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    Really, really long shot (Tucson, AZ, March 18, 2022)

    Yes, ok, but for fairly long threads like this always best to put the abbreviation in brackets right next to first use, or at least spell the name out in the same post. Then people can search and find within page. Of course, these particular codes may be in common currency and well understood...
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    bird in an art photo from 1966

    Plausible. Not sure we can be certain. Not house sparrow due to the long tail I think
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    Two hummingbirds from Arizona

    First is broad-billed hummingbird
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    2 Thrushes from Madre de Dios (se Peru)

    Perhaps, but for me the jizz is very off for either. They are both monochromatic birds, very plain. I think a big objection is the throat streaks. We can see those in both pics so they're not just artifacts from (e.g.) feather displacement. Happy to be wrong but I think I stick at Attila. Fact...
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    ?spotted flycatcher, Hampshire

    (It was the other way around for me: I found the first more difficult, but I couldn't see the wing well)
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    2 Thrushes from Madre de Dios (se Peru)

    Interesting suggestion. Checking Macaulay images, I see none with the plumage variation we see here (all are basically monochromatic, certainly without throat streaks), and the broad bill base seems off too. Indeed, afaics, the mourner has the narrower bill base. On the other hand, I can't see...
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    Warblers, Wren, and Flycatcher August 8 Hamilton, Ontario

    Agree the wren. My old sibley doesn't show it that far north I think but ebird clearly does (climate change !) Perhaps the shape of head is really what's giving pause for the flycatcher. There's no real hint of a crest (=yellow-bellied). On the other hand, tail is short, for me throat falls far...
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    Night vision equipment for mortals

    Soo..., thinking of taking the plunge and buying a device. There are scare stories on the web about imagers being controlled items. I looked at the UK regs and it wasn't clear to me. Here's a response I got from the exports team [wrt Helion 2 XP pro which I used as an example]: "The Pulsar...
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    2 Thrushes from Madre de Dios (se Peru)

    I think the second bright rump image does looks pretty similar to the mystery bird when we factor in things like the angle. I could see what I thought was a pale eye on the mystery one
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    2 Thrushes from Madre de Dios (se Peru)

    First looks like black-billed to me (sorry!). Can't remember if it's affected by the recent putative split. Like you I was stuck by how different individuals of this can appear (a "house wren" bird). The second doesn't look like a thrush at all to me (e.g. bill shape). Best guess is the...
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    Puerto Rican Mango_Anthracothorax aurulentus, Puerto Rico's 18th endemic!

    Ah yes with the help of google maps... interesting.
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    Puerto Rican Mango_Anthracothorax aurulentus, Puerto Rico's 18th endemic!

    That's an interesting link. Perhaps I misunderstood, but the first image seems to show the Virgin isles on the opposite side of the Anagada trench..? For Puerto Rico endemics, the more the merrier for when I finally get there!
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    Female Green Teal - Brampton, Ontario

    I can't see Mallard here. Plumage, shape, bill colour all wrong. The overwhelming likelihood is that it's an immature American wigeon although I'm not 100% sure you can rule out European: perhaps the flanks are orange enough to allow this, and hence the head-body contrast. Some of the...
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    Bird ID - The Douro River, Portugal, July 28-31st 2022.

    y me too. Looked like osprey on a phone ...
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    Bird ID - The Douro River, Portugal, July 28-31st 2022.

    Agree. All except the first are kites
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    Poland. North. 2 birds. Willow or marsh tits

    Agree although no strong willow vibes from the last one for me
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    What does paraphyletic REALLY mean?

    Not sure about some taxon separating them: more like you've a taxon which includes some but not all of the twigs from its sub-branches. Those twigs ought to be included because they're descended from the same common ancestor... ...but they're not. Linear sequences can usually only approximately...
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    Photo taken along banks of the Dodder river in Ireland

    I would say "yes". There's a long, clear supercilium, it's bright yellow, the legs seem light brown and it's quite possible the primary projection is long.
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    Bison introduced to

    Well of course I posted that to stir things up. But: Great Britain, specifically England iirc, and I thought pre-pleistocene. However, a quick Google shows it was certainly in Ireland 2.6 M years ago
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    Bison introduced to

    Now I'm sure I read that Rhododendron ponticum used to be found here...
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    Gull near Lowestoft, Suffolk

    Yep one of my fave gulls...
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    Lesser kestrel ? Sardegna

    Don't know. It's incidental to the post anyway. What I found interesting was how difficult it was (for me) to judge the wing formula---which is surely more important
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    Lesser kestrel ? Sardegna

    I find the wing formula difficult to interpret in most photos. If the lower wing of the top right photo is to be believed, p7 is significantly shorter than p10 which would make it lesser. I think the pointed nature of the black tail band in the same photo also supports this. The head / bill...
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    Espanola, Ontario Coopers or Sharp-shinned Hawk?

    Merlin for me. When I look carefully a falcon shape is revealed
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    Tern sp ID

    Well it's clearly a roseate for me...