpecker: takeoffs with deep and rapid flaps + wing noises

    There's a reason, but it's nothing to do with inexperienced photographers.
  4. chris murphy

    Worzel Gummidge: Twitchers

    Taking the whole twitching thing aside I thought that Worzel was about the most disturbing thing I've ever seen, especially the opening scene where he's shouting in the storm. Nightmarish stuff.
  5. chris murphy

    ID Bittern? India

    Striated was my first thought also.
  6. chris murphy

    Kowa 664m with 30x.. considering buying.

    I have the 30x wide eyepiece on my 663, it is a stunning combination. Beautiful crisp wide view, sharp to the edge as far as I can see. The scope came with the 20 - 60 zoom, but I rarely use that now except for occasional long range birds. The rest of the time I use the 30x. The best way I can...
  7. chris murphy

    Minsmere worth it ?

    The last time I went to Minsmere was a few years ago for the Purple Swamphen. I didn't once go into any of the hides but still saw loads of good stuff (Bittern, Bearded Tit, etc). So I would say yes, at this time of year it'll probably be alive with warblers and other migrants too.
  8. chris murphy

    Kowa or Meopta scopes?

    Just my thoughts, I have a 663 with the 30x eyepiece and I love it, it is a beautifully wide and crisp view. Never had any problems with the body being plastic. Never used or seen the Meopta, so cannot comment or compare, but can only give my positive recommendation based on 3 years of using the...
  9. chris murphy

    Baader Hyperion Mark IV on Kowa 663m

    Bump. I take it that the answer is no, and that nobody has been successful with this?
  10. chris murphy

    Baader Hyperion Mark IV on Kowa 663m

    There's been a few suggestions that the Baader Hyperion Zoom Mark IV may physically connect securely to the Kowa 663m and reach infinity focus across the full zoom range. Can anyone confirm this for definite, without having to mangle either the eyepiece or the body? I am going to buy the zoom...
  11. chris murphy

    Kowa TSN823m juddery focus knob

    Evening all I have purchased a Kowa TSN823m with a 32x wide eyepiece from a well known online auction site. It looks in reasonable condition but having just test-run it in the field I have issues with the focus knob, it is not smooth when making small adjustments and is a bit 'juddery', making...
  12. chris murphy

    Kowa 883 vs Harpia 85

    A big deal for me with a scope is the focus mechanism. I used to have a Nikon ED82, which almost everyone in the universe raves about, except me. I could never get used to the barrel focus, which was especially sensitive on the Nikon. I now use a Kowa 663, which has a focus wheel, which I much...
  13. chris murphy

    Kowa TSN-663M vs Nikon Monarch 60ED-S vs Vortex Viper

    Congratulations on what I see as a very good choice. I still very much enjoy using my 663. One word of advice, if you have the chance pick up the 30x Wide EP also. My lovely wife bought this for me for Christmas. It is an excellent setup with this EP, very 'immersive' with edge to edge sharpness.
  14. chris murphy

    Comment by 'chris murphy' in media 'Ruby-crowned Kinglet'

    Hi Daniel, not a Parula, the bird is a Ruby-Crowned Kinglet.
  15. chris murphy

    Kowa TSN-663M vs Nikon Monarch 60ED-S vs Vortex Viper

    I've used the Kowa 663M for a few years now and I love it, I think it is a vastly underrated 'scope. I haven't looked through the other two so can't offer an opinion as to whether they are better or worse. However I would offer a word of advice regarding the type of focus system on a 'scope, and...
  16. chris murphy

    Durham Birding

    Lambton pool / pond Can anyone give me directions on how to get to Lambton pond? It is not clear or obvious exactly where it is. Thanks
  17. chris murphy

    RFI Washington DC to Toronto in September/October

    Hi Steve When I have been to PA I have usually done well with Red-Headed Woodpecker in Gettysburg NMP in Adams County (my avatar was taken from the Pennsylvania monument). As well as being a stunning location it also seems to have decent numbers of woodpeckers. I have seen juveniles and adults...
  18. chris murphy

    Best scope for approx £500?

    There is a Kowa 663 with 20 - 60 x zoom in the used advert from Infocus for £399. This is what I have and I think it is fantastic. I can't think of better value for money and would strongly recommend this.
  19. chris murphy

    Single Speed vs. Dual speed focusers

    I would agree with the sentiments on here, you need to try and see what works best for you. I previously owned a Leica Televid 77 with the dual focus and I loved it, the gear ratio was perfect for me. I then swapped to a Nikon ED82 which I despised as the focus was so tight that I struggled to...
  20. chris murphy

    Scope advice needed in $1500 range

    I believe the Vortex, new and old, are Chinese. However I stand to be corrected on that. My recommendation to you is to make sure that you look through the Kowa 663M with zoom EP. It should be about in your price range, I have one and I love it, I am consistently impressed with the performance.
  21. chris murphy

    Best 50-65mm angles spotting scope out there?

    Kowa TSN663M with 20 - 60 x zoom EP. Simply a brilliant scope.
  22. chris murphy

    Need a new scope (?)

    Stick with Kowa, the TSN1 has obviously served you well and you know the quality. I have a 663m and love it, but you've got the choice of the 770 and 880 scopes if you want something bigger and brighter. I would not think that the 880 is much heavier than the TSN1 (may even be lighter) and...
  23. chris murphy

    Best VFM in used Scopes

    No good I'm afraid. The scope I had for sale has since been sold elsewhere.
  24. chris murphy

    Wader - Lindisfarne, 1 August 2016

    Redshank for me also, the white patch on the wing was evident on birds in Amble harbour at the weekend.
  25. chris murphy

    Thoughts on Kowa TSN-602 with TE-9Z 20-60x eyepiece

    I have not looked through a 602 so can't say what it will be like, but it will not be as bright due to the objective size, as you have mentioned. I don't have the 30x but I plan on getting one in the future, I have heard very good things about that eyepiece.