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  1. kuzeycem

    Sparrow, Turkey

    Seen yesterday in Ankara among House Sparrows (and a few young Tree). I think it looks good for a House x Spanish hybrid. Limited grey on crown, white cheeks, tramlines on mantle, black on breast turning into streaking. Last photo to show local House Sparrows. What'd you think?
  2. kuzeycem

    Unknown Call at Night, Turkey

    I heard this bird calling from around 7:30 PM until at least 9 PM yesterday at Ankara, Turkey. Location is a suburban residence. It's a very familiar call, I think I even recognize it from movies, but I can't quite put my finger to it. Repeated every 1-2 minutes, usually 3 phrases (as here) but...
  3. kuzeycem

    Kuzey's 2021 Turkey List

    2/1 - Home, Ankara 1. Rock Dove 2. Eurasian Magpie 3. Common Chiffchaff 4. European Robin 5. Common Chaffinch 4/1 - Mogan Lake, Ankara 6. Common Buzzard 7. Long-legged Buzzard 8. Western Jackdaw 9. Eurasian Tree Sparrow 10. Corn Bunting 11. Eurasian Sparrowhawk 12. Northern Shoveler 13...
  4. kuzeycem

    Kestrel, Turkey

    Saw this one with the corner of my eye yesterday while walking around my house in Ankara. It disappeared into the sun after a short while and photos unfortunately came out pretty bad due to distance and heat haze... I've never seen a Common Kestrel with such unmarked white underwings and richly...
  5. kuzeycem

    Gull from Black Sea coast

    This gull was uploaded to a Turkish birding site as a European Herring Gull and it looked interesting to me so I'd like to hear your opinions about it. The wingtip pattern looks fine for argentatus for me but is that bill within variation? And also what other features can be checked? Is there...
  6. kuzeycem

    Unknown Bird Call, Turkey

    soundcloud.com/kuzey-cem-kula-o-lu/unknown-call Recorded on 2 Dec 2020. Ankara, Turkey. Habitat: Wooded fringe of a small pond. Around the intersection of trees and a small reedbed. About 100m from water but there is an extremely small stream running through the leaf litter (about as wide as...
  7. kuzeycem

    Bunting and Flycatcher from Turkey

    Hi everyone, Photographed these this morning near my house in Ankara. I am torn between Rock and Cirl on the bunting. Few yellow feathering around wing bend and more extensive streaking suggest Cirl to me but this would be rather unusual here. Stumped. The flycatcher, which unfortunately...
  8. kuzeycem

    Kuzey Cem's 2019 Turkish List

    Just wanted to keep this here as well. Turkish ticks in bold. 01/01 - Around my house, Ankara 1) Eurasian Magpie Pica pica 2) Rock Dove Columba livia 3) House Sparrow Passer domesticus 4) European Starling Sturnus vulgaris 5) European Serin Serinus serinus 6) Great Tit Parus major 7) Common...
  9. kuzeycem

    Kuzey Cem's 2020 Turkish List

    A little late of a start but here goes, Turkish ticks in bold: 02/01 - Ankara city center 1) Eurasian Magpie Pica pica 2) Rock Dove Columba livia 03/01 - Ankara city center 3) Rook Corvus frugilegus 4) Eurasian Collared Dove Streptopelia decaocto 5) House Sparrow Passer domesticus 6) Great Tit...
  10. kuzeycem

    Merganser ID Help

    Hi all, I'm fairly certain this is a Common Merganser / Goosander but since it's really rare around here I would really like to hear some opinions from birders with a more northerly origin :) Seen today in Ankara, Turkey. Thanks in advance
  11. kuzeycem

    Flycatcher ID

    Hi all, Can I get your opinions on this 1st-winter taken on August 22 near my home in Ankara, Turkey? Are the tertials ok for semitorquata? Many thanks
  12. kuzeycem

    Which Harrier?

