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    Algarve Chiffchaff, Common or Iberian

    Does the primary projection not rule out common Chiffchaff more in favour of Iberian?
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    Snapshots of a bird in parts! Taken in Leeds, England - April 2021

    Falconers keep a watch on their birds weight they like them to be hungry when flying. If for some reason the bird isn't hungry they will may not fly back to the handler and just perch up somewhere.
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    Trouble installing software

    You need to configure your software, that's what the error message as you call it is telling you. Then Kodo will be able to write to a drive it has access to. After a Google search I found this snippet below. The Kodu installer actually installs two programs: Kodu itself, and a configuration...
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    3 daily visitors need identifying!

    White and black pheasants are often put down by gamekeepers, they often run a system where they tell the guns that if they shoot one they will be find £50 for doing so. Gamekeeper pocket money, to supplement their income no doubt.
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    That's quite a lot of information you may not want on a public forum Phil if the location you give is correct.
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    Puzzling Goose (hybrid?), Rostock, NE Germany, Feb 2020

    See the odd greylag like this in the North West Highlands white base to bill doesn't necessarily indicate hybrid. There was one on the Croft next door yesterday. In the past have seen the same in Pinkfeet in West Lancashire.
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    Identify this bird of prey

    Looks a bit like a Red-tailed hawk to me? Probably just a a Buzzard showing some red brown colour in its tail and primaries.
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    Unusual Collared Dove, Oman

    African Collared dove also occurs in Oman, and this bird may fit that?
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    Unusual Collared Dove, Oman

    Just what I was thinking that neck collar gives it that look.
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    Sahara. Southern Algeria (3) Raptors

    Was there myself in 1985, would agree with above ID. Loved the birding in the Tassili and the Ahaggar, a memorable experience.
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    Heron from Thailand

    Is it not a Chinese Pond Heron?
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    Which Songbird?

    What about Cretzschmar's Bunting?
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    Spotted Tenby Harbour

    Guillemot maybe a good call, poor quality pic. But why would you think that given what is visible? There seems quite a lot of white on the back and white on head is all below the eye not going round to nape.
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    Twitching For The Kingfisher

    Nice that the bird seemed not to be disturbed by the presence of everyone. Great bird
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    Haverhill Mass.

    Leucistic Mallard
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    id from this? Near West Yorks/Lancs (UK) boundary

    Birds generally open Rosehips eat the seeds but also some of the flesh, though out and about yesterday came across something identical, Rowan Berries that a corvid had eaten.
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    Bend Oregon US, two weeks ago. Odd bird?

    The other bird is a Northern Flicker.
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    My web site problem........help needed please

    Dave if the name of your site is the site in your public profile signature, then go to a WHOIS service like nominet https://www.nominet.uk/whois/ and type your domain name into the search field missing out the http://www. bit and starting clear-----.co.uk. This will return all the information...
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    Is someone trying to hack my computer?

    All I can say is, you have been very lucky.
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    E-mail photos and video

    You could try the edit menu in your viewing software to see if there is a Rotate command. You don't say what software or platform you are using?
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    Help with flash player

    Not true, you should have said you cannot play Flash on any IOS device, thats iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. You can play flash content and even develope it on the Apple laptops and desktops.
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    Ptarmigan on Cairngorm

    Just walk over towards the summit you will find Ptarmigan on the slopes to your left. Remember though Cairngorm can be a dangerous place and the weather can change very quickly.
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    website expert?

    Did you understand what was saying above about the folder your site is stored in? Are the two folders, you refer to them as files in your first reply, in the same folder. If so this is your Sites folder. What we have to determine is which one of these two folders holds a copy of your...
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    website expert?

    When you create a new site in Dreamweaver a folder for thats site pages is created, I'm assuming this is what you mean by the two files that you now have. This folder acts as the root of your site all paths and links on pages need this in order to work, this is your absolute path your index...