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  1. Sandy73

    Recommendations for UK wildflower field guide

    Good afternoon Can anyone recommend any wildflower field guide covering the UK please. I’m dipping my toe into the daunting world of botany and the complexity of common plants like buttercup (apparently up to 19) species) and dandelion is scary. Thank you in advance.
  2. Sandy73

    Impressed & disappointed with 10x42 NL Pure

    Good evening all. My local camera/optics shop had a pair of 10x42 NL Pures in. I finally cracked and went to purchase them last Saturday (17th July). The shop owner did mention about issues with the lens caps as I was paying for my new bins, but these were brand new so I wasn’t to concerned...
  3. Sandy73

    Large Tortoiseshell in the U.K.

    Evening all. With sightings of Large Tortiosehell butterflies popping up across the country, are we at the dawn of a recolonisation? If I remember correctly, there was some doubt about a couple of pockets of sightings (Portland?) in the last couple of years. Surely with the distance between...
  4. Sandy73

    Best fungi guide(s) for the UK

    Good morning and seasons greetings. Can anyone recommend a guide for identifiying UK fungI please? The lockdowns have meant I have spent more time in local woodlands in late autumn than I would have normally and I have started take note/ photo’s of fungI. Thank you in advance, Regards
  5. Sandy73

    Scoter? Seawatching from a hotel balcony

    Morning all. Can anyone help? I believe these are Common Scoter. Also, based on my observations, would you record/tick this! This would be a lifer but I want to tick based on the evidence rather than "it sort of fits plus its a lifer!" In Deal, Kent, this morning I saw a flock (c20) of...
  6. Sandy73

    First butterfly in 2017

    Happy new year all I saw a Red Admiral flying in Canterbury today (12:10). Has anyone else seen any butterflies today? Regards
  7. Sandy73

    New Shark Trust eggcase publication

    Morning all. The Shark Trust have published a small guide and updated their distribution maps for their Great Eggcase Hunt project The guide can be found on the Shark Trust website Regards
  8. Sandy73

    Uploading photo's from an IPhone into Birdforum

    Evening all. What is the best way to upload photo's taken from an IPhone into Birdforum? My daily walk passes an uncut grass area full of grasshoppers & crickets that I would like help ID'ing. Thank you in advance. Regards
  9. Sandy73

    Italian or Tree Crickets in Kent

    Morning all. On the Dungeness Bird Obs website it is reported that a large number of Italian or Tree Crickets (Oecanthus pellucens) have been found on the peninsula. Is this the bridgehead for a colonisation? Regards
  10. Sandy73

    Where these Manx Shearwater's

    Afternoon all. Whilst holidaying on the north side of Ardnamurchan earlier this week, I saw a couple of flocks of seabirds flying low over the sea about 1 km offshore. I believe that they were Shearwater's and most likely Manx's. Could anyone assist please? The birds were on the edge of my...
  11. Sandy73

    Which Chat?

    Afternoon all. Please could someone help with an ID? The photo's were taken on Ardnamurchan. At the time I thought juvenile Wheatear. Thank you in advance. Regards
  12. Sandy73

    Is this a Coreus marginatus

    Evening all. Please can someone confirm whether the beetle in the attached photography is a Coreus marginatus or Dock Bug. Thank you in advance.
  13. Sandy73

    What's this please? (5)

    This is the last one, it seems I can only load one photo at a time. Could someone please help with the ID of this. Thank you in advance
  14. Sandy73

    What's this please? (4)

    Right, let's try again. Can anyone help with ID of these please? It was a very slow day for birds. Thank you in advance
  15. Sandy73

    What's this please? (3)

    Can anyone help with ID of these please? It was a very slow day for birds. Thank you in advance
  16. Sandy73

    What's this please? (2)

    Evening all (again) Can anyone help idea this moth please. Apologies for the poor quality, the moth was in direst sunlight. Thank you in advance. Regards
  17. Sandy73

    What is this please?

    Evening all. Can anyone help with this moth please? It looks like a Bloodline (I think that's what the book said) but the hooked wing tips have thrown me. Thanks in advance.
  18. Sandy73

    Bats of Central and Southern Africa book - any good?

    Can anyone let me please know their thoughts/ feedback on this book. How does it compared to the Christian Dietz et Al Bats of Britain, Europe and Northwest Africa? Thank you in advance. Regards
  19. Sandy73

    Is this a 14 spot Ladybird

    Evening. Can anyone help with an ID please? I think this is a 14 spot ladybird, please could someone confirm. Thank you.
  20. Sandy73

    Problems accessing Irecord website

    Afternoon all. Has anyone else had problems accessing the Irecord website since it was due to be available yesterday evening? Regards
  21. Sandy73

    Birdjournal v4 vs Irecord

    Evening all. I am debating whether to upgrade from version 3 of the Birdjournal software to version 4 or to use Irecord solely. A lot of the functionality of Birdjournal seems to be in Irecord and it's free (although you run the risk of rejected records). What have others done? Regards
  22. Sandy73

    The next Ladybird &Grasshopper species to colonise the UK

    Afternoon all. I'm beginning to explore the local Ladybirds and Grasshopper species and I would like to know which species currently over the Channel/ North Sea that are most likely to arrive on our shores. What do people think? There seems to be a consolidation of rare Odonata species this...
  23. Sandy73

    Spot the unidentifed grasshopper

    Evening Can anyone help with a couple of grasshoppers that I photographed last weekend? Thank you in advance. Regards
  24. Sandy73

    UK grasshopper books

    Can anyone recommend a good book for ID'ing Grasshoppers and Crickets in the UK. Thanks in advance.
  25. Sandy73

    Irecord - are my sightings accessible to local groups

    Evening all. I have just opened an account on Irecord. Does anyone know whether my sightings will be available to my local butterfly, reptile, dragonfly and birding groups? Thanks.