    Taken last week in Ankara, Turkey. Super bad photos due to heat haze. Any takers? Thanks in advance.
  13. kuzeycem

    Late Swift from Turkey

    Hi all, I know this is kind of a long shot but can anyone comment on these admittedly horrible shots? First saw 4 of them on 26th on my university campus in Ankara, Turkey. Next day I brought my camera and saw 3 of them but only saw them for c.10 secs from a larger distance and these are the...
  14. kuzeycem

    Kestrel, Turkey

    Hi all, photographed yesterday in Mogan, Ankara. Overall looks like a Lesser but has dark claws. Thanks for helping.
  15. kuzeycem

    Audio ID - Marsh or Icterine Warbler?

    Hi everyone, I recorded this song at my university campus in Ankara on 22 May this year. Very varied with lots of imitations, the ones I could catch are White Wagtail, Great Tit, Eurasian Blue Tit, European Goldfinch, Common Linnet. There are also some House Martin-like calls and something...
  16. kuzeycem

    Pallid Swift? Turkey

    Hello, I saw this bird at Uludağ, Turkey (S Marmara) where both Common and Pallid are known to breed. I'm pretty sure it's a Pallid but would like some other opinions, especially considering juvenile Common. Can they ever show such a distinct eye mask? I know the photos are bad (and the most...
  17. kuzeycem

    Marsh Tern ID, Turkey

    Hey all, Photographed this juvenile marsh tern in Ankara today. I'm thinking Whiskered but the long bill, dark upperwings and the fuller black cap are throwing me off. I've considered Black but the shoulder patch seems too weak and there is quite a bit of "saddle" on it. Looked slightly more...
  18. kuzeycem

    ID Help-Russia

    Hi everyone I'm currently on a Volga River Cruise tour and during our stop in Uglich yesterday I came across a family group of Acrocephalus warblers. As birding wasn't my purpose I didn't have my camera so these are "biniscoped" and thus are of rather poor quality. I noticed them by their Lesser...
  19. kuzeycem

    Accipiter sp, Turkey

    Hi all, Taken on 12 May from Sarıyer Bird Observation Tower, Istanbul while watching raptor migration. Single bird, associated with 3 Steppe Buzzards high up. Was very far away so in the field I could only get to Accipiter sp. Can specific ID be determined from these shots? And if so, any chance...
  20. kuzeycem

    Red-necked Grebe?

    Hi everyone, I saw this grebe at Mogan Lake, Turkey on Sunday. It was very very far away and unfortunately the bird was barely visible in any photos or videos I shot. Thus all I have really is this BoC video that I shot with a lot of magnification! The bird in question is the one on the right of...
  21. kuzeycem

    Phylloscopus ID-Turkey

    Hi all, Saw this bird at Lake Mogan, Ankara this afternoon. Tons of chiffchaffs around and this one caught my eye a little. When I first saw it at a distance, I though it looked like a Dusky Warbler, but the supercilium looks weak, too much green, long and white-tipped primaries and almost...
  22. kuzeycem

    Top 10 Expected Species for Your Country

    Now that fall is here and it is the best time for birds to surprise us, I wondered what people here are expecting as new additions to their national lists. I'm not talking about life lists but the official national list for your country, determined by an RC or etc. To get the ball rolling, here...
  23. kuzeycem

    Pallid Swift?

    Hi all, photographed this swift in Ankara, Turkey this April. In the field it looked pale milk-brown but that could've been an effect of lighting. Anyways it also seems to have a more extensive throat patch and a darkish area around eyes, so made me question whether or not it could be Pallid...
  24. kuzeycem

    Canon to Nikon - D500 + 200-500

    Hi all, For the last 4 years I have been using Canon EOS 7D with my 400mm 5,6 lens (which are my first ever photo. equipment). I have been satisfied mostly but for the last couple of years I have been increasingly bugged by just how poorly 7D handles ISO. Seriously, any shot beyond 800 or...
  25. kuzeycem

    Hybrid Flamingo?

    Hi everyone, My friend Cenk Polat took these photos on 8 May in Lake Kulu, Konya. We have had a Lesser Flamingo there since 2009 and another Lesser Flamingo was also found there in 2015 though that one apparently died due to injuries. In the photos you can see the long staying Lesser with a...