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  1. jimmyg

    Interesting gull at Pennington Flash

    Just a heads-up for anyone birding Pennington Flash. I did the gull roost there last Wednesday, and noted an interesting large gull (present fairly early on). Alongside an adult yellow-legged gull, this bird (also an adult) looked similar to yellow-legged, with a similarly dark grey mantle, and...
  2. jimmyg

    Channel/Blue-headed Wagtail, UK

    Any thoughts on this bird, photographed at Polemere, Shropshire, yesterday evening?
  3. jimmyg


    Had a quick look on UK moths but couldn't find this one. Image is quite blurred, but the moth was fairly distinctive.
  4. jimmyg

    Green-brindled Crescent?

    Trapped last night in Denver, Norfolk. Is this F. capucina? I've only come across the green form here before.
  5. jimmyg

    Moths from 15th July

    Seriously rusty and having a bit of difficulty with the following. I've named those I think I know, but really not sure about a couple. Help appreciated!
  6. jimmyg

    Common Redpoll - Norfolk, UK

    Watching the Redpoll flock at Titchwell and not being that experienced with them, we spent some time on this bird. When we did eventually see the Arctic Redpoll it was clearly different, so I'm pretty confident this bird is Common (photos show white wing-bar, rump and single streak on undertail...
  7. jimmyg

    Red-veined Darter? Greece

    I don't have a dragonfly book, so any help with this ID appreciated. Red-veined darter is all I can think of, but don't have much experience. Thanks!
  8. jimmyg

    Butterflies and moths from Corfu

    I can't find the moths in Waring and Townsend, and skippers are a nightmare, so any help much appreciated! Not sure whether this is relevant but the skippers were near the top of Pantokrator, about 800m above sea level in rocky habitat. Thanks!
  9. jimmyg

    Pretty micro

    I don't really know where to start with micros, so I can't ID this one even though it's very distinctive :-C any help greatly appreciated.
  10. jimmyg

    Fritillary ID

    Think this is probably Small Pearl-Bordered, taken near Pitlochry in Scotland a few days ago. It was quite small (there were other noticeably larger fritillaries at the same boogy moorland site). Didn't manage a photo of the underwing. I also wondered whether it had some kind of disease, as the...
  11. jimmyg

    Settings for TZ8

    I've just got myself a Lumix TZ8 and wondered what setting other users go for - intelligent resolution, etc. I'd guess the settings from other similar models eg. TZ10 would apply broadly, so any comments welcome. Thanks!
  12. jimmyg

    Anybody else having image quality problems with the Lumix TZ10?

    Just bought a Lumix TZ10 (rrp over £300) but I'm really quite disappointed with the image quality :-C. They're really very fuzzy, and when you zoom in digitally (even just to 4x) the picture starts to look more like a painting! To be quite honest my old 4MP Nikon Coolpix 4500 was in a different...
  13. jimmyg

    Panasonic Lumix TZ10

    Just bought a Lumix TZ10 and, though I've only been using it in my room where the lighting isn't that great so far, I'm a little disappointed with the image quality. They always come out a bit grainy. I figured it can't be anything to do with lens quality as they're Leica, and I've tried...
  14. jimmyg

    Tripod for Nikon ED82

    Hello, After a lot of saving up and deliberation I've decided to get the Nikon ED82, with MCII 25-75x zoom. It's a heavy scope, and certainly at high magnification I'm going to need a decent tripod. But I know absolutely nothing about tripods! Can you help me out please? I can't afford a lot -...
  15. jimmyg

    Zimbabwe eagle

    A friend saw this eagle in Zimbabwe during the summer. Any ideas?
  16. jimmyg

    Goshawk help!

    Hello, I've had a bit of trouble identifying this Goshawk which is either Gabar or Dark-chanting - see the entry for September 11th 2010 on my birding diary (link in the footer of this page) for the photo in question. I posted on bird identification Q&A but only had two replies: both were in...
  17. jimmyg

    Gabar/Dark-chanting Goshawk

    Can anyone confirm the ID of this adult Gabar/Dark-chanting Goshawk for me please? Hopefully the photo quality is good enough to make an ID - it's digiscoped. I thought it was dark-chanting at the time based on size, but I had no previous experience and I've misjudged size in the past. More...
  18. jimmyg

    South downs blues

    Quite a few blue butterflies on a walk from Lancing ring to Steyning over the south downs. Didn't have my book on me and I'm a total novice, but managed to get this photo of what I'm pretty sure is a Chalk-hill Blue. Much larger and paler than the other blues I saw. I also saw a single, darker...
  19. jimmyg

    Whopping great big fly sp.

    Found this beast at Gruinard Bay on the west coast of Scotland on 13th July. The photo (taken with phone, sorry) doesn't do it justice - it was approaching 1.5 inches long, bigger than a hornet! Pretty sure its a fly. Thanks in advance for your help!
  20. jimmyg

    Lesser Greylag Goose?!?

    Does anybody know if there is such a thing as Lesser Greylag, or whether dwarfism occasionally occurs? I found a goose on Port Meadow, Oxfordshire this morning which was basically a perfect Greylag, but tiny. What was interesting was that it was on its own, away from the big flock of feral...
  21. jimmyg

    Mathew's Wainscot

    Does anybody have any more solid method of identifying Mathew's Wainscot other than the colour suggested by Waring and Townsend? I have trapped a common wainscot type which doesn't look quite right to me, particularly a more 'streamlined' appearance. However, I live on the Cambridgeshire-Norfolk...
  22. jimmyg

    Micro ID, Norfolk

    Had this beautiful gold-and-white micro this morning:
  23. jimmyg

    Sightings around Tywyn area

    Just got back from 5 days on the coast near Tywyn. Not sure quite what the status' of most of these birds are in the area, but highlights included Chough (c.15 from 2 groups of birds); 2 Little Egret, 2 Common Sandpiper and 21 Goosander on the estuary just north of Tywyn (the latter were there...
  24. jimmyg

    Moth ID please (Norfolk)

    Apologies for the poor photo quality but my camera's zoom has broken so macro no longer functions. This moth looks like it should be easy so is making me very annoyed! Thanks in advance.
  25. jimmyg

    ID from Kent

    Hi, can anyone ID/confirm the ID of this noctuid from the Kent Moths website please, its got me stumped: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_BnbooSWCLyw/SkaO_C-bb2I/AAAAAAAAAAc/L5Kk61k98m0/s1600-h/20June2009DuskyBrocade.jpg