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    Which Turtle Dove? Iran, Khorasan-e Jonobi, Nov. 2022

    I'm no expert but I think the very broad dark centres to the feathers make this rufous.
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    Feather ID Aberdeen UK

    Thanks. My colleague was a bit sceptical about the colouring in the flesh; I suspect this colour variety explains that. Michael
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    Feather ID Aberdeen UK

    Thanks, it's a lot closer than I got. I had a look at helmeted guineafowl on featherbase (Helmeted Guineafowl (Numida meleagris) - Feathers on featherbase.info) and agree that some are very similar but I can't see an exact match. Whilst I was there I had a look at the one other guineafowl...
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    Feather ID Aberdeen UK

    My colleague asked me if I could identify this feather (I can't). Apparently it mysteriously appeared inside a locked car in Aberdeen in 2001! Any ideas? Michael
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    American White Pelican?? - Maryland

    Aargh, I went to Blackwater several times when I lived in Maryland and never once managed to see the pelicans, though they were regularly reported there. Very jealous. Michael
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    Bird id Derbyshire uk

    We chopped ours down in sections and replaced with some bare root native hedge plants (hazel, blackthorn, hawthorn etc). They took a year or two to properly replace the cover but are a really cheap, effective option with the bonus of edible berries for the birds in some cases.
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    Nanjing Jiangsu China nr, river (Yangtse)

    Yes, brambling. Very common in eastern China in winter.
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    Identity of bird in painting

    I love both that you posted this and that so many people have suggested identifications.
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    Sparrowhawk prey ID from feathers UK

    I can see where you're coming from with that but I feel I'd have noticed such a large bird. Could a sparrowhawk even carry one? Whatever it was was still screaming when it was being carried so must have been a whole bird.
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    Sparrowhawk prey ID from feathers UK

    A female sparrowhawk flew in to my garden in lowland central Scotland carrying prey earlier today. I didn't get a good look as I was trying not to disturb it. I went to have look at the feathers it left and they look really distinctive but I can't think what they're from. The longest feather in...
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    Idea help, please. Sparrow like. Shanghai, November

    It's a bunnting of some sort. I wonder if it's Japanese reed bunting. I've only seen one once but it gave the same impression of being small and pale like this.
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    Bird ID, Tacoma, Washington

    I assume you're used to seeing belted kingfisher, in which case I think it's simply the lighting conditions making it look duller colours.
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    Two Thrush, Shanghai, October

    First is definitely grey-backed thrush. I'm not sure on the second. Michael
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    "brown" flycatcher Shanghai

    The birds I've ID'ed as dark-sided are much more obviously dark-sided than this. There's clear contrast between flanks and belly. I'd call this asian brown too. Michael
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    Distant bird in flight - Southeastern Massachusetts

    Looks like a woodpecker to me. Red bellied? Michael
  16. D

    South Louisiana Catbird?

    The bird may well be a catbird but noone has mentioned northern mockingbird which can look almost uniform grey and is common (as is catbird) and a similar size. I've always found the black crown on a catbird pretty striking though agree that the rufous undertail is very easy to miss. Michael
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    Guatemala - vulture (?) ID needed

    Some orioles build hanging nests a bit like those. I assume there are plenty of orioles in guatemala. A quick search shows altamira oriole nests are quite similar looking to those and they may breed in the right area. Michael
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    Wet Jay or something more exotic? Bath, UK

    I really can't make that in to a jay. All bets would be off if what looks like the bill (and a bit odd) turns out to be a branch behind the bird (maybe from the branch below and to the left). In that case it could almost be a sparrowhawk, maybe, as that would make sense of the mobbing. I think...
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    Marsh or reed warbler central Scotland

    Thanks all. As stated by others, reed warbler is also a pretty good bird around here (my first in Scotland I think) so I'm happy enough with that. It was also highly entertaining to listen to. Michael
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    Marsh or reed warbler central Scotland

    Thanks. Assuming this is a reed warbler then, how unusual is that amount of mimicry? It's not how I remember reeed warblers normally sounding at all but, as I said, it's been a long while since I heard them regularly.
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    Marsh or reed warbler central Scotland

    Strange... I tried soundcloud:
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    Marsh or reed warbler central Scotland

    I saw and heard this warbler this morning in reed beds in central scotland. On hearing it, I'd assumed it was a sedge warbler (very common at the site) but was really impressed by the amount of mimicry so moved a bit closer to try to record it. I spotted that it lacked the bold sedge warbler...
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    Caterpillar (?) ID Scotland

    I saw the attached orange creature, that I think is a caterpillar, in grassland near reed beds in central Scotland. Any suggestions? Michael
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    Great Egret, Borneo?

    I think a good feature is that in great egret the bill looks like it's just an extension of the head (top is almost parallel with forehead) whereas in intermediate the bill looks stuck on the front. The original pics look that way so are intemediate. There's a real contrast in that between the...
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    Wading Bird? Eastern Massachusetts

    Back when I could travel I saw a lot of black crowned night herons and this doesn't remind me of one. Sorry that's pretty vague; I can't put my finger on what's wrong. American bittern looks a better shout to me. Michael