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  1. l_raty


    Emberiza alleonis Vian 1869 here. The Key : Not in the Eponym dictionary of birds. A fairly extensive biographical notice was published in Ornis by Paul Leverkühn shortly after his death: Jahrg.12 (1903-1904) - Ornis - Biodiversity Heritage Library = Comte Jean Gérard Amédée Alléon, b. 8...
  2. l_raty

    Picus canus caesaris Steinbacher 1938

    Picus canus caesaris Steinbacher 1938, Ornithol. Monatsber., 46: 25-26. [OD] (The work is also in Google Books, but this is another one of those cases where the dedication does not appear in a snippet. It can also be seen on Hathi here, but only from the US.) It says - Not in the Eponym...
  3. l_raty

    Otomela phoenicuroides Romanowi Bogdanov 1881

    Otomela phoenicuroides Romanowi Bogdanov 1881 here Not in the Eponym dictionary. The Key : p. 15-16 of OD (about Otomela phoenicuroides as a whole) - Сорокопуты русской фауны и ихъ сородичи = This bird was caught for the first time by the preparator of the Imperial Kazan University P...
  4. l_raty


    The Key: The Eponym dictionary of birds: Oreocincla heinei Cabanis 1850 - T.1 (1850-1851) - Museum Heineanum : - Biodiversity Heritage Library = "Tanagra" of the Key. Procnias heinei Cabanis 1850 - T.1 (1850-1851) - Museum Heineanum : - Biodiversity Heritage Library = "Zoothera" of the Key...
  5. l_raty

    Chauna torquata (Oken, 1816)

    Chaja torquata Oken 1816. Oken L. 1816. Okens Lehrbuch der Naturgeschichte. Dritter Theil. Zoologie. Zweite Abtheilung. Fleischthiere. A Schmid und Comp., Jena. p. '939' = 639 : https://books.google.com/books?id=S5o5AAAAcAAJ&pg=PA639 How is it that we are using this species name, despite the...
  6. l_raty


    I don't find the OD here either, but the Vlasova of Wrangel Island in this period was Варвара Феоктистовна Власова (Varvara Feoktistovna Vlasova). A picture of her: [here]. Her name in full in the same book: [here, 1st § of the page], where the author (Aref Ivanovich Mineev, 1900-1973) also...
  7. l_raty

    Dicaeum dayakorum

    From the "Spectacled Flowerpecker" thread of the main taxonomy forum (thanks to Melanie, see her post there for more details).
  8. l_raty

    Cercococcyx lemaireae & Buccanodon dowsetti Boesman & Collar 2019

    Boesman P, Collar NJ. 2019. Two undescribed species of bird from West Africa. Bull. Brit. Ornithol. Cl., 139: 147-159. Summary.—Taxonomically undifferentiated western and eastern populations of Dusky Long-tailed Cuckoo Cercococcyx mechowi and Yellow-spotted Barbet Buccanodon duchaillui are...
  9. l_raty


    Keddy-Hector DP. 2019. The history of Aplomado Falcon Falco femoralis subspecies diagnoses. Bull. Brit. Ornithol. Cl., 139: 111-126. Summary.—I present the historical details associated with early 20th century descriptions of Aplomado Falcon subspecies. I identify potential weaknesses in these...
  10. l_raty

    Diplura / Diplocercus / Dipluravis

    Diplura / Diplocercus Jerdon 1864: https://biodiversitylibrary.org/page/36723548 Dipluravis Strand 1910: https://biodiversitylibrary.org/page/33058073 These names are cited in the Key as "(syn. Mycteria Ϯ Painted Stork M. leucocephala)" But the type as per Jerdon 1864 ("Ciconia leucocephala...
  11. l_raty

    taxonomic inconsistency

    The Key currently says: But the type species is now in Egretta, in HBW and virtually everywhere else.
  12. l_raty


    https://www.hbw.com/dictionary/definition/stephani Is there a source for the middle name ? In the original work, he is just cited as "Étienne Jacquinot". "Étienne" is a variant of "Stéphane", thus it would in fact be enough to explain the eponym (cf. Étienne / Esteban / Istvan / Steven /...
  13. l_raty

    Trinops Vierthaler 1852

    The Richmond Index has [a card] for this name, which says: The Key currently has [an entry] reflecting this: However, Vierthaler 1852 [here] did not use "Trinops", but actually Trionops. (And the region he described in this work (the Blue Nile from Khartoum, through Sennar, to Roseires, in...
  14. l_raty

    The Boie brothers

    Currently the Key has: Picus boiei Wagler 1827 [OD], syn. Phloecatses leucopogon: explicit dedication to Heinrich Boie ("[...] in honorem [...] Henrici Boiei [...]"). Picus boie Temminck 1829 [OD], this will presumably be the "?Celeus artefact": explicit dedication to the memory of a deceased...
  15. l_raty

    Taiwan biogeography

    He J, Gao Z, Su Y, Lin S, Jiang H. 2018. Geographical and temporal origins of terrestrial vertebrates endemic to Taiwan. J. Biogeog. [abstract & supp.info.] Abstract Aim: Phylogeographical studies of Taiwan have advanced our knowledge of the origins of its fauna, but the discrepancies raise...
  16. l_raty

    Jinguofortis perplexus, gen. et sp. nov. (Jinguofortisidae fam. nov.)

    Wang M, Stidham TA, Zhou Z. [in press.] A new clade of basal Early Cretaceous pygostylian birds and developmental plasticity of the avian shoulder girdle. Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. USA [abstract][supp.info.] Early members of the clade Pygostylia (birds with a short tail ending in a compound bone...
  17. l_raty


    The Key currently gives: I can only trace two birds that bear this (or, rather, these) name(s). One is Fregata minor januaria Miranda-Ribeiro 1919 (Miranda-Ribeiro A de. 1919. A fauna vertebrada da Ilha de Trindade. Arch. Mus. Nac. Rio de Janeiro, 22: 171-194. p. 186: [here]). The following...
  18. l_raty

    Apodium Rafinesque 1814

    This one is in the Key... (*) But surely this is not a bird...? (*) As well as in many other places, including Nom. Zoologicus, where it is both a bird and a beetle (it is neither!), and the Richmond Index (but see the crossed-out note on this particular card). Name: Apodium Author...
  19. l_raty


    The Key currently cites: The 1831 quote is from: Bonaparte CL. 1831. Saggio di una distribuzione metodica degli animali vertebrati. Giorn. Arcad. Sci. Lett. Art., 49: 3-77. p. 55 https://biodiversitylibrary.org/page/10034658 ...which is indeed the source listed both in the Richmond index and by...
  20. l_raty

    The forgotten authorship of Sylvia melanocephala ("Gmelin") -- and a few other names

    The forgotten authorship of Sylvia melanocephala ("Gmelin") -- and a few other names In 1774-77, Francesco Cetti published a 3-volume work in Italian, titled Storia naturale di Sardegna. The first volume covered mammals; the second one, birds; the third one, amphibians (incl. reptiles) and...
  21. l_raty

    barbaricus / -a

    As I was perusing through Shaw's Travels, in relation to his Rhaad: Currently the Key lists three instances of birds named barbaricus or barbarica, two of which are left unidentified: Regarding the Green Thrush, Shaw's description [here] reads: Vieillot 1817 [here] wrote about this: IOW...
  22. l_raty

    Otis rhaad

    The Key: Otis rhaad Gmelin 1789 [OD]. This translates roughly into: Gmelin cited three references, Shaw, Buffon and Latham. However, Buffon's text is based on Shaw's, and Latham's is based on Shaw's and Buffon's; thus ultimately, the only primary source is Shaw: Shaw T. 1738. Travels, or...
  23. l_raty

    Colaptes naroskyi species nova

    Agnolin FL, Jofré G. 2018 (?). Nueva especie del género Colaptes (Aves, Piciformes) para el Pleistoceno de la Región Pampanea, Argentina. Ornitol. Neotrop. 28:321-331. http://journals.sfu.ca/ornneo/index.php/ornneo/article/view/341 English abstract A new species of the genus Colaptes (Aves...
  24. l_raty

    Myzomela irianawidodoae

    Prawiradilaga, Baveja, Suparno, Ashari, Ng, Gwee, Verbelen, Rheindt. 2017. A colourful new species of Myzomela honeyeater from Rote Island in eastern Indonesia. Treubia 44:77-100. [full paper] ABSTRACT The avifauna of Rote Island in the Lesser Sundas is not well studied and generally considered...
  25. l_raty

    "species novum"

    I get the feeling that I see this wannabe Latin locution with an increasing frequency in descriptions. Its use was apparently recommended in the 1994 edition of the [CBE Manual for Authors, Editors, and Publishers], where the noun [varietas] was equally suddenly declared neuter. Before this, it...