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  1. K

    Am assuming this is a Lacewing? Epping Forest.

    Never seen it, but pretty sure it's Drepanepteryx phalaenoides (a brown lacewing).
  2. K

    Advise on Moving Hanging Basket With Nest

    Could you maybe tie a line from the underside of the basket to something solid like the balcony railing, so it can't blow around so much?
  3. K

    Red-billed leiothrix in Britain

    I don't think it's unreasonable to suggest they will be damaging to native birds here, on the basis of the situation in other European countries. Certainly it would seem to make sense to take action sooner rather than later (if it's even possible, which it might not be).
  4. K

    Red-billed leiothrix in Britain

    This bit stood out to me from the Guardian article. I have become increasing convinced that bird feeding is damaging for a variety of reasons, so this is one more reason.
  5. K

    Stray falcon ID - Herefordshire, England

    Thanks for the replies. I've spoken to a local falconer and he's going to have a look for it in the morning.
  6. K

    Stray falcon ID - Herefordshire, England

    Can I have an ID for this stray falcon? Also, where's the best place to report falconry birds like this?
  7. K

    Undoing the harm

    Personally I'm quite sceptical about the conservation value of garden birdfeeders. I copied the list below from a post I wrote in 2016, about the advantages of encouraging birds through habitat improvements and not putting out feed at all: 1. It's cheaper 2. Doesn't require farmland elsewhere to...
  8. K

    Insect from Crete

    Different species - that's Asian Hornet Vespa velutina, not Oriental Hornet Vespa orientalis.
  9. K

    Moth ID (Southern England)

    Rosy Footman
  10. K

    For spider fans

    The last 2 are female Ladybird Spiders?
  11. K

    Swift Box Noise Problem

    No, not at all. Playing calls has been shown to be extremely effective in establishing a new colony - I know this from personal experience, as described in my last post. Prior to putting up nestboxes and playing the calls, the only Swifts I saw here were the occasional ones flying overhead...
  12. K

    Too many birds.

    You might be interested in this Guardian article: Feeding birds in our gardens is a joy – but it may be harming weaker species
  13. K

    Swift Box Noise Problem

    You're right, I don't think screaming has anything to do with scouting as such, in that they are separate activities. I think actual nest scouting can be either a solitary or a collective activity, in that I have seen multiple birds inspecting potential nest sites at the same time at our colony...
  14. K

    Swift Box Noise Problem

    I think the 2 sources are pretty consistent, although April is too early here. Since we're talking about establishing a new colony I don't think there's any point trying to attract established breeding pairs in early May - they just won't be interested. I'm not certain but I have the impression...
  15. K

    Swift Box Noise Problem

    I'm glad you've got this sorted out. I'm a big fan of putting up Swift boxes if the house is suitable, since the species really is suffering from lack of suitable nest sites and they can be really successful, but it sounds like he's been very inconsiderate. Playing calls in August is really...
  16. K

    Swift Box Noise Problem

    Last week or so of July is also meant to be an important time for playing the calls, since juvenile Swifts will be looking for nest sites then for future years (although they don't breed until they are a few years old). No reason for carrying on playing the calls into August though - the few...
  17. K

    Water Beetle?

    Hydrobius sp., I think it's H. fuscipes.
  18. K

    Insect ID Ireland

    Mayfly of some sort.
  19. K

    Dingo "fulfills a vital role in maintaining the natural balance of the environment"

    Not just introduced species - they're currently filling the apex predator niche. Important for controlling numbers of kangaroos etc.
  20. K

    In flight IR images from trail camera, Western Switzerland

    Looks clearly like a bat to me. Certainly not a moth.
  21. K

    New to Nest Boxes

    I don't think it was anything you particularly did wrong here. Blue Tits are pretty tolerant of disturbance, and the longer the nest goes on the less likely the parents are to just abandon it. Nests do fail unfortunately, that's just nature.
  22. K

    Some water plants

    None of these are Callitriche, don't think any are water plants either. 1 I think is Caryophyllaceae, not sure exactly what. 2 looks like a willowherb. 3 & 4 I'm sticking with Galium. 5 is possibly Chrysosplenium oppositifolium, not certain though.
  23. K

    Bumblebee id please England

    There were a couple of Bombus hypnorum queens flying on Feb 28th, here in Herefordshire.