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    Tarsiger taxonomy

    Fair enough, but that makes no sense. I did a search for tarsiger, but didn't find your post.
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    Tarsiger taxonomy

    Except that thread is 'Robins are Flycatchers?' This paper is purely concerned with the genus tarsiger, and not the relationship between robins and flycatchers. Are these not difference issues?
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    Tarsiger taxonomy

    Ah, sorry missed that. Not sure how the threads are arranged here, but surely this is a different topic?
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    Tarsiger taxonomy

    Cryptic species in a colorful genus: Integrative taxonomy of the bush robins (Aves, Muscicapidae, Tarsiger) suggests two overlooked species Abstract Several cryptic avian species have been validated by recent integrative taxonomic efforts in the Sino-Himalayan mountains, indicating that avian...
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    Red-billed leiothrix in Britain

    In this part of the world where they are native, we use ‘Leo-thrix’. But we might have been using the wrong pronunciation all along! It terms of controlling any exotic populations, I would have thought tape-luring and mist-netting would be very effective given the behaviour of the species.
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    Needletail sp., Guangxi, China

    My interpretation of the throat is that it appears in at least some of the photos to be comparable in colour and definition to undertail coverts. My experience of Silver-backed is that on poorer/distant views the throat looks dark.
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    Needletail sp., Guangxi, China

    S Sorry, missing your point.
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    Needletail sp., Guangxi, China

    White-vented Needletail - you can see the clean white, and well-defined throat patch in the images. An intriguing date and location. Presumably nudipes rather than nominate.
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    Pipit, Shanghai ID help please

    I agree. Buff-bellied is a much better name.
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    Alpine Chough in Ukraine?

    Except these are in active moult so cannot be young birds.
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    Gull & Kite ID (Japan) and 2 others (Russia)

    Yes, Great Grey Shrike, Steppe and Chinese can be eliminated on range.
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    Please help ID the wagtail, Jiangsu Province, China

    I would agree with the original ID on both counts. The second is a pretty typical adult female Citrine Wagtail. In addition to the features already pointed out, the pale forecrown eliminates EYW. Taivava, as you probably know is a very different bird with typically solid ear coverts
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    Bird determination help needed - Japan(?)

    Not a plumage I’m familiar with, but presumably juvenile Meadow Bunting.
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    Blue-and-white or Zappey's Flycatcher? - Beijing, China

    Hi Andy, I don’t think that is fair to say. I think all males are identifiable if seen well. And no one has really tried very hard separating females. The song of cumatilis is very different, and it occurs sympatrically with intermedius in the Beijing area. Personally I’m sure it a good split...
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    Blue-and-white or Zappey's Flycatcher? - Beijing, China

    I missed the link to other photos of the bird in the original post. given how dark the throat and breast it, I am confident this a first-year male intermedia.
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    Blue-and-white or Zappey's Flycatcher? - Beijing, China

    An interesting post, and one I can perhaps shed some light on. I am aware of further research into the taxonomy of Zappey’s and Blue and White Flycatcher, which supports the conclusions we came to in our 2012 paper, but this does not seem to have been published. A fair amount has been learnt...
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    House Martins

    Abstract The identification, taxonomy and distribution of the three Delichon taxa that breed in the northern Palearctic is reviewed. In Europe, the House Martin D. urbicum is a widespread and familiar breeding bird, while claims of the eastern ‘Siberian House Martin’ D. (u.) lagopodum and Asian...
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    Taxonomic revision of the Long‑tailed Rosefinch Carpodacus sibiricus complex

    https://link.springer.com/epdf/10.1007/s10336-020-01801-9?sharing_token=gJkJ7B2O27loy8JIs8xJkve4RwlQNchNByi7wbcMAY6AIBYFO9av7rBCCsFUDqXZvXUJ80n2sad08w-lDDRQwa19tyTxNviUga9BDL9F691_WoSiEHsb4JcslsRP6lw6l4jVT8vPGYH3s3wFhghsQoJSw3MqacuETUgWGlCL1MI%3D Taxonomic revision of the Long‑tailed Rosefinch...
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    Pin-tailed or Swinhoe's Snipe? (with tail pictures) Singapore

    With that tail structure (3-4 narrow outer tail feathers which are clearly of differing widths) this is a Swinhoe's Snipe. Pintail has 6-7 very narrow (c 1 mm in width) tail feathers which are all of a similar width.
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    Terrible pic of flying bird (bittern?) Dhaka, Bangladesh

    Black Bittern - bill is too long for one of the smaller bitterns: http://orientalbirdimages.org/search.php?Bird_Image_ID=162520&Bird_ID=1092&Bird_Family_ID=&Location=
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    Saunder's Gull Central Japan

    Yes, adult Saunder's Gull
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    Blunt-winged Warbler in Central Asia? China

    These are Blyth's Reed Warblers
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    Butterflies of the Forbidden Kingdom - China

    I was there as part of a birdwatching group in May and it was utterly horrendous. On the worst day I had my passport checked 7 times. The final time I was dragged off the street into the nearest police station having just checked into the only hotel in town that allows foreigners to stay...