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  1. Stephen Dunstan

    Leica 8x32bn Bill Oddie Trinovid.

    Other than a rendition of BO's signature what is different about these?
  2. Stephen Dunstan

    New edition of F├ągelguiden (Collins Bird Guide).

    Just had an email saying that despatch of my copy has been delayed until November. Not sure if this is all UK distributors.
  3. Stephen Dunstan

    Golden Eagle over York!! 10am 18th July

    If it wasn't a White-tailed Eagle there's very unlikely to be any tracking for it.
  4. Stephen Dunstan

    Rock Doves in Britain

    Is the take home here that you can forget Shetland now and it's only the Hebrides that are relevant? Where on Shetland would they be making it into your notebook John?
  5. Stephen Dunstan

    Rock Doves in Britain

    In Shetland this week there have been a load of racing pigeons that have been grounded for some reason. Eliminating feral pigeons when they are still effectively being imported would be a bit pointless.
  6. Stephen Dunstan

    Identify this duck

    There is a Ringed Teal on the canal at Rufford, it's been there for at least a year. I guess the WWT can defend themselves but I would say it's much more likely to have escaped from a private collection, or dumped by someone who doesn't want to keep it any longer.
  7. Stephen Dunstan

    Stray falcon ID - Herefordshire, England

    Yes the Independent Bird Register.
  8. Stephen Dunstan

    Unusual bird found

    The bird was collected after the post on here by a wildlife charity, as I've shown you. In the pictures of it in care it doesn't have a feather out of place and there is nothing to suggest it is weary or exhausted but clearly there is something amiss for them to have caught it. How are you...
  9. Stephen Dunstan

    Unusual bird found

    Richie How many American Robins have turned up in Devon on the same evening as an attempted hoax? You said a Shag in a garden would be very very very rare and now you are saying it's happened the same day as a hoax report, and there have been no storms recently. The OP asked if it was a...
  10. Stephen Dunstan

    Unusual bird found

    The original post was on Tuesday purportedly showing a Shag in a Blackpool garden. The Brambles post was in the very early hours of Wednesday morning showing a Shag they had collected from a Blackpool garden on Tuesday. I am not sure what level of proof you are seeking but it's good enough for...
  11. Stephen Dunstan

    Unusual bird found

    Richie you are absolutely miles off the mark...
  12. Stephen Dunstan

    Books on gulls

    Such reviews where a copy is provided are seldom critical, but it is the best gull guide around.
  13. Stephen Dunstan

    Shetland 2022

    You can do it with one ferry at the weekend, though admittedly from Vidlin which is a bit out of the way.
  14. Stephen Dunstan

    Unusual bird found

    A colleague had one in his garden in South Shore earlier in the year, but it's very unusual. Roughly where are you?
  15. Stephen Dunstan

    A really good spring for Black Kites in the U.K?

    Two together in Shetland is also notable, not sure there's been a multiple occurrence there before.
  16. Stephen Dunstan

    Gull - but what?

    Not getting a Med Gull vibe from these pictures.
  17. Stephen Dunstan

    Swarovski SLC 15*56 instead of scope

    Odd as it may seem I use them instead of lower magnification binoculars most of the time. Compared with my 8x Zeiss I prefer their reach and I am happy to sacrifice field of view.
  18. Stephen Dunstan

    WP rarities mid April?

    The Kingfisher is reliable at present, but if there are periods of heavy rain it has disappeared several times over the winter until river levels subsided again.
  19. Stephen Dunstan

    Ato Z of British Birds

    Most people refer to Quail without the Common prefix, and Zino's Petrel is now on the British list.
  20. Stephen Dunstan

    Ato Z of British Birds

    Other than X which one do you think is missing? English names can be a bit slippery.
  21. Stephen Dunstan

    USA Some kind of duck.

    Pied-billed Grebe
  22. Stephen Dunstan

    Pluvialis from Cape Verde

    There's a Turnstone on Sal which was ringed in the United States but pretty much lives on Sal now I think.