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  1. Katemail13

    Tiny wren - Southeastern Utah, USA

    This little buddy was foraging around under my hedge this morning. It's tinier than a black-capped chickadee (also present), and doesn't have the strong white eyebrow of a Bewick's wren (it's smaller than one of those, too). I want to confirm that this is a House Wren...? Apologies for the...
  2. Katemail13

    Mississippi Kite? Ponca City, Oklahoma, USA

    This picture was taken today at Kaw Lake. The bird was very cooperative for the photo. Is it a Mississippi Kite? Thanks!
  3. Katemail13

    What is this? Moab, Utah, USA

    This bird was in my hedge yesterday, eating Juniper berries. By coloring, I think it must've been either a No. Mockingbird, or a Townsend's Solitaire. I am leaning toward Mocker, because it was white-ish on the underside, and the Solitaire is gray underneath, almost the same color as the back...
  4. Katemail13

    Ducks...? Moab, UT, USA

    Hi, all. This photo was taken in mid-November, and I know it's not very good. I think the duck on the left (which is about 12 inches further away than the other) is a female Mallard. What is the smaller, closer duck? Thanks for help!
  5. Katemail13

    Gulls in the UK

    It's me again. This time, I've got 2 gulls. Both seen in Conwy, UK last week. Thanks for any help!
  6. Katemail13

    Birds in the UK?

    Hi, all. My folks just got back from the UK, and my Mom wants to ID the few birds she got pictures of. The pictures aren't great, but here they are. #1 was seen in Conwy, UK #2 seen in Brampton, UK #3 seen in Durham, UK Thanks for help!
  7. Katemail13

    What is this? La Sal Mtns, southeastern Utah, USA

    The bird in flight is the one in question. Seems to have yellow parts underneath, and a reddish head...? I realize this is not a great picture, but any help is appreciated! Thanks!
  8. Katemail13

    Flycatcher? La Sal Mtns, southeastern Utah, USA

    I think I've identified this guy as a Western Wood PeeWee, but I am not positive. Seems not white enough on the belly to be an Olive-Sided. Am I right? Thanks!
  9. Katemail13

    Tiny wren - La Sal Mtns, southeastern Utah, USA

    I think it must be a Marsh or House Wren. Very vocal - warned me that that was HIS tree. Seemed about 5-ish inches long. Thanks for positive ID help!
  10. Katemail13

    Cordilleran Flycatcher? Zion National Park, Utah

    Hi, all. Saw this *noisy* little cutie while hiking Taylor Creek in Zion NP 2 days ago. I think it's a Cordilleran flycatcher, but want a second opinion. What else might it be? Thanks, and sorry for the poor picture...had to zoom WAY in to get it.
  11. Katemail13

    Blue bird. Moab, UT, USA

    Hi, folks. This little guy visited my feeder this morning. He's got to be either a Blue Grosbeak, or an Indigo Bunting, right...? Leaning toward Indigo Bunting, due to there being no rust-colored bar on his wings. Thanks for ID help! Katie
  12. Katemail13

    Which warbler? Moab, UT, USA

    Hi, all. This little bird was seen May 14, this year in my front yard. About the size of most other warblers I've seen. I wish I had a better picture to offer. Thanks for any help! Katie
  13. Katemail13

    Dove/Pigeon, Los Angeles Co, CA

    Hi, all. I saw this dove from afar at the Huntington Botanical Gardens last week. I'm not sure what it is, and I think I am being thrown off entirely by the bright red of its legs/feet. What is it? Thanks for any help.
  14. Katemail13

    One of those reddish finches, Victorville, CA, USA

    Saw these guys this morning. House finch, purple finch, or Cassin's Finch (and why)? Sorry the photos aren't better! Thanks for any help!
  15. Katemail13

    Sparrow #2, Moab, UT, USA

    Hi, again. Which Sparrow is this little guy? He's got a very white throat, incomplete stripes on his head, and very little pattern on his chest. Thanks for any help (I'm not very good at Sparrows).
  16. Katemail13

    Sparrow, Moab, UT, USA

    Hi, all. Is this a House Sparrow, a Song Sparrow, or something else entirely? I know the photo isn't great. Thanks!
  17. Katemail13

    Not Sure, Moab, UT, USA

    Hi, all. Was out hiking in the wilds today, and saw this guy in a tree. I have several ideas what he might be, but there is something wrong with all of those. Can anyone tell me what he is? Thanks for help!
  18. Katemail13

    Not sure. Moab, UT, USA

    Hi, folks. I keep seeing this guy around my yard. This morning he was bathing in the water from a dripper hose in a flower bed. I thought he was a Townsend's Solitaire, but on closer inspection, he has no white eye ring, and his wings seem wrong. Can anyone identify him? In one picture, you...
  19. Katemail13

    What kind of vulture? Moab, UT, USA

    Hi, folks. This guy landed in my backyard tree today. He's quite out of season. Is he a juvenile Turkey Vulture, or a strange-looking Black Vulture? He'd be out of his territory if he's a Black Vulture. Honestly, he doesn't look right for either. There were a Magpie and 3 American Crows...
  20. Katemail13

    Sea Birds, Pacific City, OR, USA

    Hi, all. Can any of you help me with an ID of these birds from my crappy photo? They were flying above the water, several flocks of dozens and dozens each. They were smaller than the Gulls, Murres, Guillemots, and Cormorants in the area. I am thinking maybe Sooty Shearwaters? Pacific City...
  21. Katemail13

    Flycatcher? Moab, Utah, USA

    Hi, all. I saw this flycatcher in the La Sal mountains, outside Moab, Utah a few days ago. I didn't hear a song, and the photos are not great because they are cropped from a long zoom. Does anyone know what it is? Thanks for any help!
  22. Katemail13

    Tualatin Hills Nature Park, Beaverton, OR, USA

    Sorry, guys - this is a video I took. I never saw the bird - can anyone help with an ID from the sound alone? https://youtu.be/hEBaHrC8ano Thanks for any help!
  23. Katemail13

    Which Accipiter? Moab, UT, USA

    Hi, all. Saw this soaring Accipiter today. Not a Sharp-Shin (much too big). I don't see the white tail tips of a Cooper's Hawk. I want it to be a Northern Goshawk, but that would be unusual (but not unheard of) here. This was a fairly big bird - I feel like it was bigger than a Cooper's...
  24. Katemail13

    ID from sounds, Pasadena, CA, USA

    Hi, all. This is a video I took in September in Pasadena, CA, of a bird I couldn't see. Can anyone identify the bird from the song? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rtNh-NJfOGU Thanks in advance, Katie
  25. Katemail13

    Another long shot. St George, UT, USA

    Hello, helpful fellow birders. This picture was taken in St George, Utah in September of 2012. These were huge birds, flying in a flock overhead. They seem to have their necks folded over, like Egrets or Herons when they fly. I couldn't hear any sounds from them, and they were fairly far off...