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    Not sure of location

    To save me a bit of searching, can you put a name to this and where it comes from? Many thanks!
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    Lark, Qatar Dec 2016 / Jan 2017

    Thoughts on this lark would be appreciated. Calandra would be a first record for Qatar, and the other possibility Bimaculated is a vagrant (4 records). Many thanks.
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    Otus Owl, Qatar Nov 2016

    This Owl was photographed in Qatar and has been mooted as 'Striated' … but what about 'Eurasian' possibly of the race turanicus? Opinions and reasons would, as ever, be appreciated. Thank you.
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    Stonechat, Isle of Man Oct 2015

    Given all the interest (and confusion) relating to Stonechats at the moment, here's one that was photographed in the Isle of Man just over a week ago. Although a pale bird, the rump appeared to have too much streaking for anything eastern and there was no indication of white bases to the...
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    Cyprus, you should be ashamed

    Ten years in the European Union and still no effective application of European Law on the slaughter of migratory birds. How does one even begin put this disgrace into words. CYPRUS you should be ashamed. #cyprus http://t.co/iJAUSiHDqz
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    Jackdaw, Isle of Man 24 January 2015

    An old subject revisited with a new bird from today. Clearly the white neck patches are not due to wear, but due to white coloured feathers. Has anyone mooted the possibility that, in Western Jackdaw populations, occasionally individuals simply show white neck patches/collars mimicking Scandie...
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    Info request: Western vs Eastern White Stork ID

    Can anyone point me to a useful reference on the field separation of Western and Eastern White Storks? Thanks, Neil
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    Interesting Acro warbler, Qatar Dec 2014

    I'd appreciate opinions on this Acrocephalus warbler photographed by a friend in Qatar last week. - It is very well marked above, with contrasting alula, coverts and tertials - all of which show warm brown fringes and blackish centres. - The underparts are diffusely pale with no extensive warm...
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    Squacco Heron, Qatar, Feb 2014

    Any opinions on this presumed Squacco Heron? It has a dark loral area which appears to be mainly due to bulge/shadow in one image (of the bird facing left), but in the other image (of the bird facing right) it appears to show some greenish coloration on the lores as well. The bird has greenish...
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    Whitethroat sp./spp., Qatar, 23 Feb 2014

    This pale Whitethroat was behaving and calling like a 'Desert' Whitethroat, running and feeding on the ground with its tail constantly cocked up and flicked, and uttering a rattling 'trrreeeet' call. However, six primaries are showing in a longish projection past the tertials. Should appreciate...
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    Gull, Qatar, 25 Feb 2014

    I would welcome comments on the age/moult/identity of this presumed Baltic Gull. Thank you.
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    Call for photographs

    I am currently in involved in a project in Qatar for which we urgently need photographs of the following species. Ideally we would like images of birds taken in Qatar itself, but we are struggling to find them. Hence I wanted to widen the net and ask if anyone has taken pics of these species in...
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    Request for photographs

    I would be grateful to receive good quality images of the following species taken in Qatar, for a conservation project with which I am currently involved. Please send any images privately to me at "tarsiger at ntlworld dot com" and I will explain more about our proposed use of the images...
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    Dhofar Scop's Owl

    Photographed in Dhofar (Oman) last October, is this Owl identifiable to species/sub-species? Thanks,
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    Sandplover (and new Qatar birds website...)

    Should appreciate any views on the Sandplover in these three images, one of which shows it (pasted) face-to-face with a typical (for Qatar) larger and paler Greater Sandplover. The presumption is that the larger paler Sandplover is C. l. crassirostris and the smaller darker Sandplover is C. l...
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    New website from Qatar Bird Records Committee

    The Qatar Bird Records Committee (QBRC) has announced the launch of its website, www.QatarBirds.org. To quote the original announcement: "The site is, hopefully, self-explanatory. We have deliberately kept its scope limited, with a three-fold purpose: 1. To encourage the submission of records...
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    New website for Qatar Birds

    Just to announce a new website launch by the Qatar Bird Records Committee, www.QatarBirds.org. To quote the original announcement: "The site is, hopefully, self-explanatory. We have deliberately kept its scope limited, with a three-fold purpose: 1. To encourage the submission of records to...
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    Two to ID from western USA, July 2013

    I'd appreciate some feedback on these images, taken on a recent trip to California and Arizona. - Bird 01 (Images 0647 and 0696) Kaibab National Forest - Bird 02 (Image 1316) Freeway 40 between Barstow and Mojave National Preserve I have tentatively identified them but would appreciate...
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    Three to ID from western USA, July 2013

    I'd appreciate some feedback on these images, taken on a recent trip to California and Arizona. - Bird 01 (Image 9745) Sequoia National Park - Bird 02 (Image 9816) Sequoia National Park - Bird 03 (Images 9987 and 0002) Sequoia National Park I have tentatively identified them but would...
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    Greater Sandplover juvenile

    Is mid-June the typical time for the first southbound juvenile Greater Sandplovers to start appearing in the Middle East? The attached image shows a juvenile GSP photographed in Qatar on 13 June this year. Given the nearest breeding grounds are some six to eight hundred miles away, and the...
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    Alba Wagtail, Qatar, 06 April 2013

    I'd be interested in suggestions as to which racial form/racial group this Wagtail might belong to. Thanks.
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    (Lesser) Whitethroat, Qatar, 06 April 2013

    We've had a series of dark Whitethroats passing through over the last few weeks. Some are robust, dark and essentially grey, hence diagnosable as Hume's Whitethroat (Sylvia althaea). A couple of others have been rather brown on the upperparts, which spring Hume's can show. Here's another one of...
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    Is this 'lutea'? Qatar, 06 April 2013

    Any thoughts on this chappie? Thanks.
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    Caspian vs Steppe Gull, Qatar, March 2013

    Unlike in some ME countries, it's been quite a challenge to get close to the gulls here, let alone find mixed groups worthy of comment. But after a few months of searching, I finally found a Caspian among the Steppes and Pallas's. Interesting to compare the size and the palour of the...
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    Gull sp., Qatar, March 2013

    Another gull for expert eyes. Among the Steppe and Caspian Gulls, this bird stood out as small, short-legged and with a well marked/streaked head. Any thoughts? Thanks