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  1. McMadd

    Latest IOC diary updates

    IOC 12.2 list are available https://www.worldbirdnames.org/new/ioc-lists/master-list-2/ Have fun Or did I speak too soon? Links not fully active yet?
  2. McMadd

    Latest IOC diary updates

    This? "Sept 27 Move Sillem's Mountain Finch to Carpodacus" Doesn't actually say name has changed though?
  3. McMadd

    Latest IOC diary updates

    July 21 Initiate transition to IOC 12.2.
  4. McMadd

    Which bird authorities exist?

    Give yourself a break and exclude the extinct taxa from your totals...inflates the percentages and you ain't gonna see them...ever ;)
  5. McMadd

    How to pronounce Bewicks (Swan) in English

    If the powers that be are consistent you won't have to worry too much longer as they are cleansing all names that use people's names...aren't they...?
  6. McMadd

    How to pronounce Whooper (Swan)

    If it bothers you that much, change the name to Singing Swan...it's our national bird and that's what we call it...Laulujoutsen
  7. McMadd

    Latest IOC diary updates

    So real evidence unlike Jockbill...
  8. McMadd

    Latest IOC diary updates

    What's P-tarmigan got to do with Red Grouse...? Or are you merely extrapolating P-tarmigan on the back of it's sister spp.? Jokey attempt at serious question :)
  9. McMadd

    Does anyone have the updated Guide to the Birds of China by MacKinnon?

    Mine despatched from seller (NHBS in Germany) earlier this week along with credit card debited so expecting it next week
  10. McMadd

    Latest IOC diary updates

    Just seems longer than usual Tom
  11. McMadd

    Latest IOC diary updates

    Did transition to IOC V12 stall? I see the life list is updated (V12.1) but not the usual other files?
  12. McMadd

    Omani Owl

    Does that ruin the name...?
  13. McMadd

    Article on nomenclature in Africa.

    Not necessarily so...I regularly speak to Finnish birding friends and strangers on a site if we speak using the scientific name or the regular "3+3" letter abbreviation in regular use here (PHYINO for example thinking about autumn migrants due any day...) Not read everything but sounds like...
  14. McMadd

    Some fields in Western Finland

  15. McMadd

    Birding China

    Civil as ever...
  16. McMadd

    Birding China

    This is a tangent we'd best stop after this...I won't be going anywhere near the US for same reasons...
  17. McMadd

    Birding China

    And as a laowai driving a car you become an automatic target for insurance scams...deliberate accident which you will be blamed for regardless and either sued or pay cash bribe to "support" the "victim" (and their extended family who they just happen toby the breadwinner for...) while they...
  18. McMadd

    Latest IOC diary updates

    Already done in the "rares" madhouse...a grand total of zero it seems https://www.birdforum.net/threads/siberian-house-martin.406997/
  19. McMadd

    Siberian Chiffchaff

    We'd both have several new species then I reckon...when is a dialect a new species indicator...?
  20. McMadd

    Lynx joins with Cornell

    For info you can access the original HBW texts still if you subscribe to the new thing...hidden nicely under the "Revisions" section as shown in the first screenshot. Not ideal but at least they are somewhere. As for the species accounts...oh dear...the American-centric-ness really has to...
  21. McMadd

    18 months in Shanghai: March 2012 - August 2013

    Putting this back on front page to save me a mouse click or two
  22. McMadd

    10 new bird taxa described from Indonesia

    Bird tour company kills birds to deny clients chance to see birds...?
  23. McMadd

    New split for North Africa : Maghreb Wood Owl

    and here's the thread I started for "most Imperialistic comment on another thread"...oh wait...couldn't be bothered...
  24. McMadd

    ABA Big Year 2019

    Already one been done by Tong Menxui a couple of years back now...