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    Woodchat shrike? (Iran)

    Sorry I’ve gone off Google photos! 2nd looks to be….1st one???could it be turkestan shrike? No red tail though.
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    Some more warbler song ID's please - Eyebrook Res, Leics

    UMMFFF I did mean sedge warbler twice!!!!! i did see Reed buntings further round though today.... not sure on the last one... it was either one or the other but not both imho(but it was a year ago).... and sedge (not reed)warbler in the background again
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    Minsmere, England

    Thanks Was starting to worry that id seen a redstart the other day.. Im a bit miffed that everyone gets such good photos all the time and whenever im out and about its either with a dog so only one hand and an iphone or birds are hiding!
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    Some more warbler song ID's please - Eyebrook Res, Leics

    3 to listen to - todays is quite faint but i believe to be Reed warbler one from same spot last year but a clearer recording i think and a Reed warbler also??? Gt Easton lane 4.....number of birds on there but its the clearest one im after - if i recall correctly it was in a tree at the side of...
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    Various Bird songs id required please

    Thanks Butty TL2 has a repeated single note weet ’ - not a warbler and that was the bird high up with the pinkish hue to its chest - the other bird wasn’t seen. So chaffinch would make some sense TL1 i was down in a railway cutting - bird was towards the top of a tree on the embankment. It diddt...
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    Various Bird songs id required please

    These are all today in south derbyshire Is the first a blackcap? TL 1 was high in a tree top and virtually unseen but interesting song TL2 was seen... again up in the top of the canopy but could be seen - pinkish chest - but also interested in the other short burst on that recording thanks
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    Bird song ID Nottingham city centre

    There are also apparently two near to Derby city centre.
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    Unknown bird @ RSPB Rye Meads UK

    Chicfchaff by song and chirruping alone. Imho
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    Swaro/ mm3 or 4 or es 80 Ga Ed

    Probably better views than LCE though it is the other end of the county! If I travelled for another hour I could be at Cley spy I reckon 😂
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    List of bird facts I had wrong for a while

    that white fronted geese arent white fronted. the front being basically the face...
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    Swift numbers, UK

    concur with all of the above....just not looking up and seeing swallows and martins is disconcerting......swift numbers seem lower too but not substantially like the others - is there any evidence backing up this elsewhere?
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    Swaro/ mm3 or 4 or es 80 Ga Ed

    Cheers Mike think the review might have been in here somewhere https://www.birdforum.net/threads/opticron-77m-vs-swarovski-ats-65mm.402259/ are you talking about LCE in sadlergate?
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    Swaro/ mm3 or 4 or es 80 Ga Ed

    I currently have a celestron 100f-Ed which is good….but sooo heavy. Considering purchasing something a bit smaller i dont want to buy brand new….and was considering an opticron originally….then maybe a Swarovski 80 Ats….but I read on here an article/review saying that the mm4 77mm Ed was...
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    Derbyshire country park photos

    wow . just viewing these on a PC These look so pink on here! Im also a bit miffed that my first identified stock dove was seen by my daughter and not me! ive still not seen one!
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    Derbyshire country park photos

    These were sent to me by my daughter…I hadn’t looked properly until today Are these stock doves and Mandarin?
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    First Swift of the year 2022 (UK)

    Heard one a couple of days ago , glimpsed one yesterday just as it whizzed past between two houses…but first confirmed sighting today… got to say I’m really concerned by lack of swallows and martins so far near me, keep looking up expecting to see them and not apart from usual haunts and even...
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    ID Wales UK, Think this might be a Brambling?

    and if its expensive take another one out next time?
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    Presumed Iberian Chiffchaff - UK

    How long before it returns?
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    ID Birds taken at RSPB Arne - Dorset UK, Wednesday 14 Apr.

    This being said then….a reasonably decent bridging camera would be sufficient for someone like me who has no eye for framing photos?!
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    ID Birds taken at RSPB Arne - Dorset UK, Wednesday 14 Apr.

    What causes that colour cast…? light and the camera setting? Or mainly the camera trying to compensate?
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    UK Finches

    What about if you had forgotten to wind the film on?🤭😆
  22. D

    UK Finches

    I can see…purple on the edge of the chest and also down the left hand side of some of the twigs…. Is that where you meant Alexander?
  23. D

    UK Finches

    non taken Butty. It’s only obvious if you know what’s happened…..I had no idea, just could see that it wasn’t right. I don’t mess about with photos or really have the ability to take good ones! makes perfect sense, especially after seeing the original
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    UK Finches

    Is there something going on with that photo? just looks odd…is it because it’s against a bright pale background?
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    LBJ - South Derbyshire 26/3/22 - no photos

    think this is the answer, many thanks to everyone who responded….but miffed, that I couldn’t post a photo.