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    Ukraine in October

    Hi, Next October, I'll spend two weeks in Ukraine. I'm interested in giving some use to the binoculars although then, we won't be in the best dates. Too late for summer visitors and too soon (? ) for winterings. The Dnieper mouth looks promising if I can solve the question of transport from...
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    Marsh harrier eating carrion

    Hi, This morning, I've been surprised by a marsh harrier laboriously eating on a roe deer. The mammals was a roadkill. The raptor was taking advantage of the flesh what had left without skin cause of the accident. This bird is common in my area and this has been the first time I've seen one...
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    Where to watch birds in the Central Valley

    Hi, In the middle of October, I'll have some days for travelling through California, after hiking the John Muir Trail. Consequence of this, my optics will be limited to a pair of binocular Nikon 8X32 SE. I'd like to have a look to the North California wildlife. In these dates. the autumn...
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    Hi, At the end of Octuber, I'll have some free days for South Korea from Busan to Seoul. I'd like to spend a day or two birding. I've read about Saemangeum some years ago and later, about the seawal wich almost finish with the wetlands. From the point of birding, does it deserves the visit? How...
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    Hokaido in Octuber

    Thanks, I didn't rememberer the free Brazil's guide. Although not a twitcher myself, a big smile would appear in my face if a Steller Sea Eagle goes inside my view field. I've booked the first two nights in Kushiro. Not sure, for now, how to follow after. One idea is Lake Akan and then...
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    Hokaido in Octuber

    Hi, I'll have five days for the outdoors of Hokaido at the beginning of Octuber, inside a longer trip for Japan and Korea. I'll carry binoculars but not spotting scope. My first idea was going to Shiretoko and Akan national parks. Lately, I've seen than the south, Hakadote can be interesting...
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    Two days for birding

    In Dadia, the transition of pines, from reforestation, to oaks it's visible. One time the pines get commercial size, they are cut and the small oaks prunned. Of course, only these last show the autumn colours. Yes, it's a beautiful time in this aspect, although a fair notch bellow the fall in...
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    Two days for birding

    Thanks, I had forgotten to look at this post. I migth realized that this forum doesn't send me email alerts every time there's a reply. I've spend three days round Evros delta, Dadia y Lake Vistanida area. The main source of uncertainty about the Evros delta is the limitations for national...
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    Booted Eagle vs Common Buzzard

    The squared tail uses to be very evident. The fligth of booted eagle looks more energetic. Not difficult to tell one or other. A pair of times, I've seen buzzard parasiting the prey of booted eagle and it was easy to see the diference.
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    Two days for birding

    Hi, In the middle of November, I'll be finishing my holidays in Greece. After mount Athos, I'll be free for taking a walk on the birds side. My fuzzy idea is to rent a car in Thesaloniki airport, I'll be back in two days for taking a fligth to Athens. In theory, in two days, it would be...
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    I still love my Zeiss 10x40 B/GA T*P* Dialyt / ClassiC.

    They were my main tool during the nineties, when I was working as hunting guide. Really, they looked smart. For birding, both, my 8.5X42EL and 8X32SE are superior in colour rendition. On the other hand, sometimes I miss how the old Zeiss highlighted some greens in a way what made very easy, by...
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    Focusing problems with old 8,5X42EL

    The binoculars arrived back home yesterday. The repair has been made at no cost for me. They look, as allow to look at, as new. Objetive covers have been renoved, let's cross the fingers. One difference, with the first repair it's that when you change from general to individual focusing the big...
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    Focusing problems with old 8,5X42EL

    With ccoperative birds, at short distance, I rated the 8X32 SE over the 8,5X42 EL. First time I have news obut the lend service. It would have been interesting to use the 15X56 for some weeks.
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    Focusing problems with old 8,5X42EL

    Exactly is what is going to be made. The cost of courier to/from Barcelona is going to be paid by me. The courier service Barcelona-Austria-Barcelona depends from them.
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    Focusing problems with old 8,5X42EL

    I know for a long time, the two positions, general and individual, of the focusing wheel. The official dealer in Spain, has answered me that I send them the binoculars. The previous repair was made in Austria, where they will go again. One time there, the Swarovski people will tell. As in the...
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    Focusing problems with old 8,5X42EL

    Hi, This morning, when I've taken the binoculars for watching a merlin, I've realized it was imposible to focus clearly over 20 metres, The focusing wheel finds their farthest limit there. On the other extrem, after the closest focusing distance, you can follow turning the wheel. At he same...
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    Birding daytrip to Lake Tengiz

    Hi, I´ll go to Kazakhastan next Octuber. From Astana, the best option for a birding daytrip, looks that area. Any sugestion? Every bit of information will be welcomed as mine is almost zero. Thanks in advance. Fernando
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    Ocular cover for ELs

    The quality of the service depends on the country. Here, it¡s inthinkable apart if are and A+ customer, a bunch of binoculars, vg an environmental agency. I don't have doubts about the quality of the original element. Amazon gives some choices: -...
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    Ocular cover for ELs

    Hi, Today the ocualr cover of my 8.5X42 ELs have broken. Any sugestion for an alternative, cheaper than those offered by the maker? By the way, the broken ones are the originals. Hard stuff! Thanks in advance
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    East Kolkata wetlands

    Thanks, The dates considered are at the end of Octuber. When going to the Sunderbands, December, I had good rememberings about the shrimp farms, vg Goliath Heron.
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    East Kolkata wetlands

    Hi, I will be travelling in India next, Octuber-November, through Ladakh and NE. I'm curious about the East Kolkata wetlands. It isn't listed in Kolkatabirds.com/sites. How worth is it? How to get there? Choices for hiring a guide with knowledge in birds? One time Sunderbands is out of...
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    Volga Delta Octuber 2013

    Hi, I'm looking for information about local guides in first place. Every bit of information will be welcomed. This forum isn't very strong about this topic, so sugestions?
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    Volga Delta, Octuber 2013

    Hi, Round middle of next Octuber, I hope to spend a week there. Very poor information yet. If somebody has information or is interested in this destination and dates, please make me know. By the way, being in the Volga Delta, a day birding through the steppe is also compulsory.
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    Why should an eagle mob a leopard?

    That must have been a good time for the observer!. In raptor such actions are not excepcional. Usually are related when a territory is defended. I've seen in different years how the same female peregrine is extremely agresive with sheperd dogs who come, whilst working, close the nest site. By...
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    Old Diascope85. The "nut" for connecting to the tripod is broken.

    Threaded insert is the name of the piece http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Threaded_insert