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  1. Brian Stone

    Crested/Thekla Lark, Costa Blanca, Spain

    This pair continue to be a headache. This site has many Crested Larks and this may be another one going by the spikey crest. But breast streaking, ground colour and bill shape have me wondering. One of a pair habitually perching on trees and low vegetation (which is what initially drew my...
  2. Brian Stone

    Cetacean id help please. Tenerife

    4th February 2022 No photo/video I'm afraid, so just this description. Seen at about 3/4 mile away with scope in can conditions. Extended views. These were quite large, very slow moving animals, surfacing frequently with melon breaking the surface but no obvious beak. Possibly a slight blow to...
  3. Brian Stone

    Ring-billed Gull, Fuerteventura

    This looks like a classic 2cy (first winter) Ring-billed Gull to me. Am I missing anything?
  4. Brian Stone

    Fuerteventura, Tenerife and Santa Pola; 3 months mostly with no car

    Hopefully this will be of interest to some. I'll be doing as much birding as I can while spending as many of my allowed 90 days as I can in warmer climes than my native UK. This won't be much like other trip reports as the budget doesn't stretch to car hire or other excursions. I'll be relying...
  5. Brian Stone

    Common Goldeneye

    The Opus page for Common Goldeneye currently has a rather splendid male Barrow's Goldeneye as the main photograph https://www.birdforum.net/opus/Common_Goldeneye
  6. Brian Stone

    Another white-headed gull, Banbury, UK

    Taken yesterday. 2nd winter and I'm undecided between Herring and Yellow-legged. Seems quite dark though and most Herring seem to have more head streaking and a more extensive pale bill base.
  7. Brian Stone

    Gull, Banbury, UK Nov 2021

    I'll admit I don't spend enough time with large gulls. Opinions on this 1cy please.
  8. Brian Stone

    Warbler, Wadi Musa (Petra), Jordan Oct 2013

    Been going through some old photos and this one caught my eye. Wadya reckon?
  9. Brian Stone

    Eagle, Central Thailand, early Jan 2018

    Bored. Should be in SE Asia now but instead just going through old photos :(. Anyone else bored and fancies a go at this? Taken from the road somewhere in the Nakhon Sawan area I think. Looks like a Large-billed Crow mobbing for scale.
  10. Brian Stone

    Flycatcher, Chiang Dao, Thailand

    Taken a few days ago by a friend. Not high, <500m. We think maybe female Hill Blue but I'd like a second opinion.
  11. Brian Stone

    Seabird, Tiree Scotland

    Posting for a friend who took this a couple of days ago on Tiree. Described as a bit smaller than a Herring Gull. Is this just a rather dark bedraggled Fulmar? Can't really think of much else it could be.
  12. Brian Stone

    Scarce Blue-tailed Damselfly, Banbury, UK

    Found a colony of these at a young stormwater pond near a new development on the outskirts of the town yesterday. Looking at the BDS website it may be c.20 miles from the next nearest record. Does anyone know if they known from around here? I've submitted the record. More waffle here...
  13. Brian Stone

    Cuckoo sp. Chiang Dao, N Thailand

    Any thoughts on this cuckoo please? Taken by a friend today.
  14. Brian Stone

    Phyllosc, Chiang Dao, N Thailand

    Hi. Any opinions on this worn phyllosc taken a couple of days ago at Chiang Dao. Garden habitat around 450m.
  15. Brian Stone

    Radde's or Yellow-streaked Warbler, Chiang Dao

    Just revisited this photo from a couple of years ago (Jan 2018) and noticed it shows a rather long, thin bill and spindly legs. Initially put down as Radde's, now I think I may have overlooked Yellow-streaked. It was in scrub around the accommodation near the cave. What do you think?
  16. Brian Stone

    Id, large rat-like mammal, N Vietnam

    This was photographed by a friend at Tam Coc in northern Vietnam. Described as much larger than Brown rat. Looks rather like Cane Rat to me but can't find any reference to them being introduced here. Thoughts anyone?
  17. Brian Stone

    Phyllosc, Thung Nham Bird Park, N Vietnam

    This one has us beaten. The site is about 100km south of Hanoi not much above sea level. Seen by a friend and I don't have any info on calls or behaviour.
  18. Brian Stone

    Cacomantis sp, Phong Nha NP, Vietnam

    Had this sent to me by a friend. Not 100% myself. Opinions please.
  19. Brian Stone

    Besra? Nam Tok, Thailand (Erewan NP)

    Perched raptor at extreme distance. I have it as Besra. Confirmation or otherwise welcome.
  20. Brian Stone

    Getting to Socotra

    I have a friend who is really keen to get to Socotra. Has anyone got any recent information on any or the best ways to get there. Organised tour from Egypt seems possible but any info gratefully received. They would like to leave asap.
  21. Brian Stone

    Kep, Cambodia

    From a friend staying at Kep on the south coast. I'm a little stumped.
  22. Brian Stone

    Cuckoo, Sukhothai

    This was from January 2018. I've got it as Plaintive Cuckoo currently. Any advance on that?
  23. Brian Stone

    Cuckoo, Tonle Sap area, Cambodia

    Been sent another couple of shots by a friend currently in Cambodia. What do you make of this cuckoo please?
  24. Brian Stone

    Hainan Blue Flycatcher (klossi?), Kep NP, Cambodia

    Falls between the ranges for hainanus and klossi. Assuming I haven't messed up the id completely, any comments? Apologies for the poor quality of the images. Taken on 28 Feb 2018 in the National Park.
  25. Brian Stone

    Accipiter, Angkor Wat, Cambodia

    Been sent this by a friend. Taken yesterday. I'm thinking Shikra.