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  1. Mike C

    80mm Spotting like Astronomical instrument?

    Thanks BKoh I have an App. called "sky guide" but left my phone in the apartment. I will check sky safari
  2. Mike C

    My video review of Zeiss SFL 8x40

    Captions are in English for me. Thanks Pier, interesting video.
  3. Mike C

    80mm Spotting like Astronomical instrument?

    Enjoyed some stargazing using my Opticron MM4 60mm in a genuinely dark sky situation (Isles of Scilly, May). No idea what I saw but it was a fun way to spend an hour on a warm night.
  4. Mike C

    Your opinion on iPhone adapters for scopes

    I have a Phoneskope holder for my iPhone 13 and adapters to fit my Swarovski ATS80 and Opticron MM4 60mm. I have practiced with both and hoping to use them in the near future
  5. Mike C

    Night calling bird

    I hear a similar call on the local gold course during the morning or evening. For some reason I thought it was Soarrowhawk chicks beg (because I regularly see male and female adults in the area). But we have breeding Tawny Owl, too. I look forward to hearing from someone with a more refined ear !
  6. Mike C

    Tasco 7800 trinocular binocular/camera hybrid

    It would be interesting to see images taken by the camera, assuming that you are able to source s film. good luck
  7. Mike C

    Large moth, never seen it before, NC august 2nd at 11:18 pm

    I use an App. called "Seek" which tells me that this is a North American species - Regal Moth whose caterpillars are called hickory horned devils. And according to Wiki it’s a big rascal
  8. Mike C

    Do we need a thumb focusing binocular ??

    Surely all binoculars can be thumb focused. hold them upside down et voilà It’s a joke (edit)
  9. Mike C

    Swarovski EL 8.5x42 servi

    I have had to have a new left hand barrel on my 10 year old 10x42 ELs due to a stupid tumble I took. New barrel and the enclosed optics, new armour for both barrels, new badges, freshly powder coated metal bits, new eyecups - almost a new pair of binoculars. £300, including return postage from...
  10. Mike C

    Recommendation for very compact binoculars

    I set myself a £150 or less budget for some pocket binoculars I bought a pair of Hawke endurance ED 8x25 - great as a stand by/jacket pocket pair of binoculars. https://uk.hawkeoptics.com/endurance-ed-8x25-binocular-green.html I did try these Hawke nature-trek 8x25 and they were good too but...
  11. Mike C

    How hard would it be to make a range of screw in eye cups for a variety of different binoculars?

    If you "reverse engineer" this problem, it boils down to not buying the binoculars if you can’t get comfortable with them when you try them. As my local optics shop say - only you know if they fit your hands, face and wallet
  12. Mike C

    How hard would it be to make a range of screw in eye cups for a variety of different binoculars?

    3D scanner to make a facsimile of your eye sockets and a 3D printer to make bespoke eye cups ?
  13. Mike C

    How hard would it be to make a range of screw in eye cups for a variety of different binoculars?

    Ah, I see, going from one size fits most to a bespoke tailored eye cup.
  14. Mike C

    How hard would it be to make a range of screw in eye cups for a variety of different binoculars?

    You don’t need them with Swarovski, they provide free replacements for their removable eye cups free of charge via their distributers
  15. Mike C

    Which one for measuring distances to remote objects?

    I would imagine that you actually want to take a look at the offerings manufacturers are aiming at the golfing community. Reading the reviews is free
  16. Mike C

    Bought myself a new birding pack.

    Nottcutts website £60 plus £6 delivery https://www.notcutts.co.uk/finchley-sustainable-sml-canvas-teal-10247660
  17. Mike C

    Discussion: Birdwatching with dogs

    I used to go birding with my Dachshund but only when I was alone or with the family. I felt it would be unfair to impose his presence on other people in a group. He was never off his lead if I was birding, despite having almost perfect recall. I attached his (2m) lead to the belt on my...
  18. Mike C

    Small scopes: carrying & quick setup

    With my MM4 60mm I either use a monopod or a very light manfrotto camera tripod I keep the monopod on the ‘scope via the quick release plate and on a reserve I have the monopod half extended. I really don’t like the tripod and don’t use it often because it’s just not stable enough. It’s in a...
  19. Mike C

    Night vision equipment for mortals

    the company Pulsar had a stand at the Global Bird Fair in Rutland (U.K.) over the weekend. A member of a ringing group was explaining how the equipment was used to find and catch (for ringing) Common Snipe and Jack Snipe. Unfortunately they weren’t in a marquee with the other manufacturers of...
  20. Mike C

    Warbler - Trent meadows, Nottinghamshire

    You are right, Reed Warblers in trees - very confusing
  21. Mike C

    Warbler - Trent meadows, Nottinghamshire

    I’d be tempted to go for Reed Warbler
  22. Mike C

    Global birdfair

    I went with a car full on Friday. Aimed for 09:30 but expected to be later. However, parked up by 09:35 and immediately impressed by the organisation and logistics. Getting in and parked was much easier than previously. Holding the fair at a dedicated venue is clearly a big improvement...
  23. Mike C

    First UK Beaver kit for 400 years

    John you're correct but (and this is my personal opinion) this and the other trials are more about "proof of concept" i.e. if we introduce Beavers to trust land, they will improve the habitat and breed and this might lead to a proper reintroduction scheme in future What will happen with an...
  24. Mike C

    A Scilly Diary.

    I’m resisting my partner’s plea to visit next June but I don’t know why, she'll get her own way in the end. The great thing about July and August is that it’s pelagic season. I know they don’t guarantee Wilson’s Petrel but I think I’ve seen them on every summer pelagic on Sapphire. Also lucky...
  25. Mike C

    Eliminate voices/talking from recordings?

    low tech solution ? Put the recorder on a timer. Start just before the Dawn chorus and off at the approximate time you awaken each morning.