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  1. prhodes

    Odd bird in South London Garden

    Possibly a leucistic Magpie but any other ideas welcome.
  2. prhodes

    Wart-biter Bush-cricket

    No offense guys if the information just isn't out there in the public domain, but after enjoying Queen-of-Spain Fritillary at Piddinghoe, Sussex the other day, we thought (perhaps naively) we'd have a look for Wart-biter at Castle Hill. Despite being there at 15:30 hours in the warmth of the...
  3. prhodes

    Small bee ID

    Perhaps a better image would be required but is it possible to identify the attached. Thank-you for looking. Phil
  4. prhodes

    Bee or wasp

    Any advice would be apppreciated here guys. The picture shows a medium sized sized bee/wasp in a London garden this evening. I suspect it is a wasp rather than Nomada bee since it doesn't match any of the species in the bee book, and does seem rather hairless. Apologies for a real 'school boy'...
  5. prhodes

    Carder Bee

    I took the attached photo on Breney Common, Cornwall and wondered if it was a Brown-banded Carder Bee? Any comments appreciated. Kind regards, Phil
  6. prhodes

    Bush-cricket id

    In past years we've found Speckled and Oak Bush-crickets in our Enfield garden, but I think this one is a Southern-oak? I think I remember reading that they were now common in the London area? Thank-you for any comments.
  7. prhodes

    Soldier fly id

    Can this beast be identified to species guys? Using the Collins guide I think it's a Soldier Fly. Quite an impressive insect we thought. Thank-you for any thoughts. Phil
  8. prhodes

    Northern Brown Argus

    Northern Brown Argus were easy to find and enjoy observing at Linn Dean, Scottish Wildlife Trust reserve today. I really recommend visiting if you have a few hours spare in the Edinburgh area. Just look for the patches of Rock Rose, and wait for them to start dashing about, in brief periods of...
  9. prhodes

    Bug identification please

    Saw this today. Looking at the Collins Insect Guide, nearest I can get is Zicrona caerulea, a shield bug, but not totally convinced. Attractive little creature, that seems to 'laying young'. Thanks for any information. Phil
  10. prhodes

    Large UK insect ID

    We came across this creature crossing the path. Looking at the Collins Insect Guide, I did wonder if it was an oil beetle or maybe a queen ant of some kind. It was in Cumbria. Phil
  11. prhodes

    Croatia - Lizards

    Apologies if the pictures aren't good enough, but two lizards to identify. The first was a lazy looking creature on the wall of Dubrovnik old town, the second was fast moving on the hill above the airport. Thank-you, Phil
  12. prhodes

    Yellow-legged Gull?

    In an Enfield, park today - 'yellow legged gull' or Yellow-legged Gull. Initially assumed the latter but then not so sure. Thanks for any advice, Phil
  13. prhodes

    Moroccan lizard species

    I appreciate this may be impossible to identify but any thoughts appreciated. Possibly a Rock Lizard species? Phil
  14. prhodes

    Unidentified insect

    I photographed the attached insect by the canal near Regents Park, while dipping the Aesculapian Snakes (again) recently. Any ideas??
  15. prhodes

    Cornwall Seabirds

    I have a few day spare in mid August (12-15th), and noting that there are no trips available with Paul Penzance, Mermaid II in this week (I understand you must have many other commitments Paul), just wondered what my best option might be. There are pelagic boat trips are available out of...
  16. prhodes

    Channel Four - Decline of British Birds

    Interesting feature on Channel Four News last night on the declining British bird population. Good to see our observations and study results are at least making the mainstream media in the UK. Phil
  17. prhodes

    Two Trinidad Tyrants

    Please find attached a couple of poor pictures from a recent trip to Trinidad that I'm struggling with. The second photograph I think is a Forest Elaenia? Perhaps the first cannot be pinned down - I suspected Southern Beardless Tyrannulet on basis of shaggy crown and small size? Any help...
  18. prhodes

    'Dark-breasted' Barn Owl in Cambs

    Apologies if this isn’t considered a rare enough bird for the moderator, and I understand identification of the Dark-breasted race isn’t necessarily secure, but any advice would be appreciated. I understand that there is a worrying level of flooding in the area, and parking may be a problem. Any...
  19. prhodes

    Unprecedented movement of Jays?

    Perhaps an early warning of a westward movement to eastern England of some rare visitors. Something unusual must have happened in the forests to our east.
  20. prhodes

    Dragonfly ID at Rainham

    Just like Paul's photo - but even worse. Dipped the Bailon's Crake but wondered what this was. Expect too poor a shot for ID. Thanks Phil
  21. prhodes

    Cuckoo Bee?

    Found this very large bee at work a couple of months ago (forgot about it, till refound photo). I suspect looking at the Collins Guide it's a P. Rupestris on account of the dark wings. Nice to see as it didn't seem to match one of the half a dozen commonest species - but I may be wrong?
  22. prhodes

    Wart-biter - possible to see?

    Tried without luck a few years ago at Castle Hill near Brighton, and thinking about trying again. Not sure whether it is even appropriate to ask for advice about seeing this scarce and elusive species? I've always wondered why Orthoptera are far less popular than butterflies, macro moths and...
  23. prhodes

    Large Heath

    Heading on a mini break to Edinburgh. Mainly a family trip, but hope to do at least a few hours wildlife spotting - well if it stops raining anyway! Thinking about Large Heath. Half hour on the computer indicates either Red Moss of Balerno (near the city) or Wester Moss (out towards...
  24. prhodes

    Wood White - County Wexford

    During a brief visit to Raven Nature Reserve, Wood White seemed quite easy to locate along one of the east / west paths through the pine wood a few days ago. Perhaps of interest to us in the UK, as most of the Irish population are thought to be a different species ('Cryptic Wood White' refering...
  25. prhodes

    Hares at Dublin Airport

    May be of interest to a few, but if your queuing for your Ryanair flight at Dublin, the 'Irish' Hares do help to pass the time. I think they are actually Mountain Hares? so perhaps the easiest place to see of this species. Apologies for the poor pictures but I only had an old compact camera.