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  1. Fiscalshrike

    birding for tourists. London & ?? March/April

    As anything these days, there is no guarantee of travel, however, perhaps by early Spring this Canadian can utilize a direct flight to London for tourism and some birding. I have only seen a small part of the country one December enroute to Southampton for a cruise, so have lots to consider. I...
  2. Fiscalshrike

    DIY non driving bird vacation 2 spots, 2 weeks. Recommendations?

    I am looking for 2 places to spend 2 weeks in; in January 2021. I will most likely fly in and out of San Jose and spend a few of the days there so maybe a 5/5 split between the 2 locations. I haven't been to Central America yet, but Yucatan and Ecuador. I am not a go, go, go type traveler...
  3. Fiscalshrike

    Any luck birding in December Maderia Canary Islands

    Hi. I have just booked a cruise over Christmas and have port calls for Funchal, Tenerife, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Puerto del Rosario. My usual 'go to' data site for birds is eBird, but it doesn't show much for these islands in general, and a real dearth of birds for December. Any...
  4. Fiscalshrike

    1992 edition of Birds of Panama - still relevant?

    The Ridgely Birds of Panama looks appealing as it also covers Nicaragua which is on my short list. However, it looks like the last edition was 1992. Is it relevant or is there an alternate guide for Central America? I am looking for Panama and Nicaragua in the short term, but also Costa Rica if...
  5. Fiscalshrike

    Birding on a cultural trip

    I hummed and hawed about where to post, but I won't provide a bird by bird trip report, so decided to post here. Europe is new for me with regards to birds, and I am committed enough to the hobby, that even a trip focused on 'culture' requires binoculars and a bird app. My trip ran Granada -...
  6. Fiscalshrike

    Spring must be on its way.....I hope.

    After 248 cm (98 inches) of snow this winter, temps are well above freezing for a few days. Numerous birds on the wing including about 20 thin robins feasting on the last of the ornamental crab apples. Males are transitioning to breeding colours and looking quite handsome. Crows abound. Last...
  7. Fiscalshrike

    San Antonio bird id please

    Just got back from a week in San Antonio and can't seem to id this little songbird. Could it be a blue-gray gnatcatcher? Thanks
  8. Fiscalshrike

    Uganda morning glory any help with ID please?

    Looks similar to African bind-weed, but this flower's edge is more jagged and the leaf is quite different. Thanks.
  9. Fiscalshrike

    Tanzania butterfly. Help with ID

    Poor thing is a little ratty looking, but can anyone ID it for me? Thanks.
  10. Fiscalshrike

    help to ID Chameleon Tanzania

    Can anyone tell me what chameleon this is? thanks.
  11. Fiscalshrike

    recommended in-town bird sites for San Antonio February?

    I'll be in San Antonio first week of February. I won't have a car however. I will be in the Tobin Hill Area. I look forward to birding the Botanical Gardens. Any other recommendations? thanks
  12. Fiscalshrike

    Ottawa birding day - January 14, 2017

    Though I tend to be a fair weather birder, a birding friend convinced me to join one of the planned group outings. Day started overcast and -24C but with no wind. A group of over 20 birders met and headed out to a variety of locations. A feeder in a rural neighbourhood was a good spot for a...
  13. Fiscalshrike

    Help where to fit 1 or 2 birding days into 3 week Oct/Nov trip of Southern Spain

    Since becoming a birder, it seems I can't just be a tourist. I am planning 3 weeks in Oct/Nov period (with some flexibility of dates). I am asking now as I think recommendations of where to bird will help define some of my itinerary and perhaps arrival/departure airports. In some fashion, I am...
  14. Fiscalshrike

    Tabora Cisticola? Tanzania

    Not a stunning photo, and yes, another cisticola, but other's opinions solicited. Thanks.
  15. Fiscalshrike

    up to date info with regards to Tanzania Village weavers requested

    A few days ago I posted a weaver nesting area that the moderators would like to include in OPUS, however, I used my 2002 publication of Stevenson & Fanshawe Birds of East Africa and listed them as Black-Headed Weaver Ploceus cucullatus, paroptus ssp. There is also Black-Headed Weaver found in...
  16. Fiscalshrike

    Sharp-shinned or Cooper Hawk? Florida, USA

    2 photos, 2 different days, both Orlando Wetlands. It might even be the same bird, but I don't know which I have. Sadly, only tail feathers are messy. Thanks for any feedback.
  17. Fiscalshrike

    Palm warbler or common yellowthroat? or something else?

    non-breeding warblers are still a big challenge for me. I am labeling photos and unsure on this one. Merritt Island, Florida March 2016 thanks in advance.
  18. Fiscalshrike

    lesser or greater yellowlegs?

    I can't tell....March 2016 Merritt Island, Florida. thanks
  19. Fiscalshrike

    Auger or Martial?

    Back in 2011 I wasn't a birder, but while on safari, I did keep a bit of a bird list with my animal list. This one is labelled Martial Eagle, but I am wondering if actually an imm Auger Buzzard? Better I ask now than after posting to the gallery thanks. (edit) Location: Tanzania, Serengeti NP.
  20. Fiscalshrike

    unsure of this Ecuador Hummingbird

    Labelling photos almost 3 years after the fact is sometimes challenging. This hummer was at a feeder at Paz de las Aves near Mindo and Bella Vista cloud forests in Ecuador. Colouring and my bird list considers it to be Fawn-Breasted Brilliant, but the bill seems definitely curved. Any ideas...
  21. Fiscalshrike

    Skulker in Tobago

    I keep paper lists, load up on eBird, but am bad about labeling my photos. I am reviewing some from a November 2012 trip to Tobago. It was at the Magdelena Golf Course and ponds.
  22. Fiscalshrike

    Autumn migration patterns in Europe/Austria

    I have little to no knowledge about European birding but know in North America many birds tend to migrate in an oval shape so not all birds travelling up through Ontario return on the same route. With this in mind, I have read some about the spring birding near Austria/Hungary border, but have...
  23. Fiscalshrike

    Wrong link for location website

    Hi. I am totally at a loss of to what OPUS is for and how to update entries if at all. At top it says it can be edited, but the one I am looking at seems to be a Wiki entry that is incomplete and out of date. Can someone give me the short version of how to edit, add birding locations, or even...
  24. Fiscalshrike

    A 'fly and flop' vacation with birds - Riviera Maya, Qunitana Roo, Mexico

    I have recently returned from a 'fly and flop' beach vacation on the Riviera Maya, Yucatan peninsula, Mexico. When booked in July, I had intended to be a little more adventurous, but due to recent physical issues, I primarily stayed at the resort with one day venturing out on a bird tour. The...
  25. Fiscalshrike

    simple equipment for travel - occasional birding

    I find the equipment and paraphenalia now needed to bird while traveling to be cumbersome. I have no idea of what I can consider for optics when only birding say 2-3 half days out of 21, 4 countries and by local transport. I don't think I am ready to give up my bridge camera as I like the zoom...