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    ZEISS SF and HT in latest Norwegian test10x

    Hello, I was totally surprised having read latest August 2015 10x binoculars test conducted by Norwegian KikkertSpesialisten. Zeiss Victory SF and HT (both 10x42) were ranked respectively under 14 and 15 positions, well behind Swarovski SLC or Leica Trinovid. I have found that test totally...
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    Robin petition

    Guys, can anybody in UK explain this: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/877/675/729/dont-let-them-kill-the-birds-and-destroy-their-eggs/ Is this fake petition or this outrageous ideas truly happens in UK... Marcin Filipek
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    What next after Nikon P6000 ?

    Hi all, as you know Nikon P6000 is not available anymore. Is there any similar or close to model from Nikon? There is a new universal adapter FSB-U1 from Nikon with great compability. I hope Nikon offers some models coming close to P6000 at present. Marcin Filipek
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    chocolate brown [Red-backed Shrike]

    Hello, two pictures of very dark [pressumed Red-backed Shrike] from spring (south-east Poland) Any comments? How often are bird like this? regards, Marcin Filipek
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    Camera-Eyepiece Zeiss DC4

    Dears, can anyone provide an abbreviation of the test of Camera-Eyepiece DC4 from latest Birdwatch? How does it compare to new 8-10mln pixel cameras nowdays? What about ratings it got received? regards, Marcin Filipek
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    which ring to Coolpix P5000?

    Hi all, could you please tell me which Nikon ring is suitable for connecting: FSA-1+FSA-2+FSA-3 = and now what between FSA-3 and Coolpix P5000 camera? Nikon has to provided all revelant rings previously, like the ones for 950, 880, 4500. So is anything now for P5000? thanks for suggestion...
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    New monography about WHITE STORK

    Hello, it has just been published in Poland monography of: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx The White Stork in Poland: studies in biology, ecology and conservation xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Editors: Piotr Tryjanowski, Tim H. Sparks & Leszek Jerzak Hardback...
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    Zeiss Conquest's vs. Nikon HG

    Hi, can anyone using both of those brands compare them? Is Nikon HG virtually better class than Conquest? In terms of build quality I am pretty sure Nikon does, but what about optical performance. Is is equal? I am thinking about 10x30(Zeiss) vs. 10x32 (Nikon) all the best, Marcin Filipek
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    new title about feathers identification of raptors (and owls)

    New Polish publisher NATURA PUBLISHING HOUSE is going to publish new guide to the bird feathers identification (especially raptors and owls). It is hardback, 320pages, 250 photographs - will on the Polish market on 10th December 2006. All details you can find here...
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    New excellent book on bird feathers

    New Polish publisher NATURA PUBLISHING HOUSE is going to publish new guide to the bird feathers identification (especially raptors and owls). It is hardback, 320pages, 250 photographs - will on the Polish market on 10th December 2006. All details you can find here...
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    Nikon IIIS ED v Nikon Tactical TC3

    Hi all, I am a bit confused with my recent web searching. There is a Nikon scope on the net called Tactical TC3 ED. It is only straight version, with whole body black matt painted. Is it optically identical to IIIS ED? The only difference be in all black body finish? Can anyone tell me about...
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    Male-type female of Red-backed Shrike

    Hi all, for your comments 2 pictures of male-like female of Red-backed shrike observed breeding this year in Poland. The female is paired with normal male. Do females get male-like plumage when getting older? Comments welcomed. Marcin Filipek POLAND
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    Grebes - J. Fieldsa

    Hi guys, could anybody tell me something about that new book from OUP. I wonder if there is more about grebes than we have already in Birds of Western Palearctic. Especially breeding biology, looking after youngs etc. thanks, Marcin
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    Woodpeckers: A Guide to the Woodpeckers for sale

    I have a book for sale: Woodpeckers: A Guide to the Woodpeckers, Piculets and Wrynecks of the World Hans Winkler, David Christie, David Nurney (Illustrator) Hardcover 416 pages (February 1995) Publisher: Pica / Christopher Helm ISBN: 1873403259 The book is in mint (bookshelf) condition...
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    Birds of Europe L. Jonsson (2nd edition)

    Hi, can anyone tell me the difference beetwen 2nd edition of that book (1999) and 1st edition from 1992? Helm has published them both. I wonder if there are any corrections in the 2nd (especially plates) thanks, Marcin Filipek
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    5 Terek Sandpipers in Poland

    Hi, just to let you know (European members) 2 records of Terek Sandpipers on 24-25 May: -exceptional flock of 4 (biggest flock in Poland ever) at south-east Poland, -1 at north-east Poland and we hope some more as migration peak for Terek sandpipers is going on goog birding, Marcin Filipek...
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    Excellent Polish bird film "With beak and claw"

    Hello, probably most of you have not seen that film yet, as producer (Polish TV) is going on foreign markets with that in the future. The film basically tells about birds of prey, but also other birds living in dense forests (here Bialowieza Forest - last and biggest unchanged by man forest in...
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    Egretta alba modesta in Europe (and WP) status

    Hello, having read some articles about records of strange looking Great White Egrets (post breeding time) in different pleaces in Europe (Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Poland) - flashing red legs, black bill with yellow lores, jizz like big Little Egret - I wonder what possible form it can belong...