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    Birds in Suriname

    I did not find a special thread for birds in Suriname, so i started a new one here. I found three sites with information two in Dutch: http://www.tem.nhl.nl/~ribot/ned/gewoon.htm http://www1.nhl.nl/~ribot/ned/ and a third one with sightings in English...
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    bird information for each country

    I found a new page with information about birds for each country in Europe. You find it here Birds in europe per country and you just have to click on the right country. I found also an other for the world but that one seems not to be completed yet: Birding in countries all over the world
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    UK/Europe App for BlackBerry

    Yes, it should work already for Android. The next features work for Android: 1. Enter data offline. 2. Use GPS to determine your location. 3. Use google maps for your location. http://forum.waarneming.nl/smf/index.php/topic,99578.0.html
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    UK/Europe App for BlackBerry

    a New BlackBerry Browser In the near future a new BlackBerry Browser will become available. This new browser is expected to have features which are necessary for the webapplication http://m.observado.org/index.php?lang=en to function properly on a BlackBerry. When this browser is available you...
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    UK/Europe App for BlackBerry

    I am afraid you are right. These guys http://forum.waarneming.nl/smf/index.php/topic,20416.msg618934.html#msg618934 have some stuff for Windows Mobile (wnPDA) and for android, symbian and iphone, but as far as I know not for Blackberry. You might try option 12...
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    Information about birds in Lithuania

    There is not much interest in birds of Lithuania, cause i see no topics in this forum. I site were I found recent birdsightings is this one: http://Lithuania.observado.org
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    BirdBase et al software

    Obervado.org for bird and butterfly sightings Observado.org did import over 300.000 records of flowers. So a few bird observations with COORDINATES will not cause a problem i think.
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    Info wanted: Ecuador

    There is also a website about birds in Ecuador: http://www.avesecuador.com I think it can be useful when you plan your trip.
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    Bird Watcher Pro - Free Database

    You can export your data from Observado.org into Excel or make year/site/month/day-lists.
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    Ecuador Bird Images

    avesecuador.com I found on this website http://avesecuador.com also nice bird pics of Ecuador.
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    help needed for places to bird and a guide

    India on Observado.org You can take a look on India on the website Observado.org. It gives an idea what kind of sightings there are.
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    Collins Field Guide on PocketPC

    wnPDA also has pics, information and sounds in their program. This programm also talks with a GPS and so you can also store your sightings directly on the spot in a programm. You enter the name of the bird, the GPS gives the coordinates of the spot and the PDA determines the time of your...
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    Puerto Maldonado / Tambopata

    I will at my sightings here sightings in Peru but did not find the time yet to add them there.
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    Birding Journal

    The advance of using a website like Observado.org is that you can access it everywhere were an internetconnection is available. And you have your data also everywhere available. The data is beining backupped and the distribution of the data to birdlife and other nature protecting organisations...
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    Facebook and Twitter for birders

    Observado.org You can not be come member of everything everywhere. I started for a dutch website also a group for birders on a social network to see the faces behind the names. Their international counterpart also has a group on facebook. But I think most birders are looking for birds...and...
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    Visit to Amsterdam

    Waarneming.nl and observado.org There is a special website for reporting birds in the neighbourhood of Amsterdam, it is called adam.waarneming.nl. On this website you can also find other stuff e.g. dragonflies, mammals and insects.
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    Birds, Bears and Wolves?

    Observado.org for bird- bear and brown hare watching There is a website which gives information over bears and wolves and other mammels in Sweden. I could not find reports about bears and wolves but maybe in the future they will be reported...
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    Winter Birding in Slovenia - Help Wanted Please

    Slovenia link in Observatio.org Mabe this link slovenia.observado.org can be usefull for you.
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    Lake Garda in June

    On this website you can find the birds around Lago di Garda or in the province Veneto
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    Italy in July

    it.observado.org You can take a look at this website when you arrive. It also has other animals, not only birds: it.observado.org
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    Leiden in January

    knnvleiden.waarneming.nl If you want to know which birds were recently seen in around the city of Leiden you can use this site: knnvleiden.waarneming.nl This website covers a small area around Leiden so probably it is not usefull for you.
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    Where to go on Terschelling

    terschelling.waarneming.nl There is a special website for birds on the isle Terschelling. It is a part of Waarneming.nl and is called: Terschelling.waarneming.nl http://waarneming.nl/plotrijkdom5.php?diergroep=1.png
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    Please tell me about the Oostvaarderplassen nature reserve - Netherlands

    If you want to know which birds were recently seen in the Oostvaardersplassen you can use this site: Oostvaardersplassen.waarneming.nl If you decide to go much more to the north to the lauwers lake as suggested by a previous poster you better also take a look at this one...
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    Rhine Delta area

    Delta.waarneming.nl Maybe the site delta.waarneming.nl can be usefull for you but i think it covers a too small area. E.g. the Rhine area is not included. http://waarneming.nl/plotrijkdom5.php?diergroep=1.png
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    February on Vlieland

    Changed the url to the correct one. http://waarneming.nl/plotrijkdom5.php?diergroep=1.png