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  1. Halcon

    Finland&Varanger may/june 2018

    Hello, A friend and I are looking for 2-3 people for a birdwatching trip to Finland and northern Norway during late may/early june 2018. The goal is to see as many taiga and arctic species as possible, focusing on the Varanger specialities (King&Steller´s eiders, white-billed diver, gyr...
  2. Halcon

    Warbler in northern Spain

    Hello, This weekend I saw this Warbler in a pine wood area near to Barcelona. It's in the middle of a little wetland area. From the leg colour I ruled out Chiffchaff so I'd say Willow Warbler (yellow-greenish underparts) but I can't exclude Wood Warbler entirely as they're also migrating now...
  3. Halcon

    Bird ID august spanish Pyrenees

    Hi, I've got these pictures from the spanish Pyrenees and I'm not sure about what they could be. The first two show a falcon that could be a Peregrine(?) The next ones show what I presume is a Sparrowhawk or a Goshawk and the last one is a passerine that I couldn't ID. All pictures were taken in...
  4. Halcon

    Hohes Venn

    Hello, I'm planing on going on a one day trip to the Hohes Venn region in the border between Germany and Belgium. What would I be likely to see? Do you reccomend any specific places? Thank you
  5. Halcon

    High Fenn

    Hello, I'm planning a day trip to the High Fenn region on the border with Germany. What species would I be likely to see? Do you reccomend any specific places' Thank you
  6. Halcon

    Warbler in northern Spain

    Hi, While birding in Riglos, northern part of Spain I saw this warbler in a bush, what do you think? The picture is from this weekend at aproximately 500-600m heigth. The area was quite dry with bushes, some trees and some fields. I have more photos if you need. Thank you
  7. Halcon

    Wader ID

    I saw this bird this march in the Ebro Delta, Spain. Do you know what it might be? Thank you
  8. Halcon

    BOP at the Delta del Llobregat

    Hello, The 1st November I went to the Delta del Llobregat (some wetlands near of Barcelona) and, suddenly, a Falcon-like Bird of Prey scared away all Lapwings. It was definitely much smaller than a Buzzard. I could only get two very bad pictures. What do you think it may be? Thanks very much for...
  9. Halcon

    Raptor in the Pyrenees

    Hi, I'd need some help identifying this raptor: -Pictures taken in mid-july in the Valley of Echo (western Pyrenees, Spain). -Height about 1400m but the bird was higher If you need any other info just ask Thanks for your help
  10. Halcon

    Waders ID Riet Vell (Ebro Delta)

    Hello, I took these pictures of waders at the Riet Vell observatory (Ebro Delta, Spain) the 11 september. What do you think? I'd say Marsh Sandpiper but I'm not 100% sure. About the other wader: I have no idea. I'm also posting a photo with both and a Ruff so you can see the size. PS: There's a...
  11. Halcon

    Spanish Bird Quiz 4

    Hello to everyone, after this little resting period here come the Spanish Bird Quiz (4th edition). I just want to thank you for participating and wish you good luck. If you have any doubts or problems just send me a PM. Enjoy the quiz!
  12. Halcon

    Which raptor?

    I was taking pictures of the swifts at my house (Barcelona, 01/07/2011) as this raptor flew past, I couldn't take good pictures. What's your oppinion? Harrier? Thank you for your answers.
  13. Halcon

    Advice needed

    I want to buy a camera. I want a reflex camera which shouldn't be to expensive but still do good pictures. I've thought about the Canon EOS 1000d with a 120-400mm or a 150-500mm teleobjective. Do you recommend this camera? Do you have any other purposes? Which teleobjective should I buy? Thank...
  14. Halcon

    Ferruginous Duck?

    I saw this duck at the Delta del Llobregat (very close to Barcelona) yesterday. What do you think? Ferruginous Duck? Thanks for your answers.
  15. Halcon

    Spanish bird quiz (3)

    So, I'll start the next edition. There are still some points to clear: a) Points-Do you like the punctuation? Have you got any propositions. b) Dates-Should we fixate dates? Examples: 1.Twice a week (sunday/saturday andwednesday/thursday) 2.I tell you 24h before I post the pic...
  16. Halcon

    Abocador de Pedret (important)

    At the Abocador de Pedret i Marzà theres been seen Sea Eagle and Rough Leged Buzzard these days. Tomorrow I'm going to the Aigümolls de l'empordà and was thinking of look there for the two birds. Could anyone tell me how to arrive there, where it can be seen, and some other useful information...
  17. Halcon

    Pelagics from Tarragona

    During winter, autumn and spring, aproximately once a month the Gepec organizes a little Pelagic from the Tarragona harbour. The last one was the 26/02 and the next is on the 26/03. I'll try to keep tou informed about what's seen and how the Pelagics are. They're great, and the guides are...
  18. Halcon

    Spanish bird quiz (2)

    Hello again! Number two, I hope you enjoy it!!!!!!!!!:eat:o:)B (:
  19. Halcon

    Spanish bird quiz (1)

    Ok, now I'm going to make my quiz too, I hope you all enjoy it. Here are the rules. I'l post the photos, 20 in total (no specific days). You all may guess once, and if it's right, you get a point, the first correct answer gets an extra point. Let's go::flyaway:
  20. Halcon

    Birds seen from work/school

    I don't know if this thread does already exist. :h?: if it does say it please. We'll only count birds observed from work/school/others Here's my school list: 1-Feral Pigeon 2-Monk Parakeet 3-Blue Tit 4-Barn Swallow 5-Wood Pigeon 6-Magpie 7-Jackdaw 8-White Wagtail 9-Common Swift 10-Alpine Swift
  21. Halcon

    Halcons Yearlist 2010

    Here it is. I'll put the birds seen 'til now alltogether. I'll put the other ones with date and location. Here is the list: 1-Black Throated Diver 2-Black Necked Grebe 3-Little Grebe 4-Great Crested Grebe 5-Balearic Shearwater 6-Yelkouan Shearwater 7-Gannet 8-Cormorant 9-Black Crowned Night...
  22. Halcon

    hello to everybody

    hi, my name's Nico, I'm 13 years old and I live in Barcelona. My favourite hobby is birdwatching, which I do whenever I can. I only wanted to present me a little bit and to say that I'm sure that I will enjoy it a lot here. Best greetings: Nico