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    Small, brown and mothy

    This wee tortrix is doing my head in. I swear he even looks blurry in a 10x hand lens. He's about half a centimetre long, obscurely marked in grey-brown on brown-grey, and came to actinic light in Sussex last night. I can't even get to genus. Anyone? Please?
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    Pellet contents

    Hello My son brought a bag of bird pellet(s) back from a camping trip in the Cuckmere valley in East Sussex, UK. From the pale grey colour, I assume they're quite old. They were apparently found in a field, some distance from the nearest obvious perch. The habitat is wet meadow. Aside from a...
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    Is this Triaxomera fulvimitrella?

    Came to actinic light in Sussex yesterday evening. FL is about 5mm.
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    Is this a nightingale?

    Briefly heard in Sussex the other morning -- and an even briefer recording. It's for the record so I'd like to be doubly sure.
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    Micro migraine: C. stigmatella or semifascia?

    Now there's a thread title to get people excited. I had this one down as Caloptilia semifascia, on the grounds that: It's the right time of year (previous VC records) We have a field maple tree in the garden Markings for this species are apparently variable. However, I would have to say...
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    Udea? No idea

    Thought this might be a Bloxworth (regular round here) but it has no nose. Has it had a hard life or is it something else entirely?
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    Hi all One of the two (!) moths from my (late) GMS trap on Monday. I have it down as Rustic / Uncertain agg, but the oval and kidney marks look a bit outsized and misshapen. I'm probably just bodyshaming the poor guy but can anyone shed light? Natural variation or misidentification?
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    A couple of stinkers from my Thursday trap. Won't say what I think they are, but would be very grateful for suggestions with anyone that has a clue. First off. I'm pretty sure about these but haven't seen a pair quite like them in the garden before. Possibly post-cop? Second, a pale and...
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    This moth looks just like a grass seed

    I've next to no idea about this one. Momphid, maybe, or some funky Gelechiid? All I can say for certain is that in size, shape and colour it's a dead ringer for a grass seed. Supplementary question: Holly Tortrix? We have holly bushes/tree, but the wings don't look right at the back end...
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    Clancy's or PMW?

    Esteemed mothsperts, I'd be grateful for your guidance to help me finish this quarter's GMS report. First of my confusion species for today: I sort of want to call this a Clancy's Rustic, but please put me straight if you think it's more like Pale Mottled Willow. Bonus question: My...
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    Moths! Been a while

    Hello mothpeoples Finally my light trap had moths in it this week. These two gave me troubles however. First looks like one of the carpets, but its torn forewing has hindered ID. It flew away as they do. Despite an extensive chase sequence in the grape vine, it flew skyward and left me still...
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    Vine's Rustic?

    Seems a bit late in the year to me, but in the flesh it's got that grey waxy look that VR has. FL is 13mm, give or take. Anyone have a view?
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    Bird poo tortrix

    Hi all This one to me looks slightly like lots of things and not exactly like any of them. Eucosma? Epinotia? South coast, single specimen came to light last night. Please opine.
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    Hello. Went down an internet rabbit-hole with this, but we thought it might be Suillellus luridus -- can anyone confirm or correct? Found by the side of a road through farmland in deepest Dorset. For comparison, the Nerf dart in pic 2 is 7cm long. Apologies but these photos are all we have, so...
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    Hello. Can anyone help me get started with this guy? 7mm nose to tip.
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    White thing

    I was looking at the (I think) Brown House Moth and never even noticed the small white tapered looking guy at bottom left until much later. With apologies for the photo quality, can anyone point me in the right direction?
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    Little Brown Job

    Not even sure I've got this one down to family (tortrix, right?). Anyone help me out? Needless to say, it made a successful bid for freedom moments after the pic was taken.
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    I pulled this lightly-used exoskeleton from my small garden pond in Brighton today. Length is about 4.5cm. Looks to me like one of the hawkers, but can anyone help with the species? It was floating mid-table amid the weeds, though I guess it could have fallen from some pondside vegetation...
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    Found two of these on our bedroom ceiling the last couple of days, both males. Fast moving and one tried to jump back out of the bug pot. Body length c15mm? Brighton area, found late evening. Thought it might be a tube-web -- anyone care to comment?
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    Small, tiny, minuscule

    The big one I had as Blastobasis lacticolella. The little one I also had down as that, despite it being only half the size. I guess the tiny guy (4.5mm) in pics 3 & 4 is one of the Nepticulidae?
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    Which Forester?

    Found last week on the South Downs Way between Kingston Near Lewes and Falmer (grid ref TQ 37582 07627). Thought it might look good for Scarce -- anyone have a view?
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    Caloptilia and a 2mm mystery

    Hello! I've a couple of micros from last night's light trap that I'm trying to identify. Can anyone help? John Doe #1 looks like one of the Caloptilia species to me, maybe betulicola? FL 6-7mm. John Doe #2 is all of 2mm long and can even fit in the gap between tube and cap, but it makes it...
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    L'il brown jobs

    I have for these currant pug and uncertain/rustic agg. Anyone agree or disagree violently? Noctuid is a small one, 1.7mm nose to tip. Pug is 2.1cm across. South Coast urban/suburban garden. All suggestions welcome.
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    Does anyone see this as anything other than B. adustella? Just in case it's worth keeping him/her.
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    Dead on arrival

    Dead micro flew into my trap. Doesn't help that I've no posture info and it seems to have had a wingtip bitten off, but I'm getting nowhere with it and would be ever so grateful for a steer. Nose to tip it's about 1cm. Urban/suburban Sussex garden, about half a mile from the sea. Still have...