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  1. K

    Afghanistan Warblers

    This morning I was able to sit out in a garden in the city, and there were at least a couple of warblers flitting through the flowering trees. I think that they are Leaf Warblers, but I have very little experience with these and I am not certain if that is correct. My Guess is that these are...
  2. K

    Gulls - Alberta, Canada, 11 Oct

    Hello, I photographed a couple of gulls that were with a large number of Canada Goose along a city park lake. The one gull, on the left, I am quite certain is a Ring-billed gull. But the second gull, on the right, with a pinkish bill, is a bit less obvious to me. any ideas?
  3. K

    Bird of prey, France/Spain border

    I am asking for help for a friend who asked for my help in ID'ing a couple of birds of prey. These were photographed today (11 Oct.) in France, along the border with Spain. I am not certain what she saw and I hope someone might help ID these birds. Thanks
  4. K

    Unidentified hawk - Canada, Alberta

    Hello, I photographed this hawk south of Edmonton, in September. My best guess is a Northern Harrier, but I am not very confident on that, z
  5. K

    Canada - Near Edmonton, uncommon sparrow confusion

    Hello, I photographed this sparrow in an agricultural area, south of edmonton. In the field it seemed a bit unusual for a Savannah sparrow, which is commonly seen here. Now, looking at this photo I am sure it can only be either a Baird's Sparrow, or a LeConte's Sparrow, but either would be an...
  6. K

    Canada, near Edmonton. Another juvenile sparrow

    A photographed this bird today. I think it might be a Juvenile Song Sparrow, but I wonder what you might see in this.
  7. K

    Sparrow - in Canada by Edmonton

    Hello, Today while birding along a creek through barley fields, I photographed this bird. My assumption is that it is a juvenile sparrow, based upon the fact that its face seems to be sparrow like, but the streaking on the breast does not seem quite like any sparrow I have seen around this area...
  8. K

    Warbler - Canada, south of Edmonton - July 5

    Hello, I have seen a very yellow bird, which I had thought was a Yellow Warbler. However I now wonder if I have this wrong and it might be something else. Wilson's Warbler? What do you think this is? best, Z
  9. K

    Canada -South of Edmonton, Shorebirds.

    While I was observing some grebes in a reed lined marsh, a group of birds, perhaps sandpipers, burst across my field of vision. I am not sure where they came from, and did not see them land, but I took a photo. Can these be identified? Z.
  10. K

    Canada- south of Edmonton, Grebes?

    I was at a large reed lined marsh, south of Edmonton on July 10th, and watched the largest group of Pied-billed Grebes that I have encountered. There were multiple family groups and I had counted over 40 Pied-billed Grebes (plus a couple of Eared Grebes). But this one group seemed different...
  11. K

    Canada, Alberta - Sparrow

    Hello, I have a questionabout this sparrow I saw. I had thought it was a Song Sparrow, but I wonder at that ID. Now I am feeling sort of torn between calling this a Song Sparrow (juvenile), or a Lincoln's Sparrow. Any opinion? z.
  12. K

    Duck - Canada, Alberta, central, small creek

    I glimpsed this duck through trees on a small creek in central Alberta in July. Suspect it is a Bufflehead, but not sure. z.
  13. K

    Warbler in Alberta, Canada in September

    I am continuing to try and sort out photos, and this warbler is a question mark for me. I think that Orange-crowned is my best guess, but not sure of that. Any thoughts? z.
  14. K

    Canada; duck with white cheeks seen last week of August

    I photographed this duck in central Alberta August 28th, on a prairie pond. Looking at the photo I think it seems to be a quite distinctive looking duck, and I feel I should be able to identify it. But I have not been able to. Can you please help me figure out what type of duck this is? Thanks
  15. K

    September Warbler, Canada - Alberta

    Hello, I have a bird that I was only able to Identify as a Warbler with gray hood, seen in the garden in september. I wonder if anyone can help me get a bit more exact. thanks. Z.
  16. K

    Ducks, Canada alberta

    Hi, I saw these ducks yesterday (Oct. 3) on a pothole slough south of Edmonton. They were at a great distance from where I was trying to watch them with my 8x binoculars or photograph with a 400mm lens, and so I did not get a great deal of details to form an impression of which species of ducks...
  17. K

    Alberta Canada - Grebe , September 29

    Hello. I saw this single grebe today on a large power generator cooling pond south west of Edmonton. I was never able to get very near, or get very good photos, but I did take alot of photos. Western Grebe would be very possible and expected, but this bird is making me think it might have been a...
  18. K

    Canada, Alberta. Sparrow question

    Hello, I wonder if this is a Lincoln's Sparrow, or something else? Swamp Sparrow maybe? It was seen in a treed area along a small creek in a agricultural area. I have seen Lincoln's Sparrows in this area before, but the markings on the chest seem not as distinct as I would expect on Lincoln's...
  19. K

    Canada , Alberta. Another Warbler causing lack of conviction

    Hello, Another day of watching the birds around the yard, and another warbler causing me to doubt that I understand anything about them at all. I am thinking that this bird is a Tennessee Warbler, but as I spend more time looking at these pictures I begin to question everything again. Is it a...
  20. K

    Warbler. Canada, Alberta September 13

    Hi, I am very unsure on the ID of this bird I saw today. I am quite sure it is a warbler, but which one? The shape makes me think female Common Yellowthroat, but that does not seem to fit a few things. The undertail seen in #3, is predominately yellow and I expect Common Yellowthroat would be...
  21. K

    Canada - south of Edmonton, another warbler Sep 8

    Hi, The warbler migration has not yet finished here, and I saw another bird that brings a couple of questions to mind. I assume it must be a male Common Yellowthroat, but the plumage does not match what I have seen in guide books. Is this perhaps a type of transitional plumage before it take on...
  22. K

    Canada - Alberta South of Edmonton 3 September Warbler Question

    Hi, I have a poor photo of a warbler that took a short quick look at me and then disappeared back into a bush. Does anyone want to speak on what this bird might be? I am not sure if there is quite enough here to be very sure. z.
  23. K

    Canada, Alberta. Sparrow

    Hello, I am wondering if this sparrow would be a Swamp Sparrow (Melospiza georgiana), or is it something else? z.
  24. K

    Canada, Alberta. Warbler ID help again

    Hello, I saw this warbler south of Edmonton on August 26th. I suppose Orange-crowned Warbler would make sense, but I just wonder if the amount of yellow apparently showing all along the bottom half of the bird might suggest another answer to this warbler puzzle? z.
  25. K

    Canada, Alberta. Hawk

    I came across this bird today. My impression of it was different then most Buteo's I have seen around here (Red-tailed Hawks and Swainson's Hawks). Could this be a Rough-legged Hawk?