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  1. SeeToh

    Pin-tailed or Swinhoe's Snipe - Singapore

    Hi Just like to find out whether this snipe could be ID from the photo. In Singapore, we only have 3 snipes - Pin-tailed, Swinhoe's and Common Snipe. As this snipe lacks the white trailing edge, it is not a Common Snipe. So it is either a Pin-tailed or Swinhoe's. As the image captured a...
  2. SeeToh

    Jaeger ID - Singapore Straits

    This jaeger was shot at the Singapore Straits on 14 Oct 2018. Was initially thought to be a Parasitic Jaeger (or Arctic Skua). But could it be a Long-tailed Jaeger instead? Sorry for the poor image as the bird was pretty far away.
  3. SeeToh

    Indian Paradise Flycatcher - which ssp?

    Pretty sure this is a Indian Paradis Flycatcher which was shot in Singapore. It could be the first sighting on this paradise flycatcher species in Singapore and even Southeast Asia. After the recent Asian Paradise Flycatcher split, the region only has Amur and Blyth's Paradise Flycatcher...
  4. SeeToh

    Swinehoe's or Pin-tailed Snipe - Singapore ?

    I know its a crappy photo but in your opinion do you think it is more likely a Pin-tailed or Swinehoe's Snipe? Or we should just leave it as a Swintailed Snipe :)
  5. SeeToh

    Buteo Buzzard ID Singapore

    Wonder whether we can ID the 2 images as dark morph Common Buzzard (ssp vulpinus aka Steppe Buzzard) and Eastern Buzzard (buteo japonicus)? Shot them near well wooded reclaimed land in Singapore in 2013.
  6. SeeToh

    Jaeger ID - Straits of Singapore

    Shot this Jaeger at the Straits of Singapore today (4 Nov 2017). Am I right to say that it's a Parasitic Jaeger? Is it an adult in non-breeding plumage? If not, are we able to age this bird?
  7. SeeToh

    Singapore - Male Zappey's FC or Blue-and-white FC?

    I apologize for the lousy images but the shooting condition was not ideal. Can the ID of this FC be established from these images? Zappey's or Blue-and-white FC?
  8. SeeToh

    Focusing problem with 1Dx 300mm f/2.8 IS II 2xTC III combo

    Hi I have started using the Canon 1Dx, 300mm f/2.8 IS II and 2xTC III combo and encountered problem shooting bird in flight using all focus points. For flight shots, I usually pre-set my focusing distance to 20 meters. When the subject appears and I get a blurry image on the viewfinder, the...
  9. SeeToh

    Another Jaeger ID from Straits of Singapore - two different birds

    These two jaegers were shot resting along the Straits of Singapore. The one on the yellow floating debris was shot on 19 Oct 2014 while the other on the white foam cover was from 23 Nov 2014. Based on the colour of their legs which were all or mostly black, I reckoned they were both adult...
  10. SeeToh

    Can ID this adult Jaeger? From Straits of Singapore

    Can this adult Jaeger in breeding plumage be IDed conclusively based on the small image? Shot (not by me) along the Straits of Singapore on 26 April 2015. Parasitic or Pomarine?
  11. SeeToh

    "The Singapore Birds Project" website

    www.singaporebirds.com The Singapore Birds Project is a collaborative project by birders to document all the bird species that have been recorded in Singapore. These include residents, migrants, vagrants as well as those that were introduced to the island. While Singapore is a country with a...
  12. SeeToh

    Ducks stil around Shinjuku Gyoen in late January?

    Hi I am spending two days in Tokyo and could bird in one afternoon (Jan 28) and one morning (Jan 29). I intend to visit Shinjuku Gyoen to take photographs of the ducks there? Are the ducks around in late January? Is there any other birdworthy place to visit within Tokyo City itself? I am...
  13. SeeToh

    Singapore Bird Report - November 2015

  14. SeeToh

    Singapore Bird Report - September & October 2015

    https://singaporebirdgroup.wordpress.com/2015/10/01/singapore-bird-report-september-2015/ https://singaporebirdgroup.wordpress.com/2015/11/06/singapore-bird-report-october-2015/
  15. SeeToh

    Photo ID of Blyth's/Oriental and Amur Paradise Flycatcher in Singapore

    Just sharing my photographic observation of two paradise flycatchers which I managed to shoot up close in Singapore. I compared the photos with the illustration of the Asian Paradise Flycatcher found in David Wells' The Birds of the Thai-Malay Peninsula, Volume 2 (attached) before this species...
  16. SeeToh

    Blyth's or Amur Paradise Flycatcher? -Singapore

    Shot this Paradise Flycatcher at a wooded patch in Singapore. It is clearly a female Asian Paradise Flycatcher. However, with the recent spilt of this species into 3 different species, is this a Blyth's or Amur Paradise Flycatcher? The 3 photos are of the same bird. Blyth's Paradise...
  17. SeeToh

    Asian or Japanese Paradise Flycatcher? Singapore

    Need ID confirmation for these two paradise flycatchers shot at Singapore on 2 Nov 2015.
  18. SeeToh

    Blue-and-white FC or Zappey's FC female - Singpapore

    Shot this female Cyanoptila flycatcher today. Both the Blue-and-white Flycatcher and the recently spilt Zappey's Flycatcher occurs in Singapore. Is it possible to identify this female bird?
  19. SeeToh

    Blyth's or Amur Paradise Flycatchers - Singapore

    Shot two Asian Paradise Flycatchers feeding high up the canopy. The first (first two images) has a paler head and very little contrast between the head and breast while the second bird (third image) has a darker head. With the recent spilt of the Asian Paradise Flycatchers into 3 separate...
  20. SeeToh

    Whiskered or White-winged? From Singapore

    Are these White-winged or Whiskered Tern? 3 different birds shot at Lorong Halus.
  21. SeeToh

    Which Accipiter - Singapore

    Shot this accipiter in Singapore today. Could anyone ID it? I am leaning towards a Japanese Sparrowhawk. But could it be Shikra? All images are of the same bird.
  22. SeeToh

    Non-breeding adults or juvenile Godwits - Singapore

    Shot this two Black-tailed Godwits at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve in Singapore. Are they non-breeding adults or just juveniles?
  23. SeeToh

    Singapore Bird Report - August 2015

  24. SeeToh

    Singapore Bird Report - July 2015

  25. SeeToh

    First sighting of Black Hornbill in Singapore - escapee or a wild bird?

    Shot this Black Hornbill at Pulau Ubin, Singapore on 1 August 2015. From the colour and small casque, it is a young adult male bird. This Black Hornbill was apparently sighted at Pulau Ubin in the last 2 months joining a flock of 7-8 Oriental Pied Hornbills. As per attached photos, the feathers...