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    5 Days in Singapore: Best Birding Places

    I will in Singapore from 26 September till 2 October. Which are the best birding spots to go to to see most of Singapore's birds? I am particlularly interested in seeing the Oriental Pied Hornbill, and Sunbirds. I will be spending a day on Pulau Ubin. Thanks.
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    Birding in Singapore

    Is Singapore open for birders again? I am planning for a week's visit at the end of September of this year?
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    Oriental Dollarbirds in Singapore

    Is there a specific month(s) when Oriental Dollarbirds are found in Singapore or are they there all-year round?
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    Birds of Singapore Android App

    I cannot find the Birds of Singapore Android App by Nature Society (Singapore) anywhere on Google Play Store.|=(| Can someone please direct me to where I can find it on the Play Store.
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    Best Singapore Bird Book

    Which is the best bird book to get for birding in Singapore? I am planning a birding trip to Singapore.
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    Book: Australian Bird Guide

    Does anybody know when the revised edition of the Australian Bird Guide (CSIRO) will be available outside of AU and NZ? Especially when it will be available to purchase on Amazon?
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    Birding in Harare

    I will be visiting Harare, Zimbabwe sometime soon. I was wondering what opportunities there are for birding within Harare and surroundings. - Are there any local guides? - Where are the best places to bird?
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    Tern Namibia

    Are there any tern experts out there that might be able to identify the tern in the attached photos which seems to have an orange bill?
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    Best Field Guide for Australian birds

    Hi I have seen a number of threads on the best field guide for Australia. I was wondering if there is any field guide for Australia which compares to the Sasol Birds of Southern Africa in terms of good quality illustrations? Here in Namibia there is a scarcity of good book shops so am unable...
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    Namibia LBJ ID required

    Hi These photos were taken by Michael Houlden near Heja Lodge outside of Windhoek, Namibia. Does anybody have an idea of what it can be? I am thinking Sabota Lark.
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    What was your first and last lifer for 2013?

    What was your first and last lifer for the year 2013? My first lifer was an Icterine Warbler on the 1 January 2013. My last lifer was an Eastern Clapper Lark on the 28 December 2013. Happy New Year everybody!
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    Best time to visit for birding

    What is the best time to visit Singapore with a view of seeing the most birds, ideally in breeding plumage to allow for easy identification?
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    Which Red-billed Hornbill

    Which of the Red-billed Hornbills does one get in Gambia? Is it the Western Red-billed Hornbill Tockus kempi or the Northern Red-billed Hornbill T. erythrorhynchus?
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    Return of the Flycatcher

    This morning I heard the call of my 'local' African Paradise Flycatcher for the first time since January. Hopefully it will breed again in the fig tree in the garden.
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    Summer is slowly creeping back. Now it is time for the migrants to return. Saw a Black Stork soaring over Windhoek at about 13:00.
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    Verreaux's Eagle

    2 Verreaux's Eagles passed over Windhoek 15 minutes ago.
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    Eagle ID - Help required

    Hi Can anybody help me id the eagle shown in the following cropped and zoomed-in photos. I believe it is a juvenile Booted Eagle. Photos taken in Eros suburb Windhoek. Any other suggestions? Thanks
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    Kites over Windhoek

    The last month or so there have been a number of Kites flying over Windhoek. It appears to me to be Black Kites, although this morning I believe I saw some Yellow-billed Kites. I haven't been able to get a good view of them. Has anybody been able to get a good view?
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    Recent Birds seen

    Saw a Red-footed Falcon on a farm neer See-eis on 15 January 2013. Have just seen an Oriole fly past here in Eros, Windhoek. Cannot say if it is African or European.
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    Best place for Bearded Reedling

    Hi What is the best place to see a Bearded Reedling within 2hrs drive of Cheltenham and what time of the year is the best chance of seeing one?
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    Mediterranean Cruise Birding?

    Hi I will most likely be going on a cruise around the Mediterranean Sea during a week in September travelling from Spain to Malta and Italy. Is there any suggestions as to what I can look out for while on the cruise ship? Any specific sea birds that I should watch for?
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    Avis Dam Birding

    Hi Spent all of December 2010 in Namibia visiting my parents. Did a lot of bird watching especially at Avis Dam, Windhoek. Here is the list of birds I saw: - South African Shelduck - Egyptian Geese - Peregrine Falcon - Common Sandpiper - Jacobin Cuckoo - Crimson-breasted Shrike -...
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    Does anybody know which country has the most species of Hornbills? I am thinking that it could be South Africa.
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    Wanted: Birds

    Hi One day last year I made a list of 27 birds I had to see. Of those 27 I just have 7 left to see: - Common Kingfisher - Waxwing - Winchat - Ring Ouzel - Dartford Warbler - Bearded Reedling - Tree Sparrow Which is the closest place(s) to Bishops Cleeve, Glos. where I can see these? :king:
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    Birdwatching Tour Companies

    Hi I am busy planning my next birdwatching tours for next year and was wondering what other birders thought about the various UK companies offering birdwatching tours. I have used the following: - Travelling Naturalist - Naturetrek I am about to make use of Birdfinders Any favourites or bad...