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  1. MiddleRiver

    Unknown vireo? Virginia mountains, US

    Found in Shenandoah Valley western edge mountains (near Elliot Knob, VA), prob around 2500-3000' ASL a week or so ago. Philadelphia Vireo? Red-eyed V? Not sure if the yellow neck is artifact (lighting) or real.
  2. MiddleRiver

    Photo editing workflow

    Not sure where to post this... but what is your workflow? Currently using LR6 and contemplating purchase of Topaz plug-ins for denoise etc. Wondering what others are doing...
  3. MiddleRiver

    Warbler ? ID - Shenandoah Valley

    Prob around 1500-2000 ASL, lower canopy of mixed woods, mountain laurel thickets. Got glimpse of top-side which appeared pale gray/green/blue-gray(?) with pale but distinct wingbars. Unless I've missed another Red-eyed Vireo (did not see dark cap or eye stripe), I'm guessing a female warbler but...
  4. MiddleRiver

    Cape May Warbler

    Shenandoah Valley today, high up in deciduous forest canopy. Drab female? Lighting is tough due to canopy light being so filtered. FWIW, Merlin was picking Cape Mays. Tail underside looks correct. Grey cheek-patch present. General light yellow fading to white underside with moderate coarse...
  5. MiddleRiver

    Tennessee Warbler?

    Shenandoah Valley. Orange-crowned also comes to mind. Missing eye-ring and crappy pic. In medium trees this morning.
  6. MiddleRiver

    Warbler - Congaree NP, SC, USA

    I grabbed a quick and very distant shot of 'Unidentified Yellow Bird' high up in canopy. The photos are heavily cropped and I'll note that color tends to shift to green from reflected light (leaves etc.), but I think it's true to life in these pics. I'm thinking Prothonotary based on yellow...
  7. MiddleRiver

    Thrushes - Congaree NP, SC, USA

    The first two images (2022.4.21) were a single bird, the other three (2022.4.22) were the next day but in same general vicinity. All in NP which includes 'lowcountry' wetlands and decidious forest. The 4/21 bird I'm seeing rufous tail, so on-site I called it Hermit Thrush. The next day, I...
  8. MiddleRiver

    Solitary Sandpiper or ...?

    Central Virginia, 4/13/2022 Neck looks long to me but eye ring and leg color don't seem to suggest Greater Yellowlegs. THoughts?
  9. MiddleRiver

    Trinovid 8x40 *armored*????

    https://www.optics-trade.eu/us/leica-trinovid-8x40.html Did I sleep through this announcement?
  10. MiddleRiver

    Do you Twitch, Tick, or Watch?

    I came to birding from a lifetime of interest in all things natural - not just birds. Armchair naturalist? Watching others bird I realize that I'm more interested in watching behavior and developing the ability to find birds - much like stalking or hunting. And I can sit long periods just...
  11. MiddleRiver

    Directional mic for iPhone?

    Recently started using BirdNet app and it's actually ok so far. Of course it's directly proportional to quality of sound. I have a nice Tascam portable recorder but I'd like to be able to get in-field ID, so I'm hoping to find a directional iOS compatible add-on microphone. Anybody?
  12. MiddleRiver

    Kestrel taking prey.

    Shenandoah Valley, VA today. Didn't stop car and get camera out quickly enough before they dropped behind a rise on private farmland. Somehow managed one shot - lesson learned: travel with gear out and ready! The Kestrel is clear and I thought it was a flock of pigeons, but once home I...
  13. MiddleRiver

    Shenandoah Valley, VA hawk ID

    Red-tailed Hawk? Red-tailed Hawk?
  14. MiddleRiver

    Climate Change Changing Bird Migration Patterns?

  15. MiddleRiver

    Yellow-rumped Warbler - immature (Myrtle)?

    Eastern US - Shenandoah Valley, VA More brown/light head than I am used to.
  16. MiddleRiver

    Shopping for new binos... one of these is not like the others?

    I might need some help... all the options google is suggesting seem the same. Or is it just that Leica really has slipped to the bottom of the pile? Or, or is it that I'm supposed to by my grandkids Trinnies?
  17. MiddleRiver

    Guatemala - Best current guide book?

    Peterson’s? Mostly interested in northern/western highlands…...
  18. MiddleRiver

    Thrush - Hermit? Shenandoah Valley, VA USA

    Could not keep up with it. Walking along forest edge. Speckled below, fading to white. Eye ring. Robin size. Hermit Thrush?
  19. MiddleRiver

    Panasonic's Lumix TZ200

    I occasionally wish for a camera record of hard-to-ID birds. I also do not see myself carrying anything even remotely resembling an SLR. I have a little Sony RX100 travel camera which is quite good (1" sensor) but my gen III only goes to 70mm. The latest version does 200mm which still seems...
  20. MiddleRiver


    Well, at least he's neither a Swaro or Leica kinda guy! Anyone care to guess?
  21. MiddleRiver

    Bird Navigation

    https://getpocket.com/explore/item/nature-s-gps-how-animals-use-the-natural-world-to-perform-extraordinary-feats-of-navigation?utm_source=pocket-newtab Nice read for a snowy day in VA...
  22. MiddleRiver

    Essential tremor and IS binoculars

    I've been trying to encourage one of my family members (in his early 70's) to get out birding more, as a way of staying fit and spending more time outdoors. One of the potential issues is that he has 'familial, or essential tremor'. He's got older (classic) Trinovids and one thought was that...
  23. MiddleRiver

    Bird Journal vs Scythebill

    Contemplating starting to record on something better than a 'dumb' excel sheet. Strong opinions on one of these over the other?
  24. MiddleRiver

    Coopers Hawk observed feeding

    We live in hilly wooded area, adjacent to river and with a year-round stream right out our kitchen window and with agricultural fields not too far. Consequently animal life is, in general, quite abundant. In the past two weeks we have seen Coopers Hawks twice - the first in our creek eating a...
  25. MiddleRiver


    A mere babe in terms of birdwatching but I've been lurking for a good while and '...why not!' :